Group d military aviation hangars
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Group D Military Aviation Hangars. Members: Roman Rios Victor Liberato Hector Hernandez Tania Ramirez Luis Elias. Military Aviation Hangars Hensel Phelps Construction Co. Military Aviation Hangars General Description. To design and build A Combat Aviation Brigade Maintenance Hangars.

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Group d military aviation hangars

Group DMilitary Aviation Hangars


Roman Rios

Victor Liberato

Hector Hernandez

Tania Ramirez

Luis Elias

Military aviation hangars hensel phelps construction co
Military Aviation HangarsHensel Phelps Construction Co.

Military aviation hangars general description
Military Aviation HangarsGeneral Description

  • To design and build A Combat Aviation Brigade Maintenance Hangars.

  • Assault Battalion Aviation Maintenance Hangar (ASLT).

  • Located in Biggs Field.

  • Southwest Region.

  • 25-year useful design life.

  • 50-year life expectancy.

Military aviation hangars structural loading
Military Aviation Hangars Structural Loading

  • The roof live load shall be 20psf.

  • The minimum ground snow load shall be 5psf.

  • The minimum wind speed 90 mph.

  • Serviceability Criteria.

Military aviation hangars outline
Military Aviation HangarsOutline

  • Task 1. Project Planning

  • Task 2. Materials Selection

  • Task 3. Determination of Dead and Live Loads Acting on the Entire Structure

  • Tasks 4-7. Design of Roof, Floor, Beams and Columns

  • Task 8. Geotechnical Issues and Architectural Finishes

  • Task 9. Cost Analysis

Military aviation hangars specified loads
Military Aviation Hangars Specified Loads

The Live Load varies in different parts of the hangar. This makes the design more difficult. Armories and drill rooms is 150 psf.

Two mechanical units located in the hangar.

One dynamic crane located and supported from the roof.

Arms and ammunition vaults.

Information for mechanical units
Information for Mechanical Units

Dead Load of the Crane in the hangar has a capacity of 4 tons. It weighs with all the installation 10,000 lbs.

The air conditioning system located in the second floor is 7700 lbs mounted on a high strength concrete slab.

We are including 20 Psf for particians

Live load used for office space in hangars is 50 Psf. Dead load of the concrete second floor with metal gage and joist.

The Mechanical unit for the small maintenance room has 2 ton capacity and weight 900 lbs.

Current process
Current Process

Designing the building for the wind loads in El Paso.

Design of the walls for the seismic or to support seismic loads.

Some information pending because of source.