la commedia dell arte n.
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La Commedia Dell’Arte

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La Commedia Dell’Arte - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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La Commedia Dell’Arte . By: Venesha Powell. Where . Italy- began there during the 14 th century until the 18 th and peaked in the 16 th and 17 th and then spreaded out. Subsequently the art formed spread throughout Europe, with many of its elements persisting into present-day theater.

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La Commedia Dell’Arte

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    1. La Commedia Dell’Arte By: Venesha Powell

    2. Where • Italy- began there during the 14th century until the 18th and peaked in the 16th and 17th and then spreaded out. • Subsequently the art formed spread throughout Europe, with many of its elements persisting into present-day theater

    3. Who • Who- foolish old men , devious servants, or military officers full of false bravado. Arlecchino- most famous, was an acrobat and a wit, chidlike and amorous IL Capitano- (the captain) was a caricature of the professional solider bold, swaggering and cowardly Pantalone- was a caricure of the Venetian merchant, rich and retired, mean and miserly, with a young wife or an adventures daughter

    4. Shared traits of the medieval period When

    5. What La Commedia Dell’Arte means “Artistic Comedy” renamed in English as “Italian Comedy”, was a humorous theatrical presentation performed by professional players who traveled in troupes throughout Italy in the 16th century. Popular themes complex stories with lots of climax, acrobatic jumps and mellow love scenes made it a success.

    6. Why Commedia was performed by roaming family troops most time and this caused it to changed at a stagger Some historians believe Commedia was a response to the political and economic crisis of the 16th century.

    7. How La Commedia Dell’ Arte performed for and were accessible to all social classes. Language was no barrier, with their skilled mime, stereotyped stock character, traditional lazzi’s signature stunts, gags and pranks, masked, broad physical gestures, improvised dialogue and clowing they became widely accepted wherever they traveled.

    8. Other Pictures

    9. Video • •

    10. Quiz 1.) What is was the name of my presentation A. la commedia B. la commdia dell’ arte C. la commedia dell’ arte 2.) Where did the performance began A. Germany B. Italy C. Japan • La Commedia was a man True or False

    11. 4.)What were one of the stock characters name A. Michael B. Dan C. Pantalone 5.) Did the stock characters where masks True or False 6.) What does La Commedia Dell’ Arte means A. healthy heart B. Artistic Comedy C. none of the above

    12. 7.) A. Pot B. Plate In this picture tell what the man is holding in his hand

    13. 8.) Where the stories in the plays popular A. Yes B. No 9.) Were there many stock characters A. Yes B. No

    14. What is on top of the mask head A. Money B. Music Notes

    15. References