Cultural integration assessment survey
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Cultural Integration Assessment Survey. Moving from TOLERANCE to PRODUCTIVITY. Why Participate?. Your Customers! A diverse organization that is able to manage its cultural differences as an asset is much more likely to appropriately address the needs of its diverse market.

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Cultural integration assessment survey

Cultural IntegrationAssessment Survey


Why participate
Why Participate?

  • Your Customers! A diverse organization that is able to manage its cultural differences as an asset is much more likely to appropriately address the needs of its diverse market.

  • Your Business! In this ever changing and challenging market creativity and innovation are a need and they are more readily available if every worker is achieving his/her maximum potential.

  • Your Organization! Problems do not go away by themselves, if integration issues are not addressed they may fester, accurate information to tackle them is essential.

  • Your Image! By supporting and participating in this project your company will project an image of commitment to cultural diversity. Your logo will be in the published results that will be available to the general public!

  • Timing! By performing this survey simultaneously in many companies the information will be more valuable to each of them. This approach also allows for the price to be way below standard consulting prices.

Why is it important
Why is it important?

Diversity does not end with hiring people from different backgrounds, it is important to use those talents as an asset to make them translate positively in your bottom line!

Our goal is to collect valid and accurate information on the PERCEPTIONS of:

  • The non-Hispanic Americans about the Hispanic people at work

  • The Hispanic people about work and their vision for the future of the Hispanic Community in this region

Results will be used
Results will be used:

  • To determine if the Hispanic Community is integrated in main stream Business America and to what extent

  • To prepare programs tailored to address the real gaps between the working Hispanic Community and the employers.

  • To identify the variables to monitor this integration during a time span (the next decade) and lead corrective actions

Sponsors will be expected to
Sponsors will be expected to:

  • Pay the chosen level of sponsorship at signature time (Tier I: $9,000, Tier II: $6,000 or Tier III: $3,600)

  • Use or waive the chance to add suggestions for questions to the survey

  • Provide their logo in magnetic media exactly like they want it to be printed if they wanted it to be printed

  • Allow for one visit from 2Americas to:

    • Meet their employees

    • Explain the goals of the project

    • Distribute the surveys and collect them, filled in, at the end of the meeting

Benefits above and beyond information
Benefits(above and beyond information)

  • Access to non published information pertaining to the company

  • The chance to propose to add one or more questions to the survey to be submitted for approval

  • Copies of the printed material plus extra copies depending on the level of sponsorship (100, 50, 30)

  • A discount depending on the level of sponsorship for 2Americas’ Services for a period of one year with an agreed upon beginning and end (50%, 40%, 30%)

  • A link to their web page in the 2Americas’ web page as a sponsor for this community sensitive effort

  • Their logo published in the results of the survey