crm summit 12 13 june 2002 norfolk va n.
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CRM Summit 12-13 JUNE 2002 – Norfolk, VA

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CRM Summit 12-13 JUNE 2002 – Norfolk, VA - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CRM Summit 12-13 JUNE 2002 – Norfolk, VA. Dan Olson and CDR Cathy Alexander. Contents. Purpose and Background Process Agenda Participants Process Description Outcomes Recommendations NICC SAP CRM NICC/LSC/OT Triad FAQ Lessons Learned From the facilitators From the participants

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Presentation Transcript
crm summit 12 13 june 2002 norfolk va

CRM Summit12-13 JUNE 2002 – Norfolk, VA

Dan Olson


CDR Cathy Alexander

  • Purpose and Background
  • Process
    • Agenda
    • Participants
    • Process Description
  • Outcomes
    • Recommendations
      • NICC SAP CRM
      • NICC/LSC/OT Triad
    • FAQ
  • Lessons Learned
    • From the facilitators
    • From the participants
  • Conclusions
purpose of this presentation
Purpose of This Presentation
  • Trip report
  • Teach others on process of AI
  • Identify output from Summit to directly benefit CRM
  • Lessons learned from this new process (new to us)
  • Original perspective of NICC CRM
  • Expanded to the “triad” of OT/NICC/LSC
  • Used AI approach for both process and outcome purposes
process description ai at the crm summit
Process DescriptionAI at the CRM Summit





Dyad interviews

- Value

- Good customer experience

- Wishes for future

Future Stories

- Share stories from interviews

- Create group future story

- Act out scenario

Provocative Propositions

- Statement that bridges best of “what is” to future stories

- Affirmative, desirable, stimulating, challenging, etc.

  • Destiny & Metrics
  • How do we get there?
  • - How do we know we got there?

Proactive, communication, advanced preparation, satisfied customer, automation, shared information

Two summit work groups created their own versions of provocative propositions (PP)

[see next slide]

Integrity, dedicated, knowledge, customer-focus, learning, enthusiasm, experience, recognition, PEOPLE


process description ai at the crm summit provocative propositions
Process DescriptionAI at the CRM Summit – Provocative Propositions
  • The NAVSUP enterprise is a world-class organization committed to providing an integrated interface focused on proactive delivery of products and services to our customers. The virtual integration of 1Touch, LSC, and NICC enables the customer to receive support when, where, and how it is needed to allow timely fulfillment of their mission.
  • Our organization will be known as the “world-class” leader in all aspects of customer delight. Our seamless integration of customer service components is committed to going the extra mile to provide proactive and professional customer satisfaction. Through the use of state of the art technology and telephony we will be able to incorporate a true “one-touch concept” providing service and support from cradle to grave!”
outcomes utility of crm summit

CRM Summit



Survey the entire claimancy

(Lead: Dennis Forney)

OutcomesUtility of CRM Summit


  • SOPs become part of SAP, so that CRM operation is simultaneous with SOP instruction
  • Design/configure SAP for complete and reliable historical data, so that multiple calls from the same ship or even the same person can be easily linked to the same case
  • Integrate customer ID, POC info, case history, etc. into SAP records, so that data entry is minimized
  • Integrate visibility of fleet schedules
  • Integrate NICC and LSC processes into one database
Common access/consolidated data


Maximize timely SOPs

Telephony – OT call link

Eval on adequate funding/staffing to support goals/metrics

Dependable transportation (LSRs to get to users)

Training – continuous, initially shared (triad), common training guide, technical and customer service training

Appropriate rewards for expertise/qualification level

Empowered to make decisions (increased LSR purchase authority, inventory releases, etc.)

    • Questionnaire to service providers (360 degrees)
    • Customer feedback – independent, random, on the web
    • Certification or PQS (apprentice, journeyman, master supply)
    • Metrics that support resource requirements
  • “What can we teach the customers to do themselves?”
  • Direct contact with CSR/LSR always has to be an option
  • Some questions are too difficult and have too many possible solutions to craft into “how to” terms
  • Draft complete – need to finalize with NICC/LSC/OT representatives
lessons learned from the facilitators
Lessons Learnedfrom the facilitators
  • AI process was an excellent tool for this type of visioning
  • 2 days was not enough time…3 should work
  • Factor in time to think and process
  • Helps to have neutral third parties as a part of the group to give instant sanity check
  • Must get participants away from normal worksite to minimize interruptions

Lessons Learnedfrom the facilitators

  • Other potential applications of AI process:
    • ASDOF
    • Corporate climate issues
    • Claimancy Strategic Planning
    • Directorate “high impact” projects that need renewed attention and/or ideas
lessons learned from the participants
Lessons Learnedfrom the participants
  • “most everyone has the same concerns and they are significant”
  • This process is “demanding…requires a lot of in-depth thinking”
  • “most significant was the session on destiny and metrics…deciding what we need, how we get there and how we maintain it”
  • “AI appears to be a great way to get good ideas to improve a process and organization…what will make this significant is the results”
  • “This is a great process…we were pushed to perform”
  • “I enjoyed working with and learning from my counterparts”
  • Output is being designed to help configure SAP CRM
  • Output is being reworked to finalize best possible FAQ section
  • AI process worked well
  • More summit time is needed to create the necessary details