not all business broadband is the same l.
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Business Networking and Broadband

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Business Networking and Broadband - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chipremier offers high class business networking and broadband service such as ADSL or SDSL. This offers best solutions for your business.

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not all business broadband is the same

If the Internet is the backbone of your business operation or necessary to obtain revenue from customers, you need business class broadband such as ADSL or SDSL.

Not All Business Broadband Is The Same

Contention Ratios

Unless you have dedicated broadband the performance you actually achieve is affected by the number of other people sharing the bandwidth. Typically for a domestic user the contention ratio is 50 to 1. That's 50 other people that determine the performance you or your customers get!



Contention ratios are not the only issue. Not all Internet backbones are equal. Successful businesses need to choose providers with resilience built in.

When You Need Help

If you have problems, the last thing your business needs is to be in a queue with a 40 minute wait!


With CHI Premier it's different.

Our experts will determine the best solution for your business or if you already have business broadband we can help you save costs and improve performance.

We monitor your business broadband and take preventative action to keep your business connected and operating at peak performance.

If you do have a problem, and need to call us, you get straight through to our Engineers. Fast!


Contact CHI Premier now (0845 862 5222) to receive more information on business broadband services and to schedule your free business broadband assessment. Or send us an email at: