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An Associated Labor Unions-Trade Union Congress of the Philippines/Building and Wood Workers International (ALU-TUCP/BWI) presentation in the 2013 ABAN Meeting Dhaka, Bangladesh Presented by: Alan Tanjusay , Policy Advocacy Officer Overview of presentation.

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Overview of presentation


Associated Labor Unions-Trade Union Congress of the Philippines/Building and Wood Workers International(ALU-TUCP/BWI) presentation in the

2013 ABAN Meeting Dhaka, Bangladesh

Presented by:Alan Tanjusay, Policy Advocacy

Overview of presentation

Overview of presentation


Advocacy in asbestos: Ban asbestos

Campaigns in 2012-2013

Plans for 2014 campaign

Challenges& conclusion

Associated labor unions
Associated Labor Unions

-Born in Cebu City

port in April 1954

-Membership in 17

industries (land-based, seafarers)

-Biggest labour

federation in Philippines, 200 staffs

-With legal, medical, dental services

-Critical but constructive in

promoting workers’ rights & well

being (wages, workers health & safety

etc.) in unilateral, bilateral, tri-partite

-Responsible partner of TUCP,

Nagkaisa (United), BWI, UNI, ITF,


-Works with ILO, WHO & others

Alu advocacy on asbestos
ALU advocacy on asbestos

Began in 2004, seminars

and workshops with

union members

working in ACMs

Partnership with BWI

began in 2007

Crafted ban asbestos bill

in 2007

Initiator of WHO-ILO

template NPEAD in

Philippines, 2009

Campaign in 2013
Campaign in 2013

  • Political mapping

  • 6 NPEAD meetings

  • Luncheon with media

  • Seminar with Nagkaisa

    coalition (United)

    5. Workshop in Mariveles,

    Bataan eco zone

    6. April 28 IWMD with

    informal workers

    7. Investigation on non-action

    on wire gauze in public


Overview of presentation

8. June 28 submit letter & press confere on findings

of query

9. July– reach out Angeles church with


10. August 30 DepEd replies

banning wire gauzes and

replacing them with

ceramic center

11.September 2- re-filed ban

bill in congress

12.Nov. 14-15 AAI6 Manila


13. Message to ACIP: Begin transition

Campaign plan for 2014
Campaign plan for 2014

  • Build human face of the issue by organizing victim/s & families’ group

  • Host 2 meetings with Nagkaisa coalition, BWI affiliates, NGOs

  • Host 2 meetings with legislators and staffs

  • Host 4 NPEAD meetings

  • Public info campaigns

    -conventional & social media

    f. Removal of asbestos in eco-zone in Bataan

Challenges conclusion
Challenges & conclusion

  • Heightening presence of asbestos lobby group targeting, influencing

    Government executives



    2. Inert government bureaucracy

    Funding priorities

    Diversity of tasks

    3. Dwindling union power, membership due globalization, precarious working arrangements

    Loosening power of unions thru membership