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Earth’s Spheres PowerPoint Presentation
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Earth’s Spheres

Earth’s Spheres

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Earth’s Spheres

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  1. By Wylie Flint Earth’s Spheres

  2. The Lithosphere • The Lithosphere is the solid outside of the Earth • The Lithosphere consist of the upper mantle and the crust • The Lithosphere is always moving in huge chunks called plate tectonics • When the plate tectonics move, it’s called continental drift

  3. The Lithosphere • When the plates rub against each other, they form volcanoes, and when enough pressure forms the volcanoes erupt • Scientist believe that all the continents used to be one big landmass called Pangaea, which was separated by continental drift

  4. The Hydrosphere • The Hydrosphere is all the water on and above the Earth • The water cycle is part of it, water collects in clouds as vapor, comes down in snow or rain, collects in lakes, rivers, and oceans, evaporates and starts the cycle over again • Aquifers are underground reserves of water

  5. The Hydrosphere • Precipitation is the amount of water vapor in the air • Precipitation can make it feel hotter, like if it’s 80degrees out and its very humid, it might fell like 50 • The Hydrosphere consist of water, ice, and water vapor in lakes, oceans, and rivers

  6. The Atmosphere • The Atmosphere is the gases outside of the Earth • The Atmosphere is made up of five layers, the Troposphere, the Stratosphere, the Mesosphere, the Thermosphere, and the Exosphere • The atmosphere is 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, and 1% water vapor

  7. The Atmosphere • The ozone layer is located in the stratosphere • It has lots of ozone in it which protect us from the suns harmful rays • The higher you go, the less pressure there is, the lower you get, the higher the pressure

  8. The Biosphere • The Biosphere is all of Earth • The components of the biosphere are the spheres, all living and unliving organisms, and every other thing on Earth • The food chain is the order of what gets eaten and by what

  9. Biosphere • For instance, a tiger is a predator so it’s high up on the food chain and may get eaten only by a lion • Ecosystems are pieces of land that have certain animals and plants • There are five types of ecosystems

  10. How the Spheres Interact • The Atmosphere keeps the Biosphere, Lithosphere, and Hydrosphere from burning up, it also gives us oxygen to breath • The Hydrosphere gives the plants and animals in the Biosphere water to drink • The Biosphere gives the Atmosphere air, and food for us to eat • The Lithosphere is the land that holds the Biosphere and Hydrosphere and gives us land to build shelter