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Jacksons Colored Sabbath School

Jacksons Colored Sabbath School. By Justin Lacks. Slavery. Jackson owned six slaves Two requested to be bought by him. Views on slavery.

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Jacksons Colored Sabbath School

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  1. Jacksons Colored Sabbath School By Justin Lacks

  2. Slavery • Jackson owned six slaves • Two requested to be bought by him

  3. Views on slavery • In her book, Life and Letters of General Thomas J. Jackson, Mary Jackson states that,” I have heard him say that he would prefer to see the Negroes free, but he believed that the Bible taught that slavery was sanctioned by the creator himself”

  4. Religion • Jackson was a very religious man who carried his faith into the battle field

  5. Church • Jackson attended and later became deacon at the Lexington Presbyterian Church.

  6. Colored Sabbath School • Jackson cared for the slaves and blacks in his community • He wanted them to know god and for their souls to be saved.

  7. Colored Sabbath School (Cont.) • Jackson decided that he would create a Sunday school for blacks, so they could know god. • This school was started in 1855

  8. Risk • What Jackson wanted to do was risky • In order to teach them he had to teach how to read. • At the time it was illegal to do this

  9. Potential Punishment • There was a bill passed in North Carolina in 1830 which stated that it was illegal to teach any slave how to read or write

  10. Potential Punishment (Cont.) • If anyone was found of this crime they could: • Be fined between $100 and $200 • Be imprisoned • Be whipped

  11. Service • The service lasted about 45 minutes • They sung, studied the bible, and prayed

  12. Relations • The people loved him like a brother or a father

  13. Results • The Colored Sabbath School led to the start of African American Churches

  14. Death • Stonewall Jackson died on May 10, 1863 due to a gun wound from his own troop.

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