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Well-Written Literary Analysis PowerPoint Presentation
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Well-Written Literary Analysis

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Well-Written Literary Analysis - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Well-Written Literary Analysis

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  1. Well-Written Literary Analysis What to do to get an A.

  2. Introduction • Upside down triangle. • Frameworks essay. • Makes a general connection. • Includes author and title – but not before the 4th sentence. • Avoids repetition. • Avoids summary.

  3. Body Paragraphs • ANALYZE! • For example, King Arthur’s goal at one point in his many stories is to attain the holy grail, but in the case of George and Lennie they only wish to own a place of their own. “Sure, we’d have a little house an’ a room to ourself. Little fat iron stove, an’ in the winter we’d keep a fire goin’ in it’” (59).

  4. Use Elements and Literary Devices • It is ironic that in the end George makes the decision to take Lennie’s life because the morals that describe George do not justify this course of action. The truth of the matter is that George hates the fact that he needs to kill Lennie and experiences a man vs self conflict. • However, the world is a brusque environment that fails to look kindly upon such a novelty.

  5. Make Connections • The diction of the name, Curley’s wife, by Steinbeck also expresses that Curley’s wife belongs to Curley. In societies such as the Middle East, people today still refer to wives as possessions of the husbands and birthing daughters is shamed upon. • In many cultures such as Japan, the elderly are respected and greatly honored. They are not cast away and disregarded just because they are not of a certain age.

  6. Appropriate/High Level Diction • It is difficult to fathom a migrant worker successfully living the American Dream during the Great Depression. • It is intriguing that sometimes the dream farm seems to be the only thing that keeps them going, but concurrently it is a reminder of the futility of dreaming.

  7. Conclusion • No new information • A statement which brings the essay together • From the exposition of the tranquil Californian landscape to the rousing conclusion of Lennie’s death, the relationships and treatment between people in society is definitively what is of most importance to the masterful writer, John Steinbeck.

  8. Other issues • Contractions • Pronoun Agreement Errors • Subject-Verb Agreement Errors • Incorrect MLA Format • Punctuated Titles