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Aim High Program. Welcome. Aim High Program. Dr. Leslie Jones Director of the Honors College. Aim High Program. Dr. Michael Lane Assistant Director of the Honors College. Aim High Program. Ms. Angela Mead Honors and Scholarships Advisor. Aim High Program. Mr. Kent Miller, J.D.

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Aim high program

Aim HighProgram


Aim high program1

Aim High Program

Dr. Leslie Jones

Director of the

Honors College

Aim high program2

Aim High Program

Dr. Michael Lane

Assistant Director of the

Honors College

Aim high program3

Aim High Program

Ms. Angela Mead

Honors and Scholarships Advisor

Aim high program4

Aim High Program

Mr. Kent Miller, J.D.

Academic Advisor,

Pre-Law and


Aim high program5

Aim High Program

Ms. CatinaDebord

Administrative Assistant

Aim high program6

Aim High Program

Mr. Corey Bullock

AIM High

Program Assistant

Aim high program7

AIM HighProgram

Dr. Dale Wheeler


AIM High Program

Aim high program8

AIM HighProgram

Who are the

AIM High Students?

Aim high program9

AIM HighProgram

Sophomores with a 3.75 GPA and higher

Aim high program10

AIM High Program

82 AIM High Students Candidates

Aim high students

AIM High students

Physical Sciences 15 18.3%

Education 1315.9%

Humanities 12 14.6%

Business 11 13.4%

Fine Arts 11 13.4%

Social Sciences 7 8.5%

Health Sciences 5 6.1%

Technology 4 4.9%

Undecided 4 4.9%

Aim high program11

AIM High Program

Do you have a faculty mentor?

Yes 7.0% No 93.0%

Do you have a current resume?

Yes 54.9% No 45.1%

Aim high program12

AIM High Program

Are you planning on attending graduate school?

Yes 77.5% No 0.0% Unsure 22.5%

Have you written a personal statement for a scholarship application?

Yes 39.4% No 60.6%

Aim high program13

AIM High Program

Purpose: To preparestudents to gain admission to nationally-recognized graduate programs and apply for competitive prestigious scholarships.

Aim high program14

AIM High Program

Hey AIM High Director!

I want to apply to graduate school.

I want to apply for a prestigious scholarship.

Are you ready?

How have you prepared?

Aim high program15

AIM High Program

How to be prepared

Aim high program16

AIM High Program

Engage in a scholarly activity with a faculty mentor and obtain funding support.

Aim high program17

AIM High Program

Have a well-written


Personal Statement

Aim high program18

AIM High Program

Know in advance application requirements, deadlines, and opportunities

Aim high program19

AIM High Program

Maintain a current resume

Prestigious Scholarship Program Website

Aim high program20

AIM High Program

Aim High Program Goals

Attend an APPetite for Life Event

Dinner with ASU faculty

Discussion about

setting and attaining career goals

Appetite for life fall events
APPetite for Life Fall Events

Business Dr. Joseph Cazier – Comp Info Sys

Education Dr. Chrystal Dean - Education

Health Sciences Dr. Becki Battista - HLES


Art/Music/Theatre Dr. Stephen Hopkins - Choral Music

Physical Sciences Dr. Lynn Siefferman – Biology

Dr. Michael Gangloff - Biology

Social Sciences Dr. Mark Zrull - Psychology

Technology Dr. Jamie Russell - Building Science

Dr. Marie Hoepfl – Technology Ed.

Conference travel grant

Conference travel grant

Goal: To provide travel funds for

AIM High students to attend

a professional conference.


1) Have a faculty mentor

2) Have a faculty approved scholarly


3) Indicate how this conference relates

to your project

4) Have other students attending the


Aim high students1

AIM High students

Business 11

Finance and Banking 2

Marketing 2

Accounting 2

International Business 2

Management 1

Hospitality / Tourism 1

Risk Management 1

Business scholarships


Frank L. Greathouse Government Accounting Scholarship

$5,000 (finance)

IFDA Marketing Internship Scholarship

$1,500 (marketing of design and home furnishings)

D.W. Simpson Actuarial Science Scholarship Program

$1,000 (actuarial science)

National Society of Accountants (NSA) Scholarship Awards

$1,000 (accounting)

World Bank International Essay Competition

$5,000 ($1,000 for runners-up) Write a winning essay on assigned topic.

Aim high students2

AIM High students

Education 13

Elementary 4

Secondary Ed 1

Music Ed 2

English Ed 1

Spanish Ed 1

Choral Music Ed 1

Art Ed 1

FCS Ed 1

Theatre Ed 1

Education scholarships


Prospective Secondary Teacher Course Work Scholarships

$10,000 (sophomores - secondary school mathematics)

Prospective Middle School Mathematics Teacher Course Work Scholarships

$3,000 (juniors - middle school mathematics)

Barbara Lotze Scholarships for Future Teachers

$2,000 (physics teacher preparation)

Roothbert Fund Scholarship Program

$2,000 - $3,000 (education students motivated by spiritual values)

Hardwood Forest Foundation Educator Scholarship Program

$1,500 (seniors - sustainable forest management)

Aim high students3

AIM High students

Health Sciences 5

Nursing 3

Exercise Science 1

Nutrition 1

Health sciences



$6,000 (physical, occupational, speech language, or hearing therapy)

American Dental Education Association (ADEA) Scholarships

$1,000 (undergraduate dental students)

TYLENOL Scholarship Program

$5,000 - $10,000 (undergraduate students pursuing degree in healthcare)

James "Rhio" O'Connor Memorial Scholarship Fund

$5,000 (best essays written about cancer diagnoses and treatments)

Aim high students4

AIM High students

Humanities 12

English 2

Communications 2

Spanish 2

Global Studies 2

Public Relations 2

Appalachian Studies 1

History 1

Religious Studies 1

Humanities scholarships


 Association of Electronic Journalists Scholarships

$1,000-$10,000 (electronic journalism)

Charles & Lucille King Family Foundation

$3,500 (juniors and seniors - television and film)

Kathryn Davis Fellowships for Peace

100 fellowships (summer study of a critical language at Middlebury College)

L. Ron Hubbard Award – New Illustrators

$500 - $5000 (original illustrations in science fiction or fantasy genre)

L. Ron Hubbard Award – New Writers

$1,000 - $5000 (science fiction or fantasy prose)

Aim high students5

AIM High students

Art / Music / Theatre 7

Music 6

Studio Art 1

Art music theatre

Art / Music / Theatre

Hayes School of Music Scholarships

Department of Art Scholarships

New York Metropolitan Museum of Art Fellowships

(seniors - conduct study and research in art history, archaeology, and art conservation, either at the Museum or abroad)

The Puffin Foundation

(artists in the fields of art, film, music, theater, photography,

and public interest whose works due to genre and/or

social philosophy have difficulty being aired)

Aim high students6

AIM High students

Physical Sciences / Math 15

Biology 8

Physics/Astronomy 3

Chemistry 2

Math 2

Physical sciences


Ernest F. Hollings Scholarship Program: (NOAA)

$8,000 (juniors and seniors - oceanic, environmental and atmospheric science, or education)

Barry M. Goldwater Scholarships

$7,500 (sophomores and juniors - science, mathematics or engineering)

Udall Scholarships

$5,000 (sophomores or juniors - careers related to the environment)

Association for Women in Science Education Awards for Undergraduate Students

$1,000 (sophomore or junior women degrees in STEM fields)

EPA Greater Research Opportunities (GRO) Fellowships

$17,000 or $7,500 summer at EPA facility (juniors/seniors in environmental fields of study)

Elizabeth Gardener Norweb Summer Environmental Studies Scholarship

Mary T. Carothers Summer Environmental Studies Scholarship

$2,000 (freshmen, sophomores, or juniors - summer field work, research,

or classroom work in the environmental field)

Aim high students7

AIM High students

Social Sciences 7

Psychology 3

History 1

Sociology/Criminology 1

Religious Studies 1

Geography and Planning 1

Social sciences


Harry S. Truman Scholarship

$30,000 (juniors - graduate study leading to career in govt., education, the nonprofit sector, or the public interest/advocacy sector to improve conditions of society)

Leonard M. Rieser Fellowship in Science, Technology, and Global Security

$2,500-$5,000 (connections between science, technology, global security, public policy)

AFCEA Intelligence Scholarships

$2,250 - $5,000 (sophomores and juniors - global security,

intelligence studies, and/or foreign languages)

American Schools of Oriental Research Fellowships

Middle Eastern studies (including anthropology, archeology, Biblical studies, epigraphy, history and philosophy)

Charles G. Koch Summer Fellow Program

Paid 10-week summer fellowships in public policy, with internship

at state or federal policy organization.

Aim high students8

AIM High students

Technology 4

Interior Design 2

Technical Photography 1

Industrial/Product Design 1



Technology Scholarships

Aim high peer mentors
AIM HighPeer Mentors

Aim high program21

AIM High Program

Next Meeting:

Tuesday, September 27

6:30 – 7:30p

Price Lake Room

Aim high program22

AIM High Program

Next Meeting:


Scholarly Activities

Faculty Mentors

Aim high program23

AIM High Program

Next Meeting:

Begin to think about who you

want to be your Faculty Mentor

Aim high program24

AIM High Program

Next Meeting:

Spend some time with the PSP website locate information about various prestigious scholarships

Aim high program25

AIM High Program