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Good Hair

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Good Hair

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  1. Good Hair Global issues

  2. Cinematography • Chris Rock is discussing a very touchy subject, black women and their hair and other’s hair. He had several interviews asking about perms, weaves and wigs. He had several celebrities, not only women and even included normal people from around the block. During a interview, Sandra Denton, Pepa of Salt-N-Pepa, tells about how her asymmetrical hair style, really came from a perm accident. Reverend Al Sharpton defends his straightened hair, and the business side is represented by the CEO of the African-American-owned Dudley Products of North Carolina, seller of relaxers to salons for over 40 years. A dermatologist even comes in, and talks about how she is against perms and a white chemist is astonished to learn that women put these powerful chemicals in their hair. He not only traveled to North Carolina but also India! In India he had interviews with hair sellers and Hindu’s that donate hair. He had a interview with a lady in the hair salon talking about how she sells wigs and weaves with a monthly payment plan! He did a very good job with his interviews, especially by including normal people.

  3. What is the filmmaker’s view • Chris Rock , was biased. His little girl, didn’t like her hair and didn’t think it was “good hair.” Therefore, he already kind of had a hate for the word and the definition is usually seen as. But regardless, in my opinion he did his research for what good hair was. Good hair is hair that comes out of your scalp, all natural, not any manmade chemicals, or other people’s hair.

  4. Questions??? • I don’t really have any questions about the film; Chris Rock did a good job. I wish more women would embrace the hair that God blessed them with. I’ve listed some sites that are not just talking about black women and their hair but also empowering them as a whole. • • • • •

  5. What I learned! • The film impacted me because it showed me something that I didn’t know about. I had no idea that the black hair industry made 9 billion dollars and perms contributed about 65 percent of that! You’re telling me, we as black women make up that percentage in perms but only 15 percent in politics. It’s ridiculous and it opens up your eyes that we have things that need to be worked out within our community. Black women and men have got to do better and it has to start somewhere, in the households, in the schools even between gossip at the lunch table! It’s impacted me because I love my natural hair, it poofs when it rains outside but it’s mine and God gave it to me. I feel like when women go out and do all these things they don’t love their real self. If you want to be successful, you’ve got to do some risky things to get what you want. Walking into an interview with your natural hair shouldn’t be a problem and I’ll be the one to inform girls on it.