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New York City Virtual Prayer Journey Virtual Prayer Journey York City

New York City Virtual Prayer Journey Virtual Prayer Journey York City. Let’s Take Christ to our Nation’s Largest City! Virtual Prayer Journey . Let’s Take Christ to our Nation’s Largest City!. Manhattan. PEOPLE.

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New York City Virtual Prayer Journey Virtual Prayer Journey York City

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  1. New York CityVirtual Prayer Journey Virtual Prayer Journey York City Let’s Take Christ to our Nation’s Largest City! Virtual Prayer Journey Let’sTake Christ to our Nation’s Largest City!

  2. Manhattan

  3. PEOPLE The island of Manhattan is home to 1,537,195 people. Many who learned about the frailty and uncertainty of life on 9/11 are still in need of a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. • Pray that God will cause people to recognize their need for a Savior and be drawn to Jesus in faith.

  4. UNITED NATIONS • Pray for Christian diplomats to grow strong in their faith and to provide a genuine and appealing witness to Christ. • Pray that God will create opportunities for fruitful witness to those who need Christ. • Pray that many will meet the Prince of Peace.

  5. BUSINESS & FINANCE • Pray that Christians will live lives of honesty and integrity in their work places. • Pray that God would use the stresses and uncertainties of today’s business climate to cause people to seek a sure foundation in Jesus Christ.

  6. MEDIA • Pray for Christians in media to live exemplary lives of purity and holiness. • Pray that God will cause media decision makers to make wholesome choices that will influence young lives for good not evil.

  7. Entertainment In New York City

  8. Television & Film Industries There are: • 40,000 location shoots each year (including commercials, feature films, TV shows & series, music videos, documentaries, etc.) • 60-90 Daily productions • Over 250 a year feature films • 100,000 employed through entertainment production

  9. Times Square • Approx. 26 million annual tourists with 3.9 million overnight stays in local hotels annually. • 40 theaters including all 22 landmark Broadway theatres. • 11.5 million Broadway tickets sold in the 1997-1998 season

  10. Times Square (Continued) • Approximately 1,500,000 daily passers-by including 344,000 riders in or out of the Times Square subway station and 185,000 commuters from the Port Authority Bus Terminal. Annually, 53,000,000 people enter Times Square's subway stations. • 500,000 people come to Times Square on New Year's Eve. 500 million more watch the festivities on television worldwide

  11. Rockefeller Center • The arcade of Rockefeller Center is the most popular route of tourists. Entering on Fifth Avenue between 49th and 50th Streets, the center gardens make way to the sub-ground restaurant area which, as most are familiar with, becomes an ice skating rink in wintertime. • NBC installed a storefront studio on 49th Street and Rockefeller Plaza where each weekday morning, Matt Lauer & Meredith Vieira host the Today show. Many visitors come down and can watch and maybe become a part of the program! • When it opened as a movie palace in 1932, Radio City Music Hall was graced by such stars as Clark Gable and Charlie Chaplin.

  12. Rockefeller Center (Cont.) • Rockefeller Center is an art deco marvel consisting of 19 commercial buildings covering 11 acres in midtown Manhattan from 49th to 52nd Streets, Fifth to Seventh Avenues. • Completed in 1934, 30 Rockefeller Plaza became the RCA headquarters. General Electric's initials now brighten the rooftop of the home of NBC.

  13. Prayer Points • Call forth the creativity to express and to celebrate who God is through entertainment! All of creation worships and gives him glory and so must we. • Pray for transformation, that righteousness and integrity would be brought back into entertainment. That once again we would see family values set in place and honored.

  14. Prayer Points (cont.) • Pray that honor and blessing would come to those believers who are in the midst of this area. Psalm 5:12 For You O Lord, will bless the righteous; with favor You will surround him as with shield. • Call forth a spirit of excellence in every area. Genesis 1:31, Then God looked over all he had made, and saw that it was excellent in every way.


  16. North View • Pray for the workers in the Garment District. • Pray for the Public Library and the resources that are placed there that influence people. • Pray for the people working in news and media companies located in and around Rockefeller Center. • Pray that God will use Central Park as a place where people receive a witness and come to faith in Christ.

  17. Northwest View • Pray for members of historic Riverside church that it will have the Christian influence God intends for it to have. • Pray for Northern New Jersey and the masses of people who need Christ and churches to attend. • Pray for the staff of Metropolitan New York Baptist Association as it leads Southern Baptist Churches and church planting efforts from their headquarters on West 72nd Street.


  19. West View • Pray for the people who work and shop at places like Macy’s and Herald Square, for safety and that they would come to know Christ. • Pray for the people who attend the many events that take place in Madison Square Garden that God’s purposes will be accomplished in their lives.

  20. West View • Pray for Jersey City and the need for many new churches to reach a growing imigrant population. • Pray for the pastors and teams that will be starting new churches in the Hell’s Kitchen area of Manhattan and in Hoboken, NJ.

  21. Empire State Building III South

  22. South View • Pray for New York Harbor and for protection for the city. Pray that God will touch the many international seamen who pass through this port. • Pray for the churches on Staten Island. Pray for the many depressed families on the Island who lost loved ones in the World Trade Center attacks. • Pray for the Financial District and the people who work there. Pray for our nation’s economy and that God would convict us of the sins of greed and materialism.

  23. South View (cont) • Pray, as you view the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, for the immigrants that enter the country. Pray that they would come to know Christ and that some will return to their native land as missionaries of Christ. • Pray for the people of Greenwich Village who have adopted ungodly alternate lifestyles who need to experience the saving power of Jesus Christ. • Pray for the development of campus ministries at NYU.

  24. Southwest View • Pray for the churches in New Jersey and the needs for many more churches to reach the masses who live there. • Pray for the people who work in the flea and flower markets. • Pray for the people who work in the Verizon Building. Pray that communication systems in the City be used to share the gospel.

  25. Southeast View • Pray for the East Village and the many people who live there. • Pray for “Alphabet City” (including Avenues A, B, C and D) and the many ethnic people who live there. • Pray for Chinatown and the economic downturn that effects so many. • Pray for the Fuchow emigrants from mainland China and the need for churches to reach them. Pray for David Gu and his new church outreach to the Chinese.

  26. Empire State Building IV East

  27. East View • Pray for the churches in Brooklyn to have a powerful influence for Christ. • Pray for JFK Airport as a “Gateway to the City.” • Pray for the large numbers of people living in the apartments buildings you see. Ask God to reveal ways to reach and develop churches for all these people.

  28. North East View • Pray for churches located in the Bronx. Pray for a social and religious transformation of that borough. • Pray for the encouragement of churches located on Long Island, that they would join God in winning their Island for Christ. • Pray for the churches located in Queens as they seek to reach the many different ethnic peoples of the largest populated borough in New York City.

  29. North East View (cont) • Pray for LaGuardia Airport as a “Gateway to the City” that God would protect the city from future terrorist attacks. • Pray for the United Nations. Pray that all the nations come to know Christ.

  30. Colleges & Universities

  31. Pray that God will reveal where He is already at work or wanting to work on campuses as Christians seek to identify priority campuses for new collegiate ministries. There are 191 institutions and 946,997 students in Metro NY! Here are some of the larger schools in the area: Rutgers University 51,480 New York University 38,096 Columbia University 22,393 SUNY, Stony Brook 21,989 Nassau Community C. 21,239 Hunter College 20,607 St. John’s University 19,288 Borough of Mann. CC 17,635 Queens College 16,604

  32. Pray for Columbia University that it will once againadvance “the glory of Almighty God” “Kings College Founded in the Province of New York by Royal Charter in the reign of George II Perpetuated as Columbia College by the people of the State of New York - They became free and independent – maintained and cherished from generation to generation for the advancement of the public good and the glory of Almighty God”

  33. Praying for Ethnic Church Planting

  34. Metro New York is probably the most ethnically diverse city in the world. Unreached people groups from around the globe live and work here. Many are more open to hearing and responding to the gospel here than they possibly could be surrounded by the pressures of cultural religion in their native lands. Even restaurants reveal the diversity.

  35. Pray that God would draw people to saving faith in Christ from every people group. • Pray that God would call men from within each people group who will serve as pastors. • Pray that Christ will build His church so that the gates of Hell will not prevail against it.

  36. Pray that God will provide places for home groups and for large-group worship services. • Pray that new believers will grow quickly into mature disciples. • Pray that God will call some who will return to their home countries to carry the gospel of Christ to their own people.

  37. Language Groups in NYC


  39. Pray that God will refine and purify His people so that they will shine the Light of Christ brilliantly into the darkness. • Pray that God’s people will live “holy and godly lives,” and “spotless, blameless and at peace with him” (2 Pet. 3:11,14). • Pray that God’s people will put away worldliness and materialism and return to their first love for Christ

  40. Reaching High Rise Apartments Pray that God will reveal ways for churches to reach the hundreds of thousands who live isolated lives in high rise apartments. For example Lefrak City has 25,000 people in 20 buildings in a single self-contained community.

  41. Project Jerusalem (BBS)NYC Church Plant: Prayer Needs • Team Leader: resident, love for City • Recruitment of BBS Team • NYC Partner Churches • Adequate Funding • Location for 1st Multiethnic Plant • Wisdom/ God’s Direction: Church Design Model – house or cell church?

  42. Produced by Ken DavisBBS Project Jerusalem Director For more information on how you might be a part of a NYC church plant, contact Ken at: kdavis@bbc.edu

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