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“God, are you there?” PowerPoint Presentation
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“God, are you there?”

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“God, are you there?” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“God, are you there?”
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Presentation Transcript

  1. “God, are you there?” “God, are you there?”

  2. “God. God, where are you? It’s dark and I can’t see you”

  3. Are you blind?

  4. “I don’t think so…. I just can’t see in the dark. I see in the light!”

  5. “Well, I’m very much around when you are in the dark.” Well, I’m very much around when you are in the dark.

  6. Really? “Really?”

  7. “Would I lie. am God, you know?” Would I lie? I am God, you know?

  8. “Oh, I didn’t mean to disturb you. But I can’t see you in the dark.”

  9. Hmmm…What are you looking for in the dark? What do you think I look like? Who do you think I am?

  10. “Well, in the church I went to when I was little, I saw a pictureof a big, old man with a long beard on a cloud. My mom said it was you.”

  11. My child, let me tell you a secret…. I’ve had a make-over! My child, let me tell you a secret. I had a make-over!

  12. “So what do you look like now?” “So what do you look like now?”

  13. “How do you expect me to recognize you?” “How do you expect me to recognize you?”

  14. “You’re just playing with me!” “You’re just playing with me!”

  15. Not really! I’m alive and well and just being the same God I always have been!

  16. “So where are you?That’s what I asked you to begin with!”

  17. “I’m out walking. I’m out walking.

  18. “Why?” “Why? Where do you walk? What do you do?”

  19. I’m walking with those who suffer.

  20. “Why?”

  21. Because even already before mymakeover they used to call me compassionateand gracious.

  22. “Compassionate?”

  23. That’s right. The Hebrews used to call me compassionatebecause I suffered with them.

  24. “Well, that’s why I’m looking for you. I need some of your… your compa…compassion. Could I have some of your compassion?

  25. Why? What’s going on?

  26. “Gosh, God. I’m hurting.” • “”Gosh, God. I’m hurting.”

  27. Well, you know, compassion asks us to go where it hurts.

  28. Compassion asks us to enter into places with pain.

  29. Fear…

  30. Confusion…

  31. and anguish.

  32. Compassion calls us to cry out with those in misery

  33. to mourn with the lonely…

  34. to weep with those in tears.

  35. Compassion requires usto be weak with the weak…

  36. vulnerable with the vulnerable…

  37. and powerless with the powerless.

  38. Compassion means being fully immersed in the human condition.