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  1. Bellwork • Today we begin talking about explorers. Why would someone leave their home country in search of a “New World?” What would they be looking for? Why would they go even knowing that it is dangerous? 2-3 Sentences.

  2. Christopher Columbus The Founding of the “New” World

  3. What do you already know? • What are the names of Columbus’ three ships? • Where was Columbus from? • What country did Columbus sail for? • What continent was he looking for? Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria Republic of Genoa (Italy) Spain Asia

  4. The Man Who Discovered America? • Not really. The first European to find North America was actually Leif Ericson, a Norseman (Viking) in the 11th Century. Columbus wouldn’t make his voyage until 1492. • Before that the people we now call Indians or Native Americans had migrated to the continent thousands of years before.

  5. So then why even talk about Columbus? • His expedition led to the first permanent European settlements in North and South America. • It led to a race by European countries to claim land in the “New World.” • What were they looking for in the “New World?”

  6. The 3 G’s God Gold Glory

  7. Why did Columbus want to make this journey? • An explorer named Bartolemeu Dias proved it was possible to make it to Asia by sailing around Africa • Asia was filled with wealth that the Europeans wanted (gold, silk, spices) Columbus wanted to find a way to get to Asia faster. No-one knew there was another continent in the way.

  8. Why did everyone think Columbus was crazy? • People thought the world was too large to sail all the way around. (A Greek mathematician calculated the size of the Earth thousands of years ago) • Europe, and particularly Spain, was fighting a war against the Muslims coming up through North Africa. • Ferdinand and Isabella agreed to help only after the war was over.

  9. Columbus’ Route

  10. What did he find? • He thought he found India so he named the islands he found the “Indies”. He even called the natives Indians. • In reality, he found the Caribbean. • The largest island he found was Hispaniola (modern Haiti and the Dominican Republic)

  11. The Good and the Bad Positive Effects Negative Effects Slavery Diseases Looting and Pillaging War • Change in diets • Horses brought to New World • The wheel brought to New World • New land and opportunities