campus improvement project ii s t e m career nights n.
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Campus Improvement Project II S.T.E.M. Career Nights PowerPoint Presentation
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Campus Improvement Project II S.T.E.M. Career Nights

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Campus Improvement Project II S.T.E.M. Career Nights - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Campus Improvement Project II S.T.E.M. Career Nights. Micah Gonzales EDCU 6331 Internship II Section KKL. Competencies . DOMAIN I—SCHOOL COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP

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campus improvement project ii s t e m career nights

Campus Improvement Project IIS.T.E.M. Career Nights

Micah Gonzales

EDCU 6331 Internship II

Section KKL



  • Competency 001The principal knows how to shape campus culture by facilitating the development, articulation, implementation, and stewardship of a vision of learning that is shared and supported by the school community.
  • Competency 002 The principal knows how to communicate and collaborate with all members of the school community, respond to diverse interests and needs, and mobilize resources to promote student success.

“If we all don’t row…the boat won’t go”

  • The first goal of this project is to enhance students’ knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) related careers, by offering hands on “STEM Career Nights,” once a month over a four month time period.
  • A second goal is to allow the students to discover the many options of careers that are not as well known within the elementary grades. Students will explore as well as be engaged and motivated to learn more about these careers and what each one involves.
  • A third goal is to involve our school’s stakeholders such as, parents, community members, and local businesses. This goal will be achieved by reaching out to a variety of stakeholders, local high school students, and local businesses to volunteer for our STEM Career Nights.
evidence of need
Evidence of Need

There is a rising demand for professionals in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) careers. The generation of students in our schools today needs to be directed towards STEM careers so that they can remain competitive in a global workforce in the future.

Research shows that it is becoming more important for the students to be educated in the STEM areas in order to be qualified for well paying jobs. According to researchers, we will need to fill 758,000 STEM related jobs in Texas by 2018. STEM education will give many of the younger workers an opportunity to improve their earning potential during their careers. (

The US Department of Labor predicted that jobs requiring STEM training will increase about 34% between 2008 and 2018. (

This project will support the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) from Kindergarten through fifth grade in the subjects of science, math, and technology. The TEKS are guidelines of what the students need to master in each grade level in given areas. By developing and implementing this project we will be reaching students in a new way and allowing them more hands-on experiences with these important subjects. By allowing hands-on learning students will gain knowledge and relate to these subjects, which in return will help the students be successful on district as well as state assessments.

strategies for implementation
Strategies for Implementation


A variety S.T.E.M. career nights


School S.T.E.M. committee

Campus staff


Local businesses

Community members

Local high school students

Students and their families


One night a month through out four months


This event is made possible through the use of grant money and donations.


This event will be promoted by: parent letters sent home; parent connect calls and emails; announcements made daily at morning assembly, prior to each night; information posted on school marqueeand school website; Northgate PTO Facebook page; and teacher promotion in classroom

predicted outcomes
Predicted Outcomes

At least 50% of the students will have a greater interest in STEM related careers.

At least 80% of the students will have a better understanding of what STEM related careers are.


Students will be given a pre and post survey asking them to tell us what career they would like to pursue when they grow up.

Students will write an expository piece about a STEM career that they have learned about as a means of assessing their understanding of STEM related careers.


Overall 2% more students said they planned to attend college.

Overall student knowledge of STEM was increased by 36%.

Overall 12% more students chose a STEM career.

artifacts from s t e m career nights
Artifacts From S.T.E.M. Career Nights
  • What people are saying:
    • “Thank YOU for coordinate and setting this fun event again for us all It is such an AWESOME evening” – Northgate Parent
    • “Thank you to our school for hosting such a fun night for us!” -Northgate Parent
    • “It was lot of fun!!!!” –Northgate Parent
  • Pictures of the STEM nights on following slides.

Sources: Northgate Crossing P.T.O Facebook page comments

science career night
Science Career Night








technology career night
Technology Career Night

Computer Maintenance

Concept Artist -Character Design

Graphic Design


Mission Control

Sound Production

Animation Design

engineering career night
Engineering Career Night



Mechanical Engineer

Petroleum Engineer

Software Engineer

Electrical Engineer

Design Engineer

math career night
Math Career Night

Insurance Agent

Store Cashier



Local Chase Banker

Pizza Fractions-Chef

our future stem talent

Marine Biology



Civil Engineer


Web Developer

improvements and modifications
Improvements and Modifications


Overall the S.T.E.M. career nights were a huge success. The students and parents had positive things to say about each night.


One modification I would make is assigning a station to grade level teams (including office staff and Special Education). Each team would be in charge of a station for each night. The teams would be responsible for: (a) gathering a list of items needed for their station; (b) organizing volunteers for their station; (c) set up and clean up for their station. I believe this would not only relive the responsibility from a few people, but would also provide hands on for ALL teachers and staff to be involved in some way.

A second modification I would make is organizing a way to have more parents whose careers fall into S.T.E.M. categories to volunteer at a station.

A third modification would be to assemble a team who would go into the community and recruit different business to host a station during each night.