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A Century of Chicago History PowerPoint Presentation
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A Century of Chicago History

A Century of Chicago History

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A Century of Chicago History

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  1. A Century ofChicago History (1900 – 1999)

  2. A New Decade Begins (1900 – 1910)

  3. Chicago in 1900

  4. People in the News Susan Winans The last survivor of the Fort Dearborn massacre died. Carter Harrison II Mayor of Chicago in 1900; part owner of the Iroquois Theater that burned in 1903.

  5. L. Frank Baum Chicago Evening Post reporter; wrote The Wizard of Oz. Charles A. Comiskey Founded the Chicago White Sox.

  6. In Other News Spitting in public is prohibited. Ragtime music is introduced to the city. The sanitary and ship canal opened. (reversed the flow of the Chicago River)

  7. Chicago in 1901

  8. People in the News Walter Elias Disney Born at 2156 N. Tripp. Philip Danforth Armour Successful meat-packer died. Carry Nation Prohibitionist known for destroying taverns with her ax visited the city without it to give speeches.

  9. In Other News Grant Park opened on the site of a former garbage dump.

  10. Chicago in 1902

  11. People in the News Richard J. Daley Mayor of Chicago 50’s – 70’s was born. Known as “The Boss.” Father of Richard M. Daley, the current mayor. Patrick A. Feehan The first Catholic archbishop of Chicago died.

  12. In Other News The 1st public gym and women’s basketball team was organized at Hull House.

  13. Chicago in 1903

  14. People in the News Gustavus F. Swift Successful meat-packer died. James L. Kraft Bought a horse and wagon and began to sell cheese to local grocers.

  15. In Other News The 1st Ford Automobile is sold to a Chicago dentist.

  16. 602 people died in a fire at the Iroquois Theater. The fire code is changed because of this requiring doors in public places to open out.

  17. Chicago in 1904

  18. People in the News Oscar DePriest Chicago’s first black alderman is elected Cook County Commissioner.

  19. In Other News Riverview Amusement Park opened its gates for the first time at the corner of Western and Belmont.

  20. Riverview remained open until 1967 when it was sold to land developers and torn down.

  21. Ravinia Park opened. Orchestra Hall opened.

  22. Chicago in 1905

  23. People in the News Charles Tyson Yerkes Builder of the Loop ‘L’ elevated train system died.

  24. In Other News The Chicago Defender (1st black newspaper) is first published. The Field Museum is created. The 1st Chicago movie theater opened. (“The Great Train Robbery” was the first movie shown)

  25. Chicago in 1906

  26. People in the News Marshal Field The founder of the department store bearing his name died. Was worth $118 million and left $8 million to the Field Museum. Edward Dunne This future governor of Illinois was the mayor in ’06.

  27. In Other News The White Sox and Cubs faced each other in the World Series (The Sox won 4 games to 2). The 1st mounted police unit was formed.

  28. Chicago in 1907

  29. People in the News Fred Busse Defeated Dunne to become mayor. William LeBaron Jenney Chicago architect famous for building steel framed skyscrapers died.

  30. Albert MichelsonUniversity of Chicago physicist won the Nobel Peace Prize for measuring the speed of light. George K. Spoor & G.M. Anderson Opened Essanay movie studio and made silent movies with Charlie Chaplin.

  31. In Other News Essanay Studios opened at 1345 W. Argyle. Chicago known as “Hollywood by the Lake.” The Cubs beat the Detroit Tigers to win the World Series.

  32. Chicago in 1908

  33. In Other News The Cubs beat the Detroit Tigers again to win the World Series. The Chicago Police purchased their first 3 motorized police cars.

  34. The population reached 2,049,185. A first class stamp was 2 cents.

  35. Chicago in 1909

  36. People in the News Agnes Nestor Became the 1st woman international union head. Won passage of a 10 hour work day law.

  37. Daniel Burnham Submitted a plan to develop the lakefront into a park with a fair site, beaches, 7 islands, and a chain of Venice-like canals and lagoons. Also turned Michigan Ave. into a shopping street; designed the 2 tiered Wacker Drive; and straightened the Chicago River.

  38. Aaron Montgomery Ward The mail-order king who filed numerous lawsuits against Burnham’s plans. Wanted to keep the lakefront ‘forever open, clear, and free.’

  39. In Other News Nine spitters were fined $1 and charged $1 for court costs for spitting in public.

  40. Chicago in 1910

  41. In Other News Comiskey Park opened. The Philadelphia Athletics beat the Cubs in the World Series.

  42. Seven African-American baseball teams formed the National League of Colored Baseball Clubs. 40,000 garment workers went on strike for 17 weeks protesting working conditions, hours, and pay.