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Republic of Korea Civil Service Commission - The Past, Present & Future - PowerPoint Presentation
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Republic of Korea Civil Service Commission - The Past, Present & Future -

Republic of Korea Civil Service Commission - The Past, Present & Future -

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Republic of Korea Civil Service Commission - The Past, Present & Future -

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  1. Republic of Korea Civil Service Commission - The Past, Present & Future - 2004. 5. 25 Myungshik Kim, Ph.D. Director-General (Group Manager) Republic of Korea Civil Service Commission

  2. The Central Personnel Authority of the Korean Government Mission(as described in the National Civil Service Act Article 6) To establish fundamental policy for personnel administration, and to enforce and operate this Act To administer comprehensive matters concerning the personnel management, for the purpose of operating balanced and efficient personnel management and development of its staff within the civil service Constitutional Institutions National Assembly Supreme Court Government Constitutional Court National Election Commission

  3. The History of Central Personnel Authority within the Government Office of President Office of Prime Minister State Council Secretariat State Council Secretariat Recruitment Examination Commission Ministry of Government Administration (MOGA) Office of Administration Administrative Bureau Personnel Bureau Personnel Bureau Recruitment ExaminationDivision Personnel Division 1948 1955 1960

  4. The History of Central Personnel Authority within the Government (continued) Ministry of Home Affairs State Council Secretariat Cabinet Office Office of Prime Minister Ministry of Government Administration (MOGA) Ministry of Government Administration & Home Affairs (MOGAHA) Promotion Screening Commission Appeals Commission Civil Service Commission Personnel Services Bureau Examinations & Training Bureau Personnel Bureau Administrative Management Bureau 1991 1998.3 1963

  5. Mission Senior Civil Service Appointment, Promotion Screening, Job Analysis Leadership 1 Chairman (Ministerial), 1 Standing & 3 Non-Stand. Commissioners Organization 4 Divisions with 65 Staff Headed by Director-General for Public HR Policy Features Directly Report to President, Authority to deliberate and vote on the relevant laws The Founding of CSC (1999.5) -Background and Organization- Civil Service Commission MOGAHA Personnel Bureau Former President DJ Kim’s election promise (Year of 97) the need for a central agency to guarantee a fair personnel system and to reform the civil service system“ … Personnel Planning Division Compensation Division Problems: Organizational Limitations….

  6. Dual Central Personnel Agencies in the Government

  7. 1st Organizational Restructuring (2001.4) Chairman Chairman Commissioners Commissioners New Secretary-General Secretary-General Director General for Public HR Policy Director General for Public HR Policy Director General for HR Management … … … Planning & Management Division Policy Support Division Appointment Screening Division … … … Planning Division New 65 Staff 83 Staff

  8. 2nd Organizational Restructuring (2003.4) Chairman 105 Staff Commissioners New Secretary-General Director General for HR Management Director General for Public HR Policy Director General for HR Information … … … Planning & PR Division Administrative Support Division … HR Database Management Division HR Research Division New Planning & Management Division Policy Support Division

  9. 3rd Organizational Restructuring (2004.5) Revised National Civil Service Act (2004.3) MOGAHA’s Personnel Management Functions As of June 12, 2004 New CSC Recruitment Examination Training & Education Personnel Management Central Officials Training Institute (COTI) Appeals Commission 5 Bureaus 15 Divisions 353 Staff

  10. Chairman Secretary-General (Standing Commissioner) Non-Standing Commissioners(3) Director-Gen for Planning & Management Personnel Policy Bureau HR Development Bureau Performance & Compensation Bureau Director-Gen for HR Information Innovation & Personnel Planning & Budgeting PR & Cooperation Policy Management Screening & Appointment Balanced Personnel Workforce Planning Training & Education Recruitment Performance Planning Performance Management Compensation & Welfare HR Research HR Database Management New CSC Organizational Structure Central Officials’ Training Institute Appeals Commission General Services Division

  11. Public Finance Reform MPB Civil Service Reform CSC Public Administration Reform MOGAHA Participatory Government’s Direction and Motive for Civil Service Reform Become the Northeast Asia Hub and Reach $20,000 GDP per capita Improve Overall Public Sector Competitiveness Build Public Human Capital Management System Meeting Global Standards

  12. Major Civil Service Reform Tasks Centralized  Decentralized & Autonomous choice & concentration Management System Closed  Open, right person in right position Recruitment Method Generalist  Specialist, Humanist with good leadership High Quality Workforce Seniority-based  Performance-based,Senior Civil Service System Performance Management Ranking, one-way communication  democratic, two-way Government Culture

  13. Current Problems Faced by CSC Structural Difficulties Regulated by other agency concerning budgeting and organization structuring No legal authority to set rules or provisions Functional Limitations Other personnel functions such as working condition, discipline, ethics, pension still remain in MOGAHA Little involvement to the Government Affiliated Organizations’ Human Capital Management

  14. CSC Strategic Direction (1) Functional Improvements and Expected Changes Grant legal authority to make rules and provisions Transfer working conditions, discipline, pensions, & awards  CSC Grant autonomy to determine own organizational structure and budget management ※ Concurrently pursue finance & budget accounting system reform Grant authority to oversee personnel management system practices within government affiliated organizations. ※Amend the Government Affiliated Organization Management Act

  15. CSC Strategic Direction (2) In the long-run, Patronage & Spoils System Each Government Agency More autonomy in Personnel Management Council System (1 Perm. + 3 Non-Perm. Commissioners) 1 Agency Head (Commissioner) with Guaranteed Term

  16. Closing Our most important asset is our people, who is the core of the future government Therefore We should focus on the nurturing a competent government workforce. And With the competent workforce, we are trying to upgrade government administration and service delivery to the people. - Mission of the CSC-

  17. Thank you for your attention.