Research data and information new developments at nih
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Research Data and Information: New Developments at NIH - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Research Data and Information: New Developments at NIH. Jerry Sheehan Assistant Director for Policy Development National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health National Academies Board on Research Data and Information September 24, 2009, Washington, DC. New NIH Director.

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Research data and information new developments at nih

Research Data and Information: New Developments at NIH

Jerry Sheehan

Assistant Director for Policy Development

National Library of Medicine

National Institutes of Health

National Academies Board on Research Data and Information September 24, 2009, Washington, DC

National Academies - BRDI

New nih director
New NIH Director

Broad Themes & Special Opportunities

  • Apply high-throughput technologies to understand fundamental biology and uncover the causes of specific disease states. “Ask questions that have the word ALL in them”

  • Translation – knowledge of disease into prevention, diagnostic, therapeutics.

  • Put science to work for health care reform (e.g., produce data to inform decision-making).

  • Greater focus on global health.

  • Reinvigorate and empower the biomedical research community.

Francis S. Collins, M.D., Ph.D.

National Academies – BRDI

On the role of data
On the Role of Data

“[High throughput technologies] provide us with the opportunity to ask questions that have the word ‘ALL’ in them. What are ALL the transcripts in a cell? What are ALL the protein interactions? . .

Those kinds of questions are now approachable, especially if we do the right job of making really powerful databases publicly accessible to all those who need them and empower investigators in small labs as well as big labs to plunge into that kind of mindset.”

National Academies – BRDI

New funding activities
New Funding & Activities

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)

  • NIH-funded research -- $8.2 billion

  • Facilities, instrumentation, construction -- $1.8 billion

  • Comparative Effectiveness Research: $400 million

  • Will result in more and new kinds of data

    Health IT for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act

    [Title XIII of ARRA]

  • Office of National Coordinator for Health IT and 2 Advisory Committees (Policy and Standards)

  • Financing purchases of HIT

    • Medicare/Medicaid incentives/penalties for “meaningful” use of HIT

    • Grants to States for low interest loans to care providers

  • Privacy and security

  • Testing and certification of HIT products

  • Research and education programs

  • Health IT infrastructure, including extension centers

  • Considerable work on data standards and interoperability

  • Potential for electronic health records as source of data for research

National Academies – BRDI

New data clinical trial basic results information
New Data: Clinical Trial Basic Results Information

Submission of summary results information required for “applicable clinical trials” of approved drugs, biologics, and devices starting Sept 27, 2008

  • Demographic & baseline characteristics

    • Table of values, overall and for each arm

    • # of patients dropped out & excluded from analysis

  • Primary and secondary outcomes

    • Table of values for each primary & secondary outcome measure, by arm

    • Scientifically appropriate tests of statistical significance

  • Point of contact (for scientific information)

  • Certain agreements (restrictions on PI to discuss or publish results after trial completion date)

More new data clinical trial adverse events information
More New Data: Clinical Trial Adverse Events Information


Table of anticipated and unanticipated serious adverse events

Grouped by organ system

Number and frequency of event in each arm of clinical trial


Table of anticipated and unanticipated adverse events

Exceed a frequency of 5 percent within any arm of clinical trial

Grouped by organ system

Number and frequency of event in each arm of clinical trial

Information to help interpret AE information

Mandatory with Results starting Sept 27, 2009

New information service rapid research notes
New Information Service: Rapid Research Notes

  • Archive of research made available through emerging online venues for rapid scientific communication.

  • Material provided through participating publisher programs designed for immediate communication and provided a stable identifier.

  • Submissions not formally peer reviewed, but screened by expert group for suitability.

  • Initial content from PLoS Currents: Influenza <>.

  • Expected to expand over time to include additional collections in other high-interest biomedical fields.

National Academies – BRDI

Continuing nih interests in research data information
Continuing NIH Interests in Research Data & Information

  • How to recognize and reward data sharing by researchers

    • Consideration in promotion and tenure decisions

    • Recognition by peers, funding agencies

    • E.g., metric to measure citations of electronically published data that could be used by tenure committees

  • How to embed informatics/data sharing in training programs for scientists/ researchers

    • Current approach ad hoc, based on apprenticeship

    • Inclusion in training/education of principles of data collection, data curation, and sharing

    • Roles of institutional libraries and individual labs, departments

  • Development of a research agenda for management of scientific data and information

    • Take advantage of ongoing trends in information and communications technology

    • Identify research areas in which investments by agencies such as NIH, NSF improve scientific data/info management

  • Promotion of effective approaches for data sharing

    • Development of agency and institutional policies, scientific community practices

    • Strategies and good practices for encouraging data sharing among researchers

    • Identification of necessary resources and infrastructure (e.g., centralized repositories, distributed databases, registries, standards)

National Academies - BRDI

Brdi strategic plan topics of greatest interest
BRDI Strategic Plan:Topics of Greatest Interest

  • Open Access Publishing

  • Sharing Scientific Data

  • Principles for Data Management and Publication in Public-Private Research Partnerships

  • Effects of New Data Technologies on the Culture of Science

  • Managing Partially Restricted Databases

  • Increasing Return on Investment in Publicly Funded Digital Science

  • Long-term Preservation and Availability of Data

  • Tracking of Information Flows among Databases

  • Interoperability

  • The End of “Just-in-Time”Experimentation

  • Meta-analysis

  • Econometric Data for Globalized Markets

  • Data in the Classroom

  • Assessing the Economic and Social Effects of Open Access to Scientific Data and Literature Online

  • US-China Roundtable on Scientific Data Cooperation

  • US–India Roundtable on Cooperation in Scientific Data and Information

National Academies – BRDI

More information on data information sharing at nih
More information on data/ information sharing at NIH

NIH Data Sharing Policy

NIH Public Access Policy


National Library of Medicine

National Center for Research Resources

National Academies – BRDI