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Passion Project

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Passion Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Passion Project. The final project for this class consists of the completion and presentation of an original passion project. Project presentations will begin Tuesday, April 16, 2012. What is a passion?.

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The final project for this class consists of the completion and presentation of an original passion project. Project presentations will begin Tuesday,

April 16, 2012.

what is a passion
What is a passion?
  • In this case, a passion refers to a strong liking for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept.
so what exactly is a passion project
So, what exactly is a passion project?

The passion project consists of two basic components: 1) You will choose a topic that’s of significant interest to you; and 2) You must be able to construct a research question related to that topic (e.g., your topic – or passion – is music and the question is something like: What are the emotional effects of different kinds of music on teenagers?). Get the idea?

how many points is this worth
How many points is this worth?

The project, in all, is worth 400 points.

how do i specifically earn all those points
How do I specifically earn all those points?

Please complete the following steps

step 1 25 points due
Step 1 (25 points) Due:

Brainstorm to create a list of your life’s passions. Choosing something in which you have a legitimate interest will make this project easier and more enjoyable (Student examples from the past include: sports, music, UFOs, farming, careers, etc.). Really, almost anything can work! You will want to narrow your topic. List a specific sport or career, for example. The broader your topic, the more difficult this will become.

step 2 25 points due
Step 2 (25 points) Due:

Formulate a research question. This is simply a question to which you would like to find an answer (e.g., Are professional athletes overpaid? Do UFOs really exist? What is the future of the independent family farm? How does one become a federal judge?).

step 3 100 points due
Step 3 (100 points) Due

Submit an annotated bibliography. (I will show you how to do this!) Please start early. There will not be a regularly scheduled opportunity to conduct research during class.

the presentation
The Presentation

During your ten to fifteen minute presentation, you should plan on sharing, in some creative way, the research you’ve collected. Additionally, you’ll also share your life’s passion. In the past, students have played instruments, cooked, dribbled basketballs, and conducted every kind of demonstration I can think of from how to tune-up a car to swing a golf club. The goal here is to give you some experience speaking in front of a group. So find something fun! That way, this whole process won’t seem quite so threatening.

one more thing
One more thing…

You must use at least one visual. If you use a video clip, it may not last longer than three minutes. If you need copies of something, please give me your document(s) two days in advance.

step 4 50 points due
Step 4 (50 points) Due:

Complete a presentation outline (varied formats accepted) to submit the day of your presentation.

step 5 200 points
Step 5 (200 points)

Your moment

in the spotlight!

Oh, joy!

presentation sign ups tba
Presentation Sign-ups: TBA

Times are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. Please check your calendar before selecting a day and time.

presentation tips
Presentation Tips

You will be judged on:

Your serious approach

The amount and kind of content you cover


Use of time

Public speaking ability

Attention to detail


Ability to keep the interest of your audience

more than anything
More than anything….

Be professional about all of this!!!

now let s brainstorm
Now, let’s brainstorm!
  • On a piece of paper, finish the following sentences:
    • I am great at…
    • I am awful at…
    • I really love…
    • I really hate…
    • I have always wondered how __________ works.
    • In my spare time I …
    • One topic that has always interested me is…
now pair up
Now pair up!
  • Discuss your responses to the previous set of open ended sentences with your partner. Think about things from your list that you have in common and look for new responses that you did not think of when you first came up with your responses.
create a preliminary list of passions
Create a preliminary list of passions:
  • On the back of your paper, start a list of at least ten possible topics you are passionate about.
  • Put a star next to the top two of those topics.
  • On ____________you will turn in your specific topic statement—the precisely defined, not too broad, not too narrow, topic of your passion project presentation.