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GROUP SKIN CARE PRESENTATION PREPARATION What to take with you: RE9 Advanced anti-aging line in Gold Bag PowerPoint Presentation
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GROUP SKIN CARE PRESENTATION PREPARATION What to take with you: RE9 Advanced anti-aging line in Gold Bag

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GROUP SKIN CARE PRESENTATION PREPARATION What to take with you: RE9 Advanced anti-aging line in Gold Bag - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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GROUP SKIN CARE PRESENTATION PREPARATION What to take with you: RE9 Advanced anti-aging line in Gold Bag Awaken Sea Salt Scrub to use at sink and leave for the Hostess

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GROUP SKIN CARE PRESENTATION PREPARATION What to take with you: RE9 Advanced anti-aging line in Gold Bag

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Presentation Transcript


  • What to take with you:
  • RE9 Advanced anti-aging line in Gold Bag
  • Awaken Sea Salt Scrub to use at sink and leave for the Hostess
  • Basket of your favorite products. Be sure to include a variety from different lines, but only what will fit in a basket (no more than 8 products).
  • Foundation selector samples.
  • Primer (if not one of your favorites)
  • Catalogues, pens, calculator
  • Wash cloths
  • Laminated Closing “3 Ways to Save” -1 for each person present (hand out at the end)
  • Client profile card/sheet
  • 2-3 Eye on Arbonne stories to share
  • Opportunity Pamphlet tied in a bow w/ Biz of 21st century
  • Damp paper towels placed on a plate of the hostesses (get from hostess) or washcloths.
  • As guests arrive, Greet each guest and use the Sea Salt Scrub at the sink (use this time to introduce yourself and build a rapport with them). Have the hostess invite them to get some snacks and take a seat in the room for the Presentation. Give each guest a Client Profile card/sheet to fill out.


  • Hostess
    • Have the hostess introduce you to her guests. Have her thank everyone for coming and say a few words to the group about why she wanted them to hear about Arbonne. (Maybe she can tell about her favorite products and the difference she has seen).
  • Thank the Hostess
  • Present any thank you/hostess gift you are giving to the hostess for hosting presentation.
  • I am SO glad everyone is here! I know everybody is here for a different reason. Some are here because you want to try an awesome product, and I can’t wait for you to sample our products. They are so wonderful. You will absolutely fall in love with them.
  • I also know some of you are wanting to know more about our opportunity. Maybe you’re looking for extra money, maybe you’re looking to change your life.
  • So, because every person is important to me, I am going to talk about the product today, and a little about the opportunity.
  • Are you guys okay with that? Does that sound good? Awesome! Let’s go..



Get to know the Guests

“I know I had the opportunity to meet you at the sink while we tried the sea salt scrub, but let’s just go around the room and introduce yourself again. Let’s start with our hostess.

“If time and money were no object, what would you be doing with your life today? What would you love to do?”

[Listen. Give your answer last and incorporate some of what you heard from others in your Eye story. This is an opportunity for you to answer the question – your Why for your Arbonne business.]

Thank the Hostess again, introduce yourself, and tell your story


My name is…

Tell about your family/job

First exposure to Arbonne

What you first thought – hesitations, why you decided to join

“I was intrigued by…”

“I want you guys to pay attention to what I do this evening. If this business intrigues you, or you know someone who would be great at this, get with me after the presentation and I have more information about the Arbonne opportunity.”

The awesome thing about what I do is most of the products I’m recommending are something you already use. I’m just offering you a better and healthier choice.

“Who has heard of Arbonne?”

“Who has used Arbonne products before?”

“I will be showing you how you can get the products at 20% off, 35% off, and even 80% off! I will explain more at the end.



Make reference to the simplicity of our business

  • “I am going to use the cards because there is so much information, I don’t want to miss anything.”
  • Did you know Health and Wellness is a billion dollar industry?! If you are like me you probably want to know why I choose Arbonne over other products out there? It is confusing to watch commercials and hear what other skin care lines offer.”
  • There are 3 Categories of Skin Care out there
  • Economic formulations – these are the drugstore, grocery lines
  • Premium formulations – these lines are found in the department store
  • Prestige formulations – these lines are what the ultra-wealthy use; exclusive and not commonly known
  • Arbonne is a Prestige quality line + Botanical + Swiss + Affordable!
  •  Formulated in Switzerland, made in the US


  • Our Philosophy: Pure, Safe and Beneficial
  • PURE:
  • Arbonne is committed to the development of unparalleled products free of harmful ingredients.
  • Arbonne products are vegan certified:
    • Our formulas are never tested on animals and do not contain animal-derived ingredients or animal by-products.
  • Arbonne Personal Care products are formulated without:
    • Animal products or animal by-products
    • Parabens
    • Formaldehyde-donating preservatives
    • Petroleum based ingredients
    • Benzene
    • Mineral Oil
    • Petrolatum
    • Phthalates
    • Toluene
    • PABA



Arbonne nutrition and weight loss products are formulated without:

    • Artificial colors
    • Artificial flavors
    • Artificial sweeteners
    • Animal products
    • Animal by-products
    • Cholesterol
    • Saturated fats
    • Trans fats
  • We screen out gluten and ingredients that contain GMO.


SAFE: Arbonne is dedicated to the safety of our products and our consumers. We review our ingredients and our formulas based on the most objective, conclusive, scientifically supported sources available. We also embrace the European Union Cosmetics Directive…which is more strict than the US.

BENEFICIAL:We employ consumer and clinical testing to reinforce our research and ensure our proprietary formulas deliver unparalleled performance.

  • We are going to experience the Re9 Advanced Anti-Aging System
  • Clinically proven to start working within 24 hours
  • As we age, we loose collagen and elastin
  • It’s important to understand there are both external and internal factors that 
contribute to the aging process.
    • External factors include the environment, the sun, exposure to 
weathering, as well as what we use on our skin to cleanse and protect
    • Internal factors include genetics, our biological clock, our diet and overall 
    • Bottom line: We are the sum total of both these external and internal 
  • RE9 Advance is an effective, break-through , anti-aging formulation with a 
comprehensive internal/external approach that delivers remarkable results proven in 
clinical studies.
  • 7 products that work together to support collagen (critical for skin strength) and 
elasticity. They visibly reduce and prevent the signs of aging (fine lines, wrinkles, 
and age spots).
  • 6 steps that take 2 minutes in the AM and 2 minutes in the PM 



RE9 Advance synergizes 9 major age defying elements and botanicals in a powerful system with enhanced vitamin C, in a more stabilized form and in higher concentration.

Clinically proven to start working within 24 hours.

Clinical results:

83% of participants reported increase skin firmness within 24hours

92% reported a reduction in the appearance of fine lines within 1 week

96% reported refinement in skin texture and smoothness within 1 week

100% would recommend RE9 Advanced to their friends and family



  • Smoothing Facial Cleanser
    • One pump, use morning and evening; removes dirt, oil, make up including lipstick and mascara! Will foam when used with water; clean scent. Renews for soft, supple skin. This should last approx. 3-6 mos.
  • Regenerating Toner
    • Pump technology- This is a mist, it has a witch hazel base (natural astringent), and we use no SD alcohol or acetone, which strip your skin. The toner is a pH corrector. Lasts approx. 3months
  • Intensive Renewal Serum
    • AM and PM usage, visibly firms and lifts skin, while reducing the appearance of fine lines. This gives your face a “healthy” glow! Lasts approx 3 mos.
  • Instant Lift Gel
    • This has short term benefits of lifting, tightening and shrinking pores and the long-term benefits of all the anti-aging elements. This is a morning use only.
  • Corrective Eye Crème
    • Apply on one eye. Demonstrate how to apply with ring finger. Moisturizes the sensitive skin around the eye area. Helps reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. 3-4 mos.

Moisturize-We have 3 different creams:

  • Restorative Day Crèam or Extra Moisture Restorative Day protective Cream, SPF 20.
    • Light cream, smells like a fresh peeled orange.
  • Night Repair Crème
    • Corrector, repairs all the damage that we have done to our skin during the day. Ultra-hydrating, supports the natural repair process that happens during sleep. If you skip this step, your skin ages 7 days for every evening that you sleep in your make up.
  • Collagen Support Dietary Supplement
    • Take once a day, with meal. Exclusive blend of nutrients that support collagen production and the skin’s natural defense system. In conjunction with the skin care regime, this supplement produced results twice as fast.
  •  Ask the group to compare their hands or feel their face. Note the difference in the appearance as well. This is after only 1 application of our incredible products!
  • Hint: Because we use natural oils that penetrate the skin, their “Arbonnized” hand will still feel softer than the non “Arbonnized” hand tomorrow.



  • I have gathered some of my favorites around my house I would like to share.
  • Age-Defying Neck Cream-
    • Because we age neck-down, too! This visibly firms and tightens the décolleté and neck, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Travel-sized comes free when you purchase the RE9 face set.
  • Makeup Primer
    • Allow everyone to try on the hand or face. Primer diffuses light, fills in wrinkles and pores to that you have a smooth surface to paint. This allows your foundation to be smooth, glide on and use-less. This still allows your skin to breath.
  • Foundation SPF 20 and Crème Concealer
    • Explain that this is an important part of the system. “I recommend you purchase the skin care line and a foundation.”
    • These products have Arbonne’s exclusive Optilight Technology, works in two ways:
    • diffuses light to create a soft-focus effect, blurring imperfections so skin looks flawless
    • imparts a “light as air” feeling with finely sized pigments that allow the skin to breathe
  • Energy Fizz Sticks: pomegranate or citrus
    • • B Vitamins give us energy.
    • • Green tea and herbs for solid, stable, calm energy that gets you over the sugar cravings
    • • Ginseng- to increase energy and metabolism
    • • Rhodiola Root- natural herb that enhance our mood
    • • EGCG Burns fat and Boosts metabolism

Share the 4 Ways to Win:

  • Client- Retail pricing, with incredible person to person service!
  • Preferred Client (PC): 20% discount through independent online ordering for $20 start up cost, no monthly quotas. Explain that with a $150 order they get to pick a great gift from a list of the most popular products free. Or The Ultimate value pack for $200 they get $325 worth of products plus the free gift from the list of popular products.
  • Consultant: 35% discount, WHOLESALE discount, with a $150 first order a free product from up to $100, and can be vitamin daily packs which is $102 ’, plus business opportunities. Only $1200 in retail sales per year to maintain account.
  • Hostess- 80% discount explain benefits and different presentation options. Simply get a few friends together AROUND A KITCHEN TABLE AND host either a “skincare class”, “healthy happy hour”, “ULTIMATE FACIALS”. have a light snack, something to drink and let me do all the work!! In Arbonne, we take really good care of our Hostesses with free product.


Play Deal/No Deal Game for bookings!

Before I wrap up, I want to mention that many people are looking for additional income, but need flexibility. These products have a lucrative income attached to them, having the ability to build a business in groups like this or through one on one appointments. It can be an added stream of income for you and your family or replace a full time 6 figure income with part time effort. The goal is to teach people to shop on line for pure, safe and beneficial products and find a few people who would also like to do this as a business – from your laptop, cell phone and through social media.

Arbonne is in Massive Momentum right now. If you want to chat more about the business to see if it might be a fit for you or someone you know, then see me afterwards.

Okay, now it is your time to shop (pass out catalogs, order forms, pens)

When you are ready to place your order, come see me and I can color match you with our foundation. I want to be sure to help each of you get what you are looking for at the best price possible, so please come see me one at a time.