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IEEE-USA Professional Activities for Member Development PowerPoint Presentation
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IEEE-USA Professional Activities for Member Development

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IEEE-USA Professional Activities for Member Development - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IEEE-USA Professional Activities for Member Development. Robert Vice Boston Section Vice-Chair 2012 IEEE-Region-1 Training Conference March 10, 2012. Credits.

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Professional Activities for Member Development

Robert Vice

Boston Section Vice-Chair

2012 IEEE-Region-1 Training Conference

March 10, 2012

  • These slides are the product of several years of IEEE-USA PACE Committee efforts to bring an overview of the structure and function of IEEE and IEEE-USA to its volunteer leadership
  • Thanks are extended to the many PACE leaders whose ideas have been incorporated into this slide set
  • (Organization and statistical Data from 2010)

Reflecting the global nature of IEEE, R10 and R8 are now the two largest IEEE Regions

IEEE Membership By Region


R7 – 17,240

R10 – 86,111

R1 to 6 – 215,676

R1 – 37,381

R2 – 33,362

R3 – 31,741

R4 – 24,121

R5 – 29,988

R6 – 59,083

R8 – 72,260

R9 – 15,288

2010 Member Data

ieee usa volunteer organization
IEEE-USA Volunteer Organization

IEEE-USA Members

Board of Directors

Operating Committee

Managing Director/ Staff



Career & Member Services


Communications & Public Awareness





Professional Activities


IEEE-USA Board of Directors

  • (& Operating Committee)


of the Board

Career &

Member Services

(VP, Gary Blank)

Communications &

Public Awareness

(VP, Nita Patel)

Government Relations

(VP, Jim Jefferies)

Professional Activities

(VP, David Pierce)

Business Development

& Conferences

(Ad Hoc)

Alliance of

Consultants’ Networks

Awards & Recognition

Career & Workforce


Intellectual Property



Meeting Planning

Emerging Technology


Employment &

Career Services




Medical Technology


Government Activities

Professional Activities




Eternal Awards Search

(Ad Hoc)

Critical Infrastructure

Protection Policy*

R&D Policy


Professional Activities



(Ad Hoc)

Innovation Institute*

Energy Policy

Transportation &


Technical Policy

National Engineers

Week Celebration

(Ad Hoc)

Center for

Leadership Excellence

(Ad Hoc)

Licensure &


Government Fellows

WISE Task Force

(Ad Hoc)


Development in

the USA (Ad Hoc)

Precollege Education

Strategic & Long

Range Planning

S.E.T. Literacy

(Ad Hoc)

Nominations &


* Status currently under review, may be suspended, merged or abolished in 2010

professional activities committees

Career and Member Services

Communications &

Public Awareness

Government Relations

Professional Activities

Professional Activities Committees
  • IEEE-USA Annual Meeting
  • Government Activities
  • Student Professional Activities
  • Professional Activities

What is PACE? (Professional Activities Committees for Engineers)

  • A grass roots network of IEEE volunteers and committees organized at the section and chapter levels with support from Regions and IEEE-USA
  • PACE Promotes:
    • The professional interests of the U.S. members
    • The professional activities within Sections, Chapters and Student Branches of the Region
    • A mechanism for communication of members' views on their professional needs
pace committee members at section chapter level
PACE Committee Members at Section/Chapter Level
  • Section/Chapter PACE Chair
  • Section/Chapter Government Activities
  • Section/Chapter Employment and Career Activities
  • Section/Chapter Pre-College Education
  • Other Committees with shared interests:
    • Section/Chapter Student Activities
    • Section/Chapter GOLD Activities
    • Section/Chapter Life Member Activities
pace committee members at regional level
PACE Committee Members at Regional Level
  • Region PACE Coordinator
  • Region Student Professional Awareness
  • Region Government Activities
  • Employment and Career Services
  • Region Technical Policy Activities
  • Region Pre-College Education
  • Area PACE Chairs
pace committee members at ieee usa level
PACE Committee Members at IEEE-USA Level
  • PACE Committee Chair
  • Committee Vice Chair (within Committee)
  • 6 Regional PACE Coordinators
  • GOLD Member
  • IEEE-USA Annual Meeting Chair
  • Vice President of Professional Activities
  • Sandra Kim, IEEE-USA Staff (Secretary)
pace committee goals objectives
PACE Committee Goals & Objectives
  • Provide for the distribution of various IEEE-USA Committee products and programs to members
  • Stimulate and facilitate professional activities
  • Communicate between IEEE US Members and IEEE leadership
  • Develop and update training materials for PACE leaders
  • Provide input to the IEEE-USA Annual Meeting
pace network goals objectives
PACE Network Goals & Objectives
  • Maintain and operate volunteer network
  • Improve PACE Network communication
    • Leadership Training
    • Forums/symposia/conferences/workshops
    • Electronic communication
    • Enhance quality of member information
    • Distribution and feedback of PACE Conference information
    • IEEE interests/initiatives/programs/activities
pace programs projects
PACE Programs & Projects
  • Professional Development Conferences
  • Workshops/Seminars
  • Professional Development Publications
  • Government Activities
  • Community Service
  • Public Awareness
  • IEEE Technical Society and other Engineering Society interaction
government activities committee
Government Activities Committee
  • Coordinates and encourages establishment of Government Activities and Legislative Advisory groups
    • Spearheads efforts to set up IEEE Legislative Committees
    • Provides existing literature/guidelines/examples to Legislative Committees
    • Assists political leaders in obtaining start-up funding
pace education activities
PACE Education Activities
  • Maintain informational contact with sources of professional development material
  • Work closely with PACE Chairs in planning programs for professional development
  • Develop, coordinate and present programs for professional development
  • Foster and encourage pre-college activities
  • Work with others to promote technical literacy
  • Encourage local IEEE volunteer involvement with teachers and school administrators
your role as pace leader
Your Role as PACE Leader
  • Identify section/chapter PACE Committee members
  • Train your PACE committee
  • Manage your PACE committee
    • Delegate to your PACE Committee members
      • Provide guidance and assistance when needed
  • Nominate your PACE Committee members for IEEE, MGA, EAB & IEEE-USA Awards
  • Keep up to date
  • Know your resources
  • Have fun
section pace pre college programs
Section PACE Pre-College Programs
  • Pre-College Education
  • Future City
  • Science Olympiad
  • Science Fair
  • Math Counts
  • Teacher In Service Programs
  • Any STEM project promoting science, technology, and the image of the engineer
ieee usa employment and career assistance programs
IEEE-USA Employment and Career Assistance Programs
  • Job Fairs
  • Resume Writing and Job Interview Workshops
  • Job Listing services
  • Resume Listing services
  • Member Professional Awareness Workshops
  • Student Professional Awareness Workshops
  • Any project which promotes life long employability of IEEE members
  • Pre-College Education
  • EmploymentAssistance
ieee usa employment and career assistance programs1
IEEE-USA Employment and Career Assistance Programs
  • Pre-College Education
  • Employment Benefits and Career Management Workshops
  • Career Transitions and Workforce Issues Workshops
  • Retirement and Financial Management Workshops
  • Consulting, Leadership, Licensure and Registration Workshops
  • IEEE Membership Advancement Workshops
  • Communications Workshops
  • Any project which promotes careers of IEEE members
  • Employment Assistance
  • Career Assistance
pace professional education
PACE Professional Education
  • Section/Region/Division Professional Topics Library
  • Life Long Learning Workshops
  • Skills Assessment Workshops
  • PDSs / S-PACs
  • Any project which promotes life long careers of IEEE members.
  • Pre-College Education
  • Employment Assistance
  • Career Assistance
  • Professional Education
pace technology policy programs
PACE Technology Policy Programs
  • Technology Policy Workshops
    • Aerospace Policy
    • Communications and Information Policy
    • Energy Policy
    • Medical Technology Policy
    • Research and Development Policy
  • Any project which promotes the communication of IEEE member technology policy issues.
  • Pre-College Education
  • Employment Assistance
  • Career Assistance
  • Professional Education
  • Technology Policy
government activities programs
Government Activities Programs
  • Communications with Legislative Delegates
  • Legislative Issues Communications
  • IEEE Member initiated Issues Communications
  • Any project which promotes the communication of IEEE member legislative issues.
  • Pre-College Education
  • Employment Assistance
  • Career Assistance
  • Professional Education
  • Technology Policy
  • Government Activities
pds s
  • Technical Growth
    • Can be joint with societies
  • Personal Growth
    • Management / MBA Options
    • Self-assessment; Career Asset Manager (CAM)
    • Interpersonal Relationships
    • Learning by becoming: IEEE Volunteers
  • Dynamic Adaptability
    • Engineering changes - we must, too!
    • Understanding Ceilings and Ladders
    • Adapting skills
    • New Directions - consulting???
  • The “Edge”
    • Job Seeker Skills for the Currently Employed
    • Top 50 ways to get Laid Off
    • Getting Noticed the Right Way
society chapter pace programs
Society/Chapter PACE Programs
  • Keynote Luncheon Speakers, Panel Sessions, Tutorials at Technical Meetings and Conferences - at Local Chapters
    • “The People Crunch”
    • “Global Communications: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”
    • “Do Ph.D.’s Make Better Engineers?”
    • “To BE EE or Not to Be?”
    • “Will I be Enjoying Engineering in 10 Years?”
    • “The Role of Engineers in Today’s Society”
    • Career Enhancement Opportunities
  • Informative Articles in Society, Section Newsletters
pace projects
PACE Projects
  • The hardest part of a PACE project is deciding what you want to do
  • Prepare a project plan
  • Identify resources and funding
  • FUNDING IS AVAILABLE from multiple sources
  • Execute your project
  • Report the outcome of your project
pace project funding process
PACE Project Funding Process
  • Regions and Divisions have PACE Project Funds
      • ~$12.5K Annually for Region 1
      • ~$ 5K for Divisions (for R1 through R6)
  • To receive funding for a Section PACE project, a PACE Project Funding Request Form must be completed by the Section PACE Chair and approved by the Section Chair
  • A minimum of 50% matching from local section is highly recommended
  • The completed PACE project Funding Request form is then submitted to the Regional PACE Chair
  • The Regional PACE Chair will review the funding request an if it qualifies as a PACE Project approve the project
  • Section must Submit a report post event to get the funds!
know your resources
Know your Resources
  • IEEE-USA PACE Web Page


  • Within IEEE:
    • Financial assistance from Region/Division
    • IEEE speakers from within your local area
    • Region/Division library (audio and video tapes)
  • Outside IEEE:
    • Local Chamber of Commerce
    • Lawyers on legal aspects of the profession
    • Local business leaders
    • Accountants
    • Financial planners
ieee usa resources
IEEE-USA Resources
  • From IEEE-USA Washington Office
    • Brochures and literature, e.g.:
      • Six Threats to Your Retirement Income Security
      • How to Organize for Government Activities at the State Level
      • IEEE-USA Congressional and Executive Fellowships
      • Student Professional Awareness Conferences
    • “The Engineers Guide to Employability”
      • Available for $20, or FREE to unemployed members
your ieee usa pace staff resource
Your IEEE-USA PACE Staff Resource

For information, or to order brochures, write or call:

  • Sandra KimIEEE-USA1828 L Street NW Suite 1202Washington, D.C. 20036-5104Telephone: +1 (202) 785-0017Fax: +1 (202) 785-0835