junior seminar november 2013 n.
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Junior Seminar November 2013

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Junior Seminar November 2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Junior Seminar November 2013. The important Junior Year. Why is junior year considered the most important year of your high school career? Meeting requirements for graduation Planning for post-secondary goals: college, career-readiness, and other pathways.

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the important junior year
The important Junior Year
  • Why is junior year considered the most important year of your high school career?
    • Meeting requirements for graduation
    • Planning for post-secondary goals: college, career-readiness, and other pathways
Graduation will be here before you know it…


goals of junior seminar
  • Review graduation requirements/transcript
  • Understand college admission criteria
  • Identify resources available for help
  • Establish a timeline for junior year
standard vs advanced
Standard Diploma

22 standard credits

4 English

4 Social Studies

3 Math

3 Science

2 Health & PE

5 Electives (Must include 1 fine art or career/tech elective; and 2 sequential electives)

1 Econ & Personal Finance

Verified credits (6)

Advanced Diploma

26 standard credits

4 English

4 Social Studies

4 Math

4 Science

2 Health & PE

3 World Language (or 2x2)

1 Fine art or career tech

1 Econ & Personal Finance

3 other electives

Verified Credits (9)

Standard vs. Advanced
what are verified credits
What are verified credits?
  • A verified credit is earned when a student passes a course and the associated end-of-course SOL test.
  • In some cases, students may utilize substitute tests or certifications to earn verified credits
what is a transcript
What is a TRANSCRIPT??
  • The transcript is a report of all the courses you have taken and the final grades in each course.
  • The level of rigor of each class is included on the transcript (AP, Honors).
  • Your GPA (grade point average) for each year and the cumulative GPA for all the years up to now.
  • The GPA is weighted—extra points for Honors and AP classes are accounted for.
  • Your attendance record
  • Your verified credits
what do colleges want
What do colleges want?
  • Strong academic record
  • Extracurricular, Athletic, and Community Involvement
  • Well-prepared application package – required demographic forms, essays/personal statements, and teacher/counselor recommendations
    • It is very important to get to know a few of your teachers and your school counselor so that you can get good recommendations for college
college entrance exams
College Entrance Exams
  • ACT (American College Test)
    • Consists of five subjects: English, Math, Reading, Science, and Writing
    • Writing component is optional (though recommended)
    • Top composite score is 36
  • SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test)
    • Consists of three subjects: Verbal, Math, Writing
    • Each test is scored on a scale of 200-800
  • TEST FEE WAIVERS are AVAILABLE if your receive FREE/REDUCED lunch!!
  • Take the SAT and/or ACT in the Spring of 2014
what if i m not ready to go to college
“What if I’m not ready to go to college?”
  • Gap Year
  • Military
  • Apprenticeship programs (through FCPS ACE)
  • Two-year Colleges/Community Colleges
  • Employment
use your resources
Use Your Resources

School Counselors

Mrs. Foster @ the Career Center


Share plans with us and we will help you explore your options!

fcps 24 7 and family connection
FCPS 24-7 and Family Connection
  • To get to Family Connection you must enter through your Blackboard/FCPS
  • 24‐7 account (http://fcps.blackboard.com). Click on Family Connection logo.

View and exchange information about your plans with school counseling staff through this extensive resource!

  • About Me

-Develop plans

-Record activities

-Identify skills & interests (Interest Surveys)

  • About College

-Search for colleges

-See College acceptances (Scatergrams)

  • FromYour School

-Messages from Mrs. Foster

-Additional resources for career & college exploration

junior timeline
Junior Timeline
  • Fall 2013 – Review graduation requirements to make sure you’re on track
  • Winter 2014 – Begin exploring Family Connection as a research tool for college and careers
  • February/March 2014 – Register for college entrance exams SAT or ACT
  • Spring - Summer 2014 – Visit colleges, start college essays, start college list. Counselors will be meeting juniors individually at this time for course registration.
  • September 2014 – Tentative college list is submitted
  • October 2014 – Early Decision/Early Action requests for transcripts, counselor recommendations are submitted to your counselor