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Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner

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Wedding Planner

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  1. Wedding Planner April 17,2008

  2. Description The wedding planner takes care of all the bride’s needs before, during and immediately after the wedding . The description varies but it is always a very exciting time of all the people involved . • My job is to direct the bride to the best dress shops, bakeries, etc. The whole point of this job is to help the bride ,and groom make good decisions. I help the bride manage the wedding. I also, help her get the job done on the time scheduled. I also would assist the bride in everything.

  3. Responsibilities • I have to keep the customer satisfied at all times. If I don’t I would loose that client. Another one of my responsibilities is to come to work whenever during my hours of work.I have to handle the, florist, musicians,choosingthe wedding themes/colors, and the whole mood of it.With this career you will have a lot of would have to get into your clients mind ,and show them what a great weddingthey would get.

  4. Education/preparation • In order to be a wedding planner for my career I would have to take courses in business management, leadership, and planning. The least they expect you to have is a high school diploma. It is a tradition for the bride ,and groom to look their best, and that’s where I come in and direct them to the Wright path. I have to prepare them to look their best.

  5. Salary/Experiance *for this career you would make about $275 to $425 per session. *the money keeps increasing if you do well at your career (a raise/promotion) *You would have to get as much of experience , you can get. *for instance planning parties/ birthday’s * The reason why you would need some experience is because you can’t go there and plan things without knowing what you are doing, because you might mess up someone’s wedding ,and they would spread the word saying we are not good, giving the company a bad reputation.

  6. Future outlook • The future outlook on this career is very good when it comes to wedding planning. Many people would want to get married and have no clue of what they are doing , and wedding planners can help ,and make your wedding the wedding of your dream. If I stay in this career for a long time/many years I would get the chance to plan huge weddings. If the company trust me enough ,and have seen my work they might let me plan a wedding for someone famous.

  7. Opportunities for advancement • Some opportunities wedding planners would get the chance to do are, going to the corporate market, or even the hotel industry. I would get to meet rich people. I can get a huge raise . You would get the chance to own the whole company and tell people what they can or can not. You would also get in the level of being in charge of every single thing.

  8. A Perfect fit for Me! • The reasons why this is the perfect fit for me is because I would have the chance to make the lovely couple a wedding they have always wished of having. I want to get married some day ,and this career can help me think of different ides to come up with. I love planning parties, and thinking of creative ways to make it unique ,and special. I Want to make people happy in their lives.

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