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Marcela Kane first moved to Bogota, Colombia in 1978 with her family, before leaving in 1982 to spend two years in Quito, Ecuador with her mother and grandfather. She returned to Bogota in 1984, spending the majority of her childhood there.

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Marcela kane senior manager

Marcela Kane

Senior Manager

Marcela Kane has worked in senior management positions for such reputable companies as Weatherford International and Halliburton, using the depths of her expertise in the field of international taxation to the benefit of her employers. She is well-versed in the requirements such companies place on their senior management teams and works diligently to improve constantly in order to meet high demands. As an international tax professional, Marcela Kane must be capable of taking on unique challenges on a global scale, creating comprehensive solutions that allow for effective tax planning and policy implementation. She embraces diversity in ideas and cultures, which has allowed her to develop professionally to the point where she is trusted with the responsibility of ensuring international tax plans meet legal requirements.

Marcela kane senior manager

Marcela Kane


Marcela Kane has actively mentored a number of talented professionals in the workplace during the course of her career, helping them to advance where appropriate and ensuring that good ideas reach the ears of the people who can implement them. Proper development of staff members is crucial in the workplace and should be focused on by all those working in management roles. Though she has spent the majority of her working life as part of companies based in the United States, Marcela Kane earliest role was as a Lawyer in the Legal Department of the Corporate Division of the National Tax and Customs Administration of Colombia. She collaborated with a number of other legal professionals in the department to prepare tax rulings, reporting directly to the Leader of the Legal Division.

Marcela kane senior manager

Marcela Kane

Tips For Being A Good Mentor

  • Throughout the course of her career, Marcela Kane has provided mentorship to a number of her team members with the goal of helping them to develop professionally. If you are in a position to provide mentorship to others, it is important that you do what you can to develop your skills by considering all of the following pointers.

  • Listen

  • While it is important that you impart wisdom on your mentees when appropriate, you also need to understand the crucial role that listening plays.

  • Offer Guidance

  • There is a fine line between offering guidance to somebody and doing work for them, so it is important that you take steps to not cross this line.

  • Use Your Experience

  • Marcela Kane has more than fifteen years of experience working in international tax.

Marcela kane senior manager

Marcela Kane

Talisman Energy

Marcela Kane worked as the Regional Tax Manager for the Latin America Region at Talisman Energy between February 2011 and April 2013. In this role she was responsible for all of the company’s international tax issues in Latin America, which often required her to undertake extensive interactions with the senior management throughout the company. She reported directly to the Vice President of Tax.Marcela Kane worked as the Senior Manager of Tax Accounting for Non-US, Latina American and the Asian-Pacific region for Weatherford International in Houston, Texas between April 2013 and December 2014. She was responsible for reviewing and coordinating with regional teams for the quarterly tax provisions in accordance with the ASC 740, alongside a range of other duties, many of which included interaction with foreign locations.

Marcela kane senior manager


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