welcome back 10 th grade students to manual arts hs n.
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WELCOME BACK 10 th Grade STUDENTS ! To Manual Arts HS PowerPoint Presentation
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WELCOME BACK 10 th Grade STUDENTS ! To Manual Arts HS

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WELCOME BACK 10 th Grade STUDENTS ! To Manual Arts HS - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WELCOME BACK 10 th Grade STUDENTS ! To Manual Arts HS. Overview. We provide ways for students to enhance their learning experience and prepare them to rigorously compete at major colleges and universities throughout the country. Mission Statement:

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We provide ways for students to enhance their learning experience and prepare them to rigorously compete at major colleges and universities throughout the country.

Mission Statement:

The 10th Grade Academy believes that students in Manual Arts High School should be as well educated as any in the world. The school staff is committed to making a positive impact on the lives of students creating a highly motivated, healthy, successful, safe and effective learning environment. All 10th graders have the capacity to be high achievers, life -long learners and the reason we are here.

Vision Statement:

Students will be active, engaged, and informed citizens to meet the challenges of a global society.


10th Grade Academy students are expected to:

  • Attend all classes daily and on time.
  • Follow the uniform policy.
  • Demonstrate conscientious academic effort by regularly completing assignments on time and by participating constructively in lessons, activities, etc.
  • Have the willingness to engage in rigorous academic work in a structured learning environment.
  • Be self-motivated, able to work cooperatively, respectfully and positively with others.
  • Maintain a 2.5 GPA and receive grades of a C or better in all core classes.
  • Adhere to the rules and regulations contained in the classroom and school codes of conduct.
dress code policy1
Dress Code Policy

Approved Tops

  • Grey or Purple Polo shirts with collar

Approved Bottoms

  • Black or heather gray pants/walking shorts.
  • Black skirt or capri pants.

Black tights (leggings) are NOT approved!


  • Wear appropriate footwear. Flip flops, open toe shoes are NOT allowed.

Approved Hats

  • MAHS beanies, MAHS baseball caps.

NO bandanas, wave caps, snap-backs and other non-MAHS hats

merit system1
Merit System
  • The administration expects ALL students at Manual Arts HS to be well disciplined and to maintain the highest standards of behavior at all times.
  • The merit system has been chosen as a guide for student discipline at Manual Arts.


  • Every student begins his/her school career with 100 merits. When a student makes a poor choice, merits may be taken away (see discipline policy matrix).
  • Each student is required to maintain a merit record of at least 90 to remain in good standing.
  • A student is required to earn merits immediately upon falling below 90.

Ineligibility List

  • When a student’s merit balance goes below 90, he/she is put in a weekly ineligibility list. Students appearing on the ineligibility list may not participate in school activities or athletics in any way until the merits are earned.

Earning Merits

  • Attending one hour of after school or Saturday detention for each merit needed—1 hour detention makes up for (1) demerit.
  • Completing an assignment given by the Assistant Principal—1 assignment makes up for (1) demerit.
  • Completing school service and turning in a contract for demerit removal to the Assistant Principal of Discipline’s office.

Failure to serve detention may result in suspension from school (Ed Code 48900)

discipline policy matrix
Discipline Policy Matrix

Common offenses

More Serious violations

a g requirements
A-G Requirements:
  • English (4 years)
    • Eng 9AB; Eng10AB
    • American Lit; Cont Composition
    • Expo Comp; World Lit
  • Math (4 yrs recommended)
    • Alg 1AB; Geom AB
    • Alg 2AB; Trig AB and AP Calc
  • Lab Science (3 recommended)
    • Biology AB; Chemistry AB; Physics AB
    • AP Bio AB; AP Chem AB
    • Other electives: (Environmental Studies, Forensics and/or Genetics)
  • Social Science (3 yrs rec.)
    • World Hist AB
    • US History AB
    • Government and Economics
  • Foreign language
    • Same Language (2-3 years)
  • Visual Arts (1 year)
    • Painting, Drawing, Music
  • College Prep (1 year)
    • Classes taken beyond those listed
    • above (college prep electives)
graduation requirements
Graduation Requirements:
  • Community Services Hours:
    • 100 hours for students with grad years 2014-2016
  • Service Learning Project
    • pass both English and Math with score of 380each.
  • Computer Literacy (any class with computers)
  • Senior Portfolio & Senior Survey
service learning vs community service
Service Learning vs. Community Service
  • Service Learning:
    • A project done in either your History or English class
    • Must be a project that is typed, presented and done with a teacher on campus.
  • Community Service:
    • Volunteer hours that are done when you are NOT in school
    • Can be done in a school, library, family workplace
    • Must be NON-PAID!
    • 80 hours for Seniors, grad year 2013
    • 100 hours for 9th, 10th, and 11th