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TOI – Cisco Unity Connection 1.1 (1) Media Convergence Server notes and Platform Configuration Disc notes. Victor Karney. Media Convergence Servers. Agenda. Media Convergence Server (MCS) notes for Unity Conn. What is new… Seven new server models just for Unity Connection use

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TOI – Cisco Unity Connection 1.1(1)Media Convergence Server notesandPlatform Configuration Disc notes

Victor Karney


Media Convergence Server (MCS) notes for Unity Conn.

  • What is new…
    • Seven new server models just for Unity Connection use
    • Windows 2003 pre-loaded on these new models
    • Mandatory memory upgrade kits for older server models if migrating in field from Unity X.x to Unity Connection 1.1
  • Good to know…
    • New, separate Supported Platforms List for Unity Connection called the CUCSPL (the CUSPL is still valid for the Unity 4.0 product line)
    • Caveats
new mcs models for unity connection
New MCS Models for Unity Connection
  • New MCS Models in the table are intended only for Unity Connection
  • Windows 2003 OS image from related PCD is pre-installed
  • There is no pre-load of MSDE/SQL or of Unity Connection itself
  • OS MUI language selection available at the first boot
  • Existing MCS models remain shipping as bare metal for Unity 4.x installation
servers supported for unity connection 1 1 1
Servers Supported for Unity Connection 1.1(1)
  • Consult the Cisco Unity Connection Supported Platforms List (CUCSPL)
  • In general, what is supported…
    • All present MCS generation (as of Oct-2005) and the previous generation
    • However, some server models in both vintages are not supported
    • Some new direct-from-mfr (HP and IBM) models now supported for PCD use
    • Past generation 7835 machines supported only for use as a dedicated“off-box” voice recognition media server
supported mcs models that require a memory upgrade to achieve support for unity connection
Supported MCS Models that Require a Memory Upgrade to Achieve Support for Unity Connection
known caveats
Known Caveats
  • DVD-ROM drive firmware on some MCS-7815i-3.0-ECS1 servers may require a DVD-ROM drive firmware upgrade to enable bootstrap of bootable DVD-R media
    • Refer to the Cisco Technical Note named:
    • “MCS-7815I-3.0-ECS1 and MCS-7815-I1-ECS1 (shipped before March 2005) DVD-ROM Drive Will Not Consistently Boot”
  • Some IBM-based servers will require up-rev or down-rev of their RAID ctrlr firmware version to correctly couple with the RAID driver version installed by the PCD
    • Refer to the Cisco Technical Note named:
    • “Upgrading or Downgrading ServeRAID Firmware and BIOS on IBM Servers”
sata host raid enablement required of certain oem models if not mcs branded
SATA Host RAID Enablement Required ofCertain OEM Models, if not MCS-branded

PCD expects two disks in HP DL320G3 and IBM xSeries-306 servers

PCD will automatically enable SATA host firmware RAID

Two disk drives are thus required in these machines

If SATA RAID is blindly enabled without two disks being installed there really will be no storage fault tolerance, but it will appear so outwardly

  • HP ROM-Based Setup used in the MCS-7825-H1-***1 (left side picture)
  • IBM System BIOS used in the MCS-7825-I1-***1 (right side picture)

Platform Configuration Disc (PCD) notes for Unity Conn.

  • What is new…
    • Four separate Win2k3 PCD DVDs – each used for different servers
    • OS image is factory pre-loaded on the new “…–UC1” MCS models
    • Multi-lingual OS options (Deutsch, English, Français, Japanese)
    • Security enhancements
    • Windows Product Activation
  • Good to know…
    • These PCDs not supported for use for Unity 4.x servers at this time
    • Displayed error and informational messages
    • Caveats
what is new with these pcds
What is New with these PCDs
  • The PCDs discussed here are all Windows 2003
    • PCD images ship pre-installed on new MCS-78xx-xx-UC1 server models
    • PCDs not needed for initial installation on those seven new models
    • Windows 2003 will pre-activate on all seven new MCS models
  • The image can be auto-localized to any of four languages/locales
    • English (with U.S. QWERTY kbd layout)
    • French (with French AZERTY kbd layout)
    • German (with German QWERTZ kbd layout)
    • Japanese (with U.S. English QWERTY kbd layout)
  • Security enhancements
    • Firewall enabled
    • Numerous lockdowns – see EDCS-394449 for content information
  • These PCDs are for Unity Connection only
    • Not supported for use with Unity 4.x at this time
there are four windows 2003 pcd discs
There are Four Windows 2003 PCD Discs
  • Disc volume labels denote usage applicability
    • 1H_10011PCD is for older HP-based MCS
    • 1I_10011PCD is for older IBM-based MCS
    • 2H_10011PCD is for new HP-based MCS
    • 2I_10011PCD is for new IBM-based MCS
  • PCDs are versioned differently now
    • Initial release is for each disc
  • Windows Registry Hive
    • HKLM\Software\Cisco Systems, Inc.\System Info\Hardware
      • Physical configuration identified
      • Logical drive and directory locations for U.C.
      • PCD version is identified
      • Applied version of SUW identified
        • GUSI will display these two versions

Rear Cover of PCD Case

multi lingual user interface both of pcds and pre loaded servers
Multi-lingual User InterfaceBoth of PCDs and Pre-loaded Servers
  • Screen on left is for 78**H-*.* and 78**-H* machines
    • This language selection is the first success menu display after boot
  • Screen on right is for 78**I-*.* and 78**-I* machines
    • Language selection appears mid-way through installation procedure
  • PCD menus are all English – the installer’s language/locale selection does not take effect until after first logon to the newly installed OS
  • Language, locale and keyboard selections can always be changed later using “Regional Options” applet of Windows’ “Control Panel”
error message serveraid firmware vs driver mismatch
Error Message…ServeRAID Firmware vs. Driver Mismatch
  • IBM ServeRAID device drivers and the RAID controller’s BIOS & firmware must all three be at same version -- example: version 7.10.18
  • The PCD images contain a specific ServeRAID device driver version
  • Because of this, some supported IBM-based servers will require an upgrade or downgrade of their ServeRAID BIOS/FW versions
  • At boot, the PCD solution looks for matching BIOS/FW and will halt to an error screen if the discovered BIOS/FW versions does not equal the driver version
  • The following servers will need field upgrade or downgrade of RAID ctrlr FW:
    • Any MCS server with a product ID beginning with “MCS-7835I-…”, “MCS-7845I-…”, “MCS-7855I-…” or “MCS-7865I-…” will require upgrade
    • Some IBM-branded xSeries-346 mfd after September 2005 will require downgrade
  • Upgrade / downgrade is accomplished using IBM ServeRAID Manager Support CD supplied with the disc set
    • Refer to the Cisco Technical Note named:
    • “Upgrading or Downgrading ServeRAID Firmware and BIOS on IBM Servers”
  • Upgrade / downgrade could not be automated in the PCD
error message incorrect server
Error Message…Incorrect Server
  • There is no hardware identification CD that needs to be booted first to identify which DVD to use
  • The rear of the DVD case lists which disc is usable with which server models
  • The media volume label could be used to remotely identify which disc is which
error message incorrect disk configuration
Error Message…Incorrect Disk Configuration
  • Two disk drives required in old and new 7825s
    • Older 7825*-*.* had two SCSI disks set as RAID1
    • Newer 7825-*1 have two SATA disks set as RAID1
  • Two SCSI disk drives required in any 7835s
  • Four SCSI disk drives required in…
    • 7845*-*.*-ECS2s
  • Six SCSI disk drives required in…
    • 7845*-*.*-ECS1
    • 7845-**-ECS1 or –UC1
  • Eight SCSI disk drives required in…
    • 7855i-1.5-ECS1
    • 7865i-1.5-ECS1
informational message could not locate lac2
Informational Message…Could not locate LAC2
  • Below is a harmless message that may appear during use of the PCD on HP-based MCSes
    • Would be seen following first reboot after Microsoft mini-setup completion as the subsequent installation completion script auto-runs
    • Occurs because the second NIC is already disabled in BIOS
    • Will only occur if a PCD has previously been run on the machine that would have disabled that second NIC in system BIOS or if the end user had disabled it in BIOS at some time in the past
    • The installer must hit OK to clear so the install script can proceed
    • Nothing further required – no negative side effects later, but occurrence may be removed in a future version of PCD
language locale setting for default administrator in pcd disc 2 and disc 4
Language/Locale Setting for Default Administrator in PCD Disc 2 and Disc 4

One-time logout/login of default Admin after first logon

  • This is applicable only to the IBM-based server images in eitherpre-loaded MCSes or installed via disc 2 or 4
  • Occurs only once after first default Administrator logon to Windows
    • All accounts except the default “Administrator” already configured and reflect the language/locale settings chosen during image setup
    • A script runs automatically to configure the default “Administrator”, but will not take effect until after that account logs in again
    • The message below is displayed
    • After logging out and logging back in, the default Administrator language/locale settings will then match all other users
menu logic repeats unavoidably on mcs 7845h and mcs 7845 h1 1
Menu Logic Repeats Unavoidablyon MCS-7845H-#.#-**** and MCS-7845-H1-***1

On some machines, the menu screen below and three subsequent screens will repeat after the erasure step which occurs after the first run through these screens

  • This is applicable only to execution of PCD discs 1 or 3 on HP-based machines
  • Occurs only in 7845 machines with more than two disk drives
  • No harm is done, but installer will have to repeat menu selections

…then selected language confirmation screen

…then HP SW license acceptance screen

…then final caution before proceeding screen

Will need to be walked through twice

windows product activation wpa
Windows Product Activation (WPA)

Every Windows 2003 instance must be activated

  • Cisco pre-activates all of the pre-loaded MCSes and via the PCDs (when it can)
  • When machines cannot be pre-activated the 25-digit Certificate of Authenticity product key supplied with the PCDs must be used to activate the OS within 30-days
  • Do not discard the DVD case -- it is the only place where this key can be found
  • If 30-day grace period is allowed to expire without activating, the message below on the left will occur at the next reboot andlogon will not be possible without activating
  • This one-time activation can be done over theInternet or over the phone
  • Do not pursue activation over the Internet if themachine has not been patched up to date