eur pa v kole 2010 2011 l.
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Európa v škole 2010-2011 PowerPoint Presentation
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Európa v škole 2010-2011

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Európa v škole 2010-2011 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Európa v škole 2010-2011
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  1. Európa v škole2010-2011 A.Kozaňáková, K.Valovičová 8.B, ZŠ kpt. J. Nálepku, Stupava

  2. Blue Heaven - Modré z neba • Every Wednesday Slovakian television Markíza broadcasts the showcalled Blue Heaven. The speaker of this show isViliam Rozboril.

  3. The show This show is about help. Some people dream of meeting someone, or someone to help them. It is their long time desire, their "dream". In this programme someone's secret dream turns into reality. First of all, someone writes a letter to Blue Heaven . If the script editor chooses this letter, he or she will explain his/her dream on TV. People get it for free, because there are sponsors.

  4. The family One family lives in the Tatras. The family's name is the Kováč family. The parents are Juraj and Katarína. Their children names are Laura (12), Majka (16), Peťo (14) and Jano (11). They live with their grandma Jožka and grandpa Krištof. However, they had a very small house. The house is semi-detached, because they are very happy together. However, they won't have this luck forever.

  5. The story As we know, there was a disasterous storm in the HighTatras in 2007. This family lost their home. The stormdestroyed their house. Their neighbour saw their misery and wrote to Blue Heaven. He wanted to "dream" a new house for them.  Vilo Rozboril and his TV team came to Tatras and took this family to Croatia on holiday. The whole family was very surprised, but they were very happy, because they had never been on holiday before. It was an exciting experience, when they flew by plane for the first time. They were very happy, but they didn't know what was going on in their village. While they were in Croatia, volunteers with sponsors were building a new small house for them.

  6. The house The house isn´t very big. However, every child hashis own room and parents have their bedroom. They have a kitchen with a dining room. In the living room there is a TV with DVD, sofa, PC and lots of flowers. There are two bathrooms. When the family came home, it was a big surprise for them. They couldn´t believe their eyes. They were very grateful, happy, deeply impressed. All of them had tears in their eyes. Volunteers madevery much for them.

  7. Volunteers Who were the volunteers? Young people at the age of 14-19. There were 50 of them. They made easy work, because they didn't know how to do„harder“ work, for example -to mason and to build. They painted walls, carried furniture, tidied the yard and planted roses in the garden. Volunteers were very tired. However, when they saw the happiness of the family, all that pain disappeared. Smiling children were the best award for them. .

  8. The end Some days later volunteers were surprised, when the family gave them a great homemade chocolate cake. Children of this family joined the voluntary group of young people because they wanted to help people in the same situation.