Keyless Entry for Your Cars
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Solution for lost car keys in sydney

Keyless Entry for Your Cars – Stay Away from Car Thieves

Fed up with searching through your hand bag to discover your car key? Had enough of pressing

buttons and turning keys? It’s time to say bye to those keys that won’t support your search

during emergencies and to the situations where you use the flash lights to search your lost car

keys in Sydney. Switch to keyless entry, an innovative car key system that streamlines the task

of starting and unlocking a car. Those who are unaware of the keyless entry for cars, here is a

deep insight into it. Read now and know how it works as well as its benefits.

Basic Things You Should Know

There is a short range radio transmitter inside the keys that even works up to a distance of

twenty meters. The process is similar to the one used to open garage doors. This radio

transmitter sends a signal code which matches with the code at the receiver. Once the match is

done, the receiver activates the mechanism including opening doors and disengaging the

electronic lock.

How Secure is Keyless Entry Car Systems

Keyless entry is very secure as its security system is handled with heavy-duty encryption.

Although, each and every car manufacturer has their own method for encrypting the keys,

modern keys are encrypted with 128 bit encryption. This shows that the code is 128 characters

long and 339 decillion combinations. Even if customers question the safety of keyless entry

systems, they are offered with another option i.e. changing encryption. The transmitter and

receiver are synced with a program that randomly generates a new key every time. This

changing encryption is a key to defeating efforts to hacking into keyless entry systems.

What if the Key fob doesn’t work? If this question bothers you then don’t worry; they have an

emergency metal key inside it. But this will not help in starting the engine but can get the car


Benefits of Keyless Entry Systems

Solution for lost car keys in sydney

Keeps your car away from theft. You no need to bother about those who try to reach

under the dash and cut a couple of wires, and then splicing them together to get an own

car. Keyless entry lock will help you from those thieves. If the car’s compute doesn’t

receive the right code from the transmitter fob, the engine will not start.

 Very convenient for those who love to carry dozens of bags in both hands. When you

come out of a grocery shop with bags full of groceries and find it difficult to open the car

doors with manual keys, keyless entry will give a sigh of relief. Here, all you have to do is

press the button and put your bags in the trunk.

 A mistake saver. Yes, when it suddenly rains cats and dogs, you find that you forgot to

lock your car and don’t want to wet yourself. At this time, you can use your keyless lock

system to lock a car without wetting yourself while running towards the garage to lock

your car.

Keyless entry systems are best for those who always spend lots of bucks on lost car keys in

Sydney. Read the post and act wisely.