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Pediatrician. Da’Keria Choice. Job Description. Pediatricians are doctors who care for children birth to early adulthood specializing in diseases and aliments specific to young and growing bodies. Education. Undergraduate Degree Requirement. -Biology, chemistry, and math.

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Da’Keria Choice

job description
Job Description
  • Pediatricians are doctors who care for children birth to early adulthood specializing in diseases and aliments specific to young and growing bodies.
  • Undergraduate Degree Requirement.

-Biology, chemistry, and math.

  • Medical Degree Requirement.

- Take MCAT

-Program O.D.




-Medical ethnics



  • Pediatrics Residency Requirements -After graduating from medical school you will need to complete a residency in a clinical setting. You will receive hands on training of supervision of experienced pediatricians.
  • Pediatric Medical Licensing -During the course of your medical degree and residency programs, you'll take the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) in order to practice medicine within the U.S. After passing the USMLE, you'll be able to apply to your state's board of medical examiners for a medical license.
    • Pediatric Certification Process -In order to become certified, you'll need a medical degree from an accredited medical school in the U.S. or Canada or from an international school accredited by the World Health Organization.
why am i interested
Why Am I Interested
  • This career interests me because I love children. Also, I don't like to see kids miserable I would like to be the one they look up to and let them know that there is hope. However, I know this will be a difficult task knowing that their lives are on the line but I will do my best.
application of what i learned this year
Application of What I Learned This Year
  • Biology ties in with my career because for one it’s the study of living things. Evolution is something that lets us know how pathogens/ bacteria evolve. Prime example when you are diagnosed when something and is given the medicine some of the bacteria are resistant to the the medicine. This helps doctors create new drugs so that when microevolution takes place they can already be prepared.
  • Depends on how many years you have work but when you first begin you make between $60000-$400000