humn 1301 humanities through the arts n.
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HUMN 1301: Humanities Through the Arts PowerPoint Presentation
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HUMN 1301: Humanities Through the Arts

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HUMN 1301: Humanities Through the Arts - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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HUMN 1301: Humanities Through the Arts. Aesthetic Encounters on the Silk Roads. GPC. 3 rd largest in the University System of Georgia w/ 23,000 students Five campuses around metro Atlanta Dunwoody Campus is the fastest growing with 10,000 students

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humn 1301 humanities through the arts

HUMN 1301: HumanitiesThrough the Arts

Aesthetic Encounterson the Silk Roads

  • 3rd largest in the University System of Georgia

w/ 23,000 students

  • Five campuses around metro Atlanta
  • Dunwoody Campus is the fastest growing with10,000 students
  • We have 3 East-West Center fellows at Dunwoody
  • Cultural Diversity: more international students than any other USG institution, including African, Caribbean, Eastern European, Indian, Vietnamese, Iranian, Pakistani, Korean, Afghani, Iraqi, and
  • Diversity of Academic Background
  • New Chinese language and culture club at Dunwoody campus
china themed learning community year of china and china study abroad
China-themed Learning Community, Year of China, and China Study Abroad
  • HUMN 1301-200 (CRN 24168) and ECON 2105-204 (CRN 20414) are joined in a Learning Community for six credit hours.
  • The courses are scheduled so that discussions in economics are complemented by a survey of seven major art forms- film, drama, music, literature, painting, sculpture and architecture.
  • This Learning Community is designed for business majors participating in the GPC china program: however all eligible students may enroll.
  • The GPC China Program culminates in a five week study abroad Learning Community in Shanghai, China where SURB 1105 and ENGL 2111 will be taught. I
  • If you have any questions about the China Program, or about this Learning Community, please contact Prof. Fred Bounds (770-274-5153), 404-428-6630,, or Prof. Liam Madden(770-274-5547, 770-883-8811,
humn 1301 humanities thru the arts aesthetic encounters on the silk roads
HUMN 1301: Humanities thru the Arts:Aesthetic Encounters on the Silk Roads

Course Overview

  • Week 1: Overview: Chinese History and the Silk Routes
  • Week 2: a. Introduction to spoken Chinese: U of H’s “Say it in Chinese” DVD set.

b. Viewing and discussing High Museum video series on the Qin Emperor’s Tomb.

  • Week 3: Analects of Confucius & “The Ethics of Confucian Artistry”
  • Week 4: Mapping the Silk Road: Intercultural Cartographies and Historiographies (group work)
  • Week 5: Presentations (Building a virtual museum—selection & interpretation)
  • Week 6: Midterm Assessment: Objective Exam & Essay
humn 1301 overview cont
HUMN 1301: Overview (cont.)
  • Week 7: Mahayana Buddhism & Chan Buddhist Thought & Practice a. The Buddhist Art of Dunhuang

b. The Heart-Mind Sutra c. The Kung Fu Connection & Tai Chi Workshop

d. 845 C.E.

  • Week 8: a. Tang Dynasty/Chang An (Cultural Commerce in the Golden Age of the Silk Road) b. Prince Pirooz, Yang Gui Fei, Persian Star-Crossed Lovers & “The Story of Ying Ying” c. “The True History of Tea”

d. 845 C.E.

  • Week 9: Islam & The Silk Routes
  • Week 10: The Three Perfections: Song Dynasty Painting as Self- expression & Dissent
humn 1301 overview cont1
HUMN 1301: Overview (cont.)
  • Week 11: a. Khublai Khan, The Il-Khanate & Marco Polo b. Music
  • Week 12: a. Ming China & The Voyages of Zheng He b. Film
  • Week 13: Discussion & Evaluation of Virtual Museum Exhibits
  • Week 14: Review for Final Exam & Exit Conferences

Co-curricular activities include:

  • Guest lecturers from local experts
  • Decatur Book Festival
  • Annual Teaching the Middle East Workshop (USG)
  • Atlanta Asian Film Festival
  • Visit to Hindu Temple , Lilburn GA
  • Dragon Boat Race
  • Dunwoody Campus Chinese Language & Culture Club
  • Analects of Confucius (Norton selections & Ames)
  • “Ethics of Confucian Artistry”
  • Tang Poetry (Norton Selections)
  • Chan Buddhism (Hershock)
  • “The Heart-Mind Sutra”
  • The Monkey and the Monk (selections from Anthony Yu)
  • Life Along the Silk Road (selections from Whitfield)
  • Religions of the Silk Road (selections from Foltz)
  • Silla, Korea, and the Silk
  • Reality Through the Arts, Spore
  • Non-Western Art: A Brief Guide, McKenzie
types of assignments
Types of Assignments
  • Assigned Readings
  • Group Work (Mapping & Inventorying “Art”)
  • 2 Aesthetic Encounter Reports
  • Midterm: objective and essay
  • Virtual Museum Exhibits & Critiques
  • Final Exam (objective and discussion)