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MARCUS ASAY - Effects of Appliances Industry in National Eco

Marcus Asay one of top business leader, putting lights on effects of appliances industry in National Economic Development.

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MARCUS ASAY - Effects of Appliances Industry in National Eco

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  1. MARCUS ASAY Effects of Appliances Industry in National Economic Development

  2. Marcus Asay’s – Academic Mr. Marcus Asay earned his Bachelor of Science in Business and Public Administration. Marcus Asay went on to matriculate at Thunderbird, The American Graduate School of International Management, where he earned his Master of Business Administration in 1982.

  3. Marcus Asay’s – Professional Mr. Marcus Asay began his impressive professional career as a dedicated undergrad student attending California State University, Sacramento. Having come a long way since his academic career, Marcus Asay today serves as a Principal of Planning and Development for IE/Cal Design & Development Center. With over 20 years of professional business experience under his belt, Marcus Asay has developed a solid reputation as an efficient leader with savvy business skills. As Principal of Planning and Development, Marcus Asay is responsible for the management of projects, such as the firm’s newest design proposal for a National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C. Under Marcus Asay’s keen management, IE/Cal Design & Development Center has completed a number of projects, including Kira Japanese Restaurant, the Fresno Falcons’ Ice Hockey Arena, and Trump National, Golf & Gardens.

  4. Appliance Industry’s Key Role in the National Economical Development Text/Ning Hao – According to the Comrade Hu Jintao, “The key to accelerate the transformation of economical development is to attain and accomplish the futuristic goals set for the development and growth and to improvise the socialistic market economic system”. Energy – Along with improvising the quality of the economy and international competitive system, deep understanding of a socialist market economy is must, which plays a vital role in the scientific development and formation of a macro control system. Sell – At present, home appliances have been the leading and prominent national consumer market products. In a market economy available with socialist characteristics and the environment, China’s home appliances industry after 10 years of development has gradually organized and constituted a complete industrial chain and related industry systems like household appliances, manufacturing of home appliances, other consumer industrial development of the appliances, all used for the encouragement of the economical, healthy and sustainable development. Home appliances sector has played a crucial and important role in providing a healthy and sustainable growth in the China’s economy.

  5. Development and Evolution in China Development and evolution of China’s home appliance industry – As per the National bureau of statistics reports, it has been revealed that from Jan 2009 to Jun 2009, the China’s home appliances manufacturing industry having total industrial output value of 353.4 billion yuan and industrial sales value of 343.65 yuan generated a complete industrial output value of 68.62 billion yuan. In these months, as per the reports there had been an accumulated production of 20,056,000 units of washing machines, 30,044,000 units of household refrigerators, 45,328,000 units of air conditioners etc.

  6. Reports and Statistics Recently released national bureau statistics reports stated that “The main basic products of the industrial production, yield and the growth rate till June 2009 depicts, China’s total output of household refrigerators rose 9.2% up to 30,043,900 units, house hold washing machines up 4.1% up to 20,056,400 units, home freezers rose 9.6% up to 6,332,400 units, TV rose 1.3% up to 41,742,800 units and room air fell by 7.2%”. In nutshell, the consumption of household appliances market boosted the rapid recovery in the China’s house hold appliance industry and in future will encourage the electrical appliance enterprises to open up foreign arenas required to render strong protection.

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