which is better a shared proxies or a private proxies
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Which Is Better- a Shared Proxies or a Private Proxies

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Which Is Better- a Shared Proxies or a Private Proxies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Which Is Better- a Shared Proxies or a Private Proxies

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Before we buy proxies, we need to know what particular type of proxy we will use. Proxies are classified into two main types of server. The distinction of this type of proxy server is more on their uses and the price is only a part that separates each proxy server. Therefore, the price and the uses play a significant role in buying proxies.
What proxy type should we use?

It depends on upon our needs and budget. So, if we want to have a high security and function money can buy, we should go for private proxies. And if we don’t need to hide the fact that we’re using a proxy, and just want to hide IP address, then we’ll surely appreciate a much cheaper proxy like shared proxies.

Shared proxies

As the name itself, a shared proxy server is the type of proxy that shared by many users. The main advantage of using shared proxies is its cost. Shared proxies are cheap because we are not only sharing the server but we share the cost of this server too. This is the very reason why most users prefer to buy shared proxies.

The two main types of proxy:

Here are the other advantages of shared proxies:

Efficiency –like the private proxy, this one is equally efficient and effective as well. It works the same and a good layer of protection as well. This is also known to be the perfect solution for the beginners.

Convenience –shared proxies are easy to use anytime we want and multiple users have access to it.

Security and protection –although it was shared by many users, the provider of that proxy will assure us that shared proxies are safe to use.

Private proxies

It’s a service that provides dedicated IP addresses assigned exclusively to a single user. Private proxies offer private HTTP(s) and SOCK5 proxies. It is said to be the fastest and reliable proxies.

Here are the advantages of private proxies:

Highly anonymous –it means that the server will fully hide the real IP address and geographic location.

Safer –since private proxies are used by only one person, it means that we don’t have to deal the risk involved with sharing.

At the end, shared and private proxies have its own strengths and weaknesses but will serve their own purposes as they both fit the needs of different people with their different needs.

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