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Bible Literacy MP1

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Bible Literacy MP1

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Bible Literacy MP1

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  1. Bible Literacy MP1

  2. Day 1 Bellringer • On a sheet of paper, write five things in each of the following historical categories: • 5 things in history before you were born • 5 things in history since your birth (these need to be historical, not personal) • 5 things in YOUR history (these need to be personal, not historical)

  3. The Point • Why are you in this class?

  4. Things you need to know about me • My background • My family • My duties/responsibilities here • My focus • My passion • My goal for THIS class

  5. Key info • Class website • Grading Philosophy • Writing expectations (more on this later) • Parent Contact

  6. Syllabus • What we are studying • HOW we are going to study it • Daily and Test Grades • Extra Credit • The End game

  7. What do YOU want to know? • As a closing activity, we will go around the room. You will stand, tell me something you want me to know about you, and ask me something you want to know about me.

  8. Day 2 Bellringer • Rewrite the following in your own words: • examine the role of diverse communities in the context of the selected topic.[1D] • When you finish, pull up on your device

  9. Paperwork stuff • For the school, by Friday if you don’t have today: (this is for your first period teacher) • First day packet (four sheets) • Medical Card • Utility Bill or Leasing/Mortgage • For me, Friday if not today: • Parent Contact Form printed or emailed • Your email with name • Reminders/Basics: • Objectives on wall; supplies in shelf; restroom procedure; supplies you need; start of period • Check the website for assignments and expectations

  10. • Get into the system…my classes are as follows: • 1stUSHist: 6822613 • 2nd AAH: 6822619 • 3rd AAH: 6822627 • 5th Bible Lit: 6822645 • 7th AAH: 6822635 • The password for each is mrurquhart

  11. Writing Assignment • You are going to write one paragraph about Bible Literacy. This can be about a person or event, or why you want to take this class, or what you hope to get out of this class. • The main point is to practice using the site, but I will give a grade based on you completing the assignment, as well as correcting it on Friday. • This should be original, but I want everyone to include the following statement: Coach Urquhart is the best teacher in all of DeSoto.

  12. Examples • Figures in the Bible • Events in the Bible • Questions about the writing of the Bible • What you want to learn in here

  13. GROUP GRADE!!!! • On a sheet of paper, write all 4 group members’ names and number 1-10. • You will be looking for things, and coach will sign his name on your sheet when you SHOW him on the website the information you are looking for. • You are not writing anything in the spaces, Coach U is filling those out.

  14. Curriculum website • • This is a ppt that has a lot of our beginning information we will need. You will be going through it to familiarize yourself with the information, and answering questions to verify. • This will be a grade as a group – the first gets a 100, after they finish, every minute that passes takes two points off until you finish (so if you finish 10 minutes after the first group, you get an 80).

  15. According to the first slides, the Bible has had amazing _____ and ______. • In the flow of the slides, what is “Part 1?” • As part of the problem, whose decendants decided to ignore God? • Who followed God in the first phase of the solution? • Who “lead them out of Egypt?” • How many slides are there? • At what age did Jesus start preaching? • Find a picture of a king. • Find a picture of the Ten Commandments. • What does the last slide say?

  16. 1 Who is the “Father of Judaism?” 2 What is the 4th book of the Bible 3 As part of the problem, whose descendants decided to ignore God causing the first separation? 4 After the original separation, list three OT men who followed God. 5 Who lead the Israelites out of Egypt? 6 How many books are there in the Bible? 7 At what age did Jesus start preaching? 8 Find a medieval picture of an OT king. 9 Find an allusion to the Bible in a modern day TV show. 10 Who was/were Jesus’ sibling(s)?

  17. Day 3 Bellringer • List as many books of the Bible as you can without using your phone or any other resource. • Pull up

  18. Review of intro paragraph • Pull up your submission and/or your report from turnitin • Take out the copied phrase, change any mistakes listed (spelling and grammar) and resubmit. •

  19. What is the Bible???? • “The Bible” is the Holy book of the _______ religion. • It consists of two basic parts: the ___ and ___ ___________. • The first half of “The Bible” is also the basis for the ________ religion. • The physical writing took about ____ years. • There are __ types of writing in the OT.

  20. History, Prophecy, Poetry • With the people in your group, come up with: • Definition • Example of this type of writing OTHER THAN IN THE BIBLE • For each of those three words at the top • Take 10 minutes to accomplish this task, and write them down in your notes

  21. What kind of writing is it • In the fourteenth year, Kedorlaomer and the kings allied with him • “if you will return, o Israel, return to me” declares the Lord • Shout it aloud, do not hold back, raise your voice like a trumpet • Make a joyful noise to the Lord of all the Earth • After Abimelech had governed Israel three years • For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord • Saul was thirty years old when he became king • The heavens declare the glory of God

  22. Writing our own • You are going to write one paragraph describing or centered around life today, the way OT passages centered around life at the time. From your table group, make sure there is one history, one prophecy, and one poetry style. Try to make it sound like a Biblical passage • We will hear some of these and try to figure out which category they fit into.

  23. Day 4 Bellringer • Rewrite this in your own words: • evaluate the validity of a source based on language, corroboration with other sources, and information about the author.[2G] • What is the first half of the Bible called? • What are the three styles we learned?

  24. The Old Testament, cont. • What is the purpose of the OT? • Detail history of the Jewish people • Point toward a redemption to solve the problem set forth in the beginning • Establish genealogy connecting people from different time periods • Relate religious text to historically documented • When was the OT written relative to when the events happened?

  25. The other half • What is the second part of the Bible called? • New Testament • When was the NT written? • Between 20ish and 100ish AD • What is its purpose • To connect the person and describe the deity of ____ • It also has three parts: historical, Pauline, and general

  26. New Testament History • Answer the following questions with your group: • What OT figures does the New Testament link Jesus directly to? • How many “gospels” are there? • In addition to genealogies, what series of events do the Gospels recount? • What is the one non-gospel NT Historical Book? • What events does it^ describe?

  27. New Testament History • Answer the following questions with your group: • What key OT figures does the New Testament link Jesus directly to? Adam, Abraham, David, • How many “gospels” are there? 4 • In addition to genealogies, what series of events do the Gospels recount? miracles • What is the one non-gospel NT Historical Book? Acts (or The Acts of the Apostles) • What events does it^ describe? 12 disciples beginning the early church

  28. Where does this all happen?

  29. Where does this all happen?

  30. Background on How the Bible Is Organized • Historical Books Genesis through Esther • Poetic Books Job through Song of Songs • Prophetic Books Isaiah through Malachi Old TestamentNew Testament • Historical Books Matthew through Acts • Epistles/Letters Romans through Jude • Prophetic Book Revelation Ancient Time to ~400 BC ~0 AD to ~100 AD

  31. The Overall Story of the Bible Introduction

  32. The Bible has had an amazing influence. • A prime influence on Western Civilization • Millions across the world say they have had their lives changed through believing this book • This has happened for centuries by all sorts of people

  33. The Bible has an amazing composition. • Written over 1600 years • Written by over 40 authors • Written on 3 continents: Asia, Africa, Europe • And it all fits together coherently!

  34. The Bible says it reveals what we need to know. • Who God is • God’s good intent for the world • What’s gone wrong with us and our world • How our lives and world can be restored through God

  35. The Bible reveals these things through telling a big, overall story. • Though containing many teachings and smaller stories, an overall story emerges that gives the big picture of how God is redeeming humanity. • Knowing this overall story helps us make better sense of the Bible’s parts too. (Analogy of a novel)

  36. First Test – Use Notes, no phones • How many books are there in the Bible? • What are the two main parts of the Bible? • What are the three types of writing in it? • About how long did the Bible take to write? • In what region does the Bible’s action occur? • Purpose: detail the history of _______ people. • How many gospel accounts are there? • What two religions center around the Bible? • What person wrote a large chunk of the NT? • The Bible uses ______ to connect Jesus to David. • Bonus: What are Coach’s kids’ names?

  37. Day 5 Bellringer • Pretend you don’t actually know how people are made…write four sentences about how you personally came to be here on this planet and in this location right now • SAT word Fyi

  38. OT Structure • There are nine “eras” of the Old Testament: • Creation – the world being made/formed • Patriarch – start of Hebrew people through masculine heads of houses • Exodus – ending Hebrew slavery, leaving Egypt • Conquest – Hebrew people taking their promised land when they return from Egypt • Judges – 400 years of being ruled by judges • Kingdom – 400 years of monarchy • Exile – 70 years being led by outsiders • Return – exiled Jews coming back to rebuild • Silence – 400 years before start of New Testament

  39. Creation Accounts • Every different people group has its own creation account. In other words, how did the Earth come to be, and where did people come from. • We will be looking at creation accounts of the Bible and other early people groups. • Brainstorm the parts that are needed for a complete creation account.

  40. Compare the Three Short description of the way this culture Describes the creation of the world • For each of three people groups, you are going to answer these questions using the links: • Cherokee • Bible • West African Why were humans created in this story? Why was the earth created in this story? Who created the earth in this story? What did the creator see as the proper relationship between the people and the earth

  41. Make your own Creation Account • This cannot be from the Bible. Include each part we have been looking at. This needs to be about half a page. • List out the points first, then write the half page.

  42. Day 6 Bellringer • In the Hebrew account, why did God create people?

  43. Make your own Creation Account • This cannot be from the Bible. Include each part we have been looking at. This needs to be about half a page. • List out the points first, then write the half page.

  44. Comparing across the globe • Creation accounts from World History • List out parts that are needed, use WH book to find the different parts • Make a list of early people groups that we can compare creation stories of

  45. Greek Indian China Egypt Roman Creation Story Who made it? Why earth Why people People/ Earth

  46. Greek Indian China Egypt Roman Creation Story Who made it? Why earth Why people People/ Earth