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SOUTHEASTERN COMPLIANCE. OFFICIAL VISITS. OVERVIEW. Basics Requirements before visit Length of visit Transportation Entertainment/Tickets Permissible/Prohibited Activities Student Host Lodging Meals Phone calls. OFFICIAL VISIT BASICS. OFFICIAL VISIT - Basics.

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  • Basics
  • Requirements before visit
  • Length of visit
  • Transportation
  • Entertainment/Tickets
  • Permissible/Prohibited Activities
  • Student Host
  • Lodging
  • Meals
  • Phone calls


  • Institution is allowed one (1) official (paid) visit to campus for a PSA
  • PSA is allowed five (5) official visits
    • Allowed another five (5) visits post high school (October 15 following completion of high school)
    • Coaches must notify the PSA, in writing (e.g., letter, email) of this limit before arrival on campus for an official visit


  • CANNOT provide an official visit prior to the opening day of classes of the PSA’s senior year in high school, except:
    • Effective August 1, 2012
      • Men’s Basketball – may provide an official visit to PSA on January 1 of his junior year of high school

OFFICIAL VISIT – Basics (Cont.)

  • CANNOT provide an official visit to a non-qualifier enrolled in the first year at a two-year college
  • A four-year PSA may be provided an official visit to campus provided permission to contact has been granted

OFFICIAL VISIT - Requirements

  • The following requirements must be met before providing an official visit to a PSA
    • Test score (ACT, SAT, PSAT, PLAN)
      • can be on the transcript or separate
    • Academic transcript
    • PSA must register with Eligibility Center
    • Placed on IRL

OFFICIAL VISIT – Length of visit

  • Maximum 48 hours
  • Visit begins at the time the PSA arrives on campus
    • If a coach accompanies PSA by automobile, 48-hour period begins when the coach begins transporting PSA to campus
    • May provide lodging to PSA in the area without beginning 48-hour period if PSA arrives too late to begin the official visit that day
    • Any “sit-down” meal prior to arriving on campus, would start the 48-hour period

OFFICIAL VISIT – Transportation

  • Actual round-trip cost from any location, provided PSA returns to the original point of departure
  • If return is not to original departure but rather home, educational institution or site of competition, cost CANNOT exceed amount it would cost to return to original point of departure

OFFICIAL VISIT – Transportation

  • Automobile
  • Can pay individual incurring expense expect PSA’s coach
  • A booster CANNOT:
    • Lend automobile to PSA
    • Drive PSA to campus
    • Arrange for use of automobile by PSA
    • Provide the use of an automobile in any way

OFFICIAL VISIT – Transportation

  • Automobile
  • Coaching staff members or student hosts can use personal vehicles to transport a PSA (and those accompanying the PSA) around campus
  • Any member of the athletics department staff may provide ground transportation for PSA (and those accompanying PSA) between campus and any bus or train station or airport
    • If the bus or train station or airport is not the nearest to the campus, the 48-hour period begins with the initiation of ground transportation

OFFICIAL VISIT – Transportation

  • Air Transportation
  • Can only pay airfare for PSA
    • Effective August 1, 2012 – Men’s Basketball – may pay transportation expenses for PSA’s parents or legal guardians (up to two)
  • Must use commercial at coach-class airfare
  • Coaches CANNOT fly with PSA to or from

OFFICIAL VISIT – Entertainment/Tickets

  • Entertainment only for PSA and PSA’s parents or spouse
    • CANNOT entertain other relatives or friends
    • Must be within 30-mile radius of main campus
  • Entertainment may NOT be excessive
  • NO entertainment or contact by boosters

OFFICIAL VISIT – Entertainment/Tickets

  • Maximum of three (3) comp admissions to a home athletics event
    • Nontraditional family: may provide two (2) more comp admissions to accommodate (step)parents
    • within 30-mile radius of main campus
    • issued through pass list (no hard tickets)
    • general seating area only

OFFICIAL VISIT – Entertainment/Tickets

  • May reserve further tickets for PSA’s immediate family for seat locations adjacent to comp seats (must be purchased at face value)
  • May arrange special parking for PSA to use while attending athletic event
  • No comp admissions for the following events:
    • Conference tournaments
    • NCAA championships or other postseason contests

OFFICIAL VISIT – Permissible/Prohibited Activities

  • Prohibited activities during the official visit include:
    • arranging miscellaneous, personalized recruiting aids
      • e.g., personalized jerseys, personalized audio/video scoreboard presentations
      • includes decorative items and special additions to any location the PSA will visit (e.g., hotel room, locker room, coach’s office, conference room, arena) regardless of whether the item includes the PSA’s name or picture
    • permitting PSA to engage in any game-day simulations
      • e.g., running onto the field during pregame introductions, pregame on-field traditions

OFFICIAL VISIT – Permissible/Prohibited Activities

  • Prohibited
    • PSA may NOT attend professional tryout or workout activities
  • Permissible
    • In men’s and women’s basketball, a PSA and those accompanying the PSA, may attend an informal basketball scrimmage

OFFICIAL VISIT – Permissible/Prohibited Activities

  • Men’s Basketball Proposal 2012-2: On-Campus Evaluation
    • Would allow on-campus evaluations of a PSA during an official visit
    • One evaluation per PSA limited to 2 hours
    • High school or prep school senior: after the season and has exhausted eligibility
    • Two-year college PSA: after the season and exhausted two-year college eligibility
    • 4-year PSA: after the season with permission to contact
    • Conducted no later than opening day of fall classes


  • Must be a current enrolled student-athlete
  • A nonqualifier CANNOT serve as student host during first academic year in residence
  • May be provided:
    • Maximum of $30 for each day of visit
      • $15 per day for each additional PSA
      • Excludes actual cost of meals to PSA, parents, spouse, and children
      • May provide maximum allowance to cover cost for both days and it is permissible for cost of entertainment to exceed daily allowance provided total cost doesn’t exceed permissible amount for both days
    • Comp meals


  • A student-host may NOT:
    • use allowance money to purchase souvenirs
    • take PSA to a bar or strip club
    • purchase alcohol


  • Must be within a 30-mile radius of campus
  • CANNOT be excessive or include special accessories (e.g., jacuzzis, suites) that are not available generally to all guests
  • A PSA on an official visit would be allowed to stay at a coach’s home so long as all other restrictions are met (30-mile radius, not excessive) (Staff Interpretation April 1, 1988)


  • Limited to PSA, PSA’s parents and spouse
    • Additional persons (siblings, friends, children) can stay in same room as PSA, PSA’s parents or spouse but the institution cannot pay the additional costs resulting from additional occupants
  • A PSA may be provided lodging in the area of the institution without beginning the 48-hour period if the PSA arrives too late to begin the official visit that day
    • In this instance, expenses cannot be provided for any other individual accompanying PSA including parents and spouse


  • May provide the actual cost of three (3) meals per day plus a reasonable snack (e.g., pizza, hamburger)
  • For PSA, parents, spouse and children
  • Comparable to meals provided to student-athletes during the academic year
  • A one-time luncheon, dinner or brunch at the home of an institutional staff member (e.g., AD, coach) provided it is not excessive


  • Okay to provide a drive-thru or “to-go” meal while in transit from airport/bus or train station to campus without starting 48-hour period
    • May NOT provide similar meal to parents, spouse or children
  • Any “sit-down” meal prior to arriving on campus, would start the 48-hour period

OFFICIAL VISIT – Phone calls

  • Coaches can make unlimited calls to a PSA the five (5) days immediately preceding his or her official visit through the conclusion of the visit
  • If the visit is cancelled, calls already made beyond the typical permissible limit per week will not be a violation if the cancellation is beyond the control of the PSA or institution (e.g., canceled by PSA, inclement weather conditions)