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Electronic Document Submission Tool. Hennepin County & West Central Indexing. Overview. Advantages to County to Record Documents Electronically Experience to Date Way to Get More Submitters Current Methods to Submit documents Electronically Submission Tool by WCI.

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Electronic document submission tool

Electronic Document Submission Tool

Hennepin County & West Central Indexing


  • Advantages to County to Record Documents Electronically

  • Experience to Date

  • Way to Get More Submitters

  • Current Methods to Submit documents Electronically

  • Submission Tool by WCI

Advantages to county to record documents electronically
Advantages to County to Record Documents Electronically

  • Nine People Touch Document To Record In The Paper World - Taking 14 Days To Process

  • One Person Can Process Full Transaction In Electronic World - Taking From 1 To 60 Minutes

  • Same Day Service Becomes Possible

Experience to date
Experience to Date

  • Hennepin One Of 5 Pilot Counties

  • Accepting Following Documents:

    • Satisfactions Of Mortgages

    • Certificates Of Release

    • Assignments

  • Working on Mortgage Schema

  • Others

  • Way to Get More Submitters

Current methods to submit documents electronically
Current Methods to Submit documents Electronically

  • Use US Recording’s System

  • Buy Trimin System

  • Buy Fidlar System

  • Build your own System

  • Or Free System

    • http://dev.westcentralindexing.com/ErerSub2/

Tools features benefits
Tools Features & Benefits

  • This system is built with three core technical principals

    • Use the Minnesota Electronic Real Estate Recording Schema as the base of data input and output

    • Use the Minnesota proposed communications standard for submission communications

    • Use the Minnesota Universal Convayencing Blanks as the template for rendering the documents

  • This system can be modified when the Minnesota Standard changes

  • This system will allow for submission to all Minnesota Counties that accept electronic documents for recording


  • This system is intended to be used by:

    • Attorney’s who do low volume document recording

    • Local banks

    • Local title plant\closing companies


  • The system has the following components:

    • User authentication

    • Document type selection

    • Document data entry

    • Document rendering – Pre-submission

    • Document Submission

    • Document status and retrieval

    • Document rendering – Post-submission

  • The system will not allow the general public to use the system. Users must have previously setup a trust account at the counties they to wish they want to submit electronic documents

  • The system does not require the user to have a signing certificate at this time – Because the MN ERER Standard allows for basic text signatures, the only party that is required to posses a digital certificate is the party that is submitting the document, that would be the hosting company of this system (This may change

Cost to submitter
Cost to Submitter

  • The system as it is designed today does not require any additional fee’s beyond the normal document recording fees

  • When signing certificates are required, the cost can range from $0 to $500.00 per year

  • There is a proposed version of this system that will allow the submission of document packages as well as:

    • Pre-filling document recording information from the users own database systems

    • Adding business workflow procedures to the submission process

    • And more….

    • Pricing is as yet undetermined for the enhanced version. Initial thoughts are between $1.00 and $3.00 per document

  • Availability - Testing for this system in Hennepin, Roseau and Wilkin Counties is scheduled for June of 2006 with Go-Live as soon as testing is validated with both Counties Electronic Real Estate Recording Systems