Unit 3 life in the future
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Unit 3 Life in the future. Reading. Step1 Lead-in Show some pictures. What did the people use as vehicle in the past?. sedan chair. What about now?. What kind of vehicle will we use in the future?. a solar energy car. What kind of houses did the people live in in the past?.

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Unit 3 life in the future

Unit 3 Life in the future


Step1 Lead-in

Show some pictures.



Life in the past



Life at present

Step2 reading
Step2 Reading

Listen to the tape then match the main idea of each paragraph.

Paragraph 1The journey.

Paragraph 2 How I came to take a time travel


Paragraph 3 Staying in Wang Ping’s home

Paragraph 4My impressions of life one

thousand years into the future.

1.What’s the main idea of this passage?

( C )

Step2 Careful reading

Task 1 Read the passage quickly then choose the best answer .

A. Li Qiang lost sight of Wang Ping during his time travel trip.

B. Li Qiang visited a strange-looking house at the end of the time travel trip.

C. Li Qiang sended e-mail to tell his parents something about his time travel trip.

D. Li Qiang was hit by the lock of fresh air during his time travel trip.

2 what kind of prize did li qiang win last year
2.What kind of prize did Li Qiang win last year?

( A )

A.The prize was to make a trip into the year AD3008.

B.The prize was a hovering carriage.

C.The prize was to visit a space station.

D.The text doesn’t mention it.

3 li qiang s headached because
3.Li Qiang ’s headached because

( A )

A.he was hit by a lack of fresh air

B.he caught a bad cold

C.he suffered from “time lag”

D.he was very exhausted

4 it is obvious that li qiang wrote this e mail to his parents
4.It is obvious that Li Qiang wrote this e-mail to his parents

( D )

A.before traveling into the year AD3008

B.during the journey to the year AD3008

C.when he won the prize last year

D.after flying into the year AD3008

5 which of the following is the right order according to the text
5.Which of the following is the RIGHT order according to the text?( )


a.Li Qiang’s guide, Wang Ping, gave him some green tables.

b. Li Qiang lost sight of Wang Ping when they reached what looked like a large market.

c. Li Qiang was unsettled for the first few days because he was worried about the journey.

d. Li Qiang slid into bed and fell fast asleep.

e.Wang Ping showed Li Qiang into a large bright, clean room.

A.e-d-c-a-b B.e-c-b-a-d

C.c-a-b-e-d D.c-b-a-e-d

Task 2 text?( )

Read the passage carefully then finish the chart.

Li Qiang and his friend

In a time capsule

Safely into the future

Very nervous and uncertain

Step4 Homework text?( )

  • Use about 30 words to write down the main idea of this passage.

    2. Preview the useful words and expressions of this unit.

Thank you ! text?( )