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Design4Now: Tricycle Tractor

Design4Now: Tricycle Tractor. Ameerah Razac, Jenn Li, Sandy Wong, Yun Cho. The Six Million Dollar Man. Our Design. Problem and Background Information. Targeted Community. Inspiration from Existing Technology and Tools. OUR Solution. OUR Solution. Mind Map. MoSCoW Requirements.

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Design4Now: Tricycle Tractor

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  1. Design4Now: Tricycle Tractor Ameerah Razac, Jenn Li, Sandy Wong, Yun Cho

  2. The Six Million Dollar Man

  3. Our Design

  4. Problem and Background Information

  5. Targeted Community

  6. Inspiration from Existing Technology and Tools

  7. OUR Solution

  8. OUR Solution

  9. Mind Map

  10. MoSCoW Requirements • Must have • Should have • Could have • Want to have but will not

  11. Scenarios

  12. Scenario 1

  13. Scenario 2

  14. Scenario 3

  15. Scenario 4

  16. Frequently Asked Questions

  17. How much will it cost? The tricycle tractor will cost $200.

  18. What are the materials needed to create the tricycle tractor? The materials needed to make the plow include metal, tubing, tractor wheels existing bicycle materials

  19. How sustainable would the tricycle tractor be? The tricycle tractor is very sustainable because it is constructed with parts that are maintainable at a low cost. The tricycle tractor is constructed through just-in-time production.

  20. Who are your potential sponsors? FARM-Africa, World Food Programme, UNICEF

  21. How does FARM-Africa, World Food Programme and Plan help Ethiopia?

  22. Thank you for listening

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