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GREENACQUIRERS. Ashleigh Jansen, Lois Ann Rooney II, and Erika Belcher. About Us.

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Ashleigh Jansen, Lois Ann Rooney II, and Erika Belcher

about us
About Us

The Greenacquirers are here to make landfills a more organized and efficient way to dispose trash. Our job is to redesign the structure of landfills to benefit our environment. We studied and research all the details to know about landfills, making us experts on all things landfills. During our research process we found our problem that we felt it was our duty to fix. After that we found our project and went straight to work!

our project
Our Project

As a group we decided that our project was going to be on the construction of landfills. Specifically, we are focused on leachate contained in landfills that will eventually run into our waterways. The structure of landfills does not efficiently dispose or decrease the amount of leachate, but instead the leachate runs freely without anything in its path. Our duty is to decrease the amount of leachate!

  • Toxic and acidic form of liquid that has drained from the trash in a landfill
  • Annual cost of the leachate pond would be $337,500
  • Allows animals to have easy access to the landfills
  • Polluting everything around us
  • Can be absorb in the ground and flow into the waterways

Our solution to help decrease leachate is to create a filter for leachate and redesign new and upcoming landfills.

  • The filter will strain the leachate and excess leachate will go into our extra layer which will be stored to make it clean water.
  • The extra layer will be a sponge like layer in between the plastic line and the geotextile mat

The filter will be used to:

  • strain the acidic leachate
  • separate the clean water
  • clean water will be used to water plants around landfill, that we plan on planting
added layer
Added Layer

The added layer will be used to:

  • Absorb the leachate that runs through
  • Made out of a sponge like material
  • Placed in between the Plastic liner and the Geotextile Mat

Our overlying plan is to:

  • Decrease or abolish the leachate going into waterways
  • Create another layer to upcoming landfills
  • Add a filter in the pipes to separate clean and acidic water

Our solution is behavioral and physical changes that we plan to make

  • Any questions?
  • Contact us!
  • Email= [email protected]
  • Visit our website=

Thank you and stay green!