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Denis Darzacq

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Denis Darzacq. By Arjun Varma, Bilal Gaj and Jasmine Kambo. How (technically). How was the picture created?

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denis darzacq

Denis Darzacq

By Arjun Varma, BilalGaj and Jasmine Kambo

how technically
How (technically)
  • How was the picture created?

These gravity defying pictures are created in interesting and fascinating ways. The subject completes flips and jumps in the air, the photographer takes a photo with a fast shutter speed. This captures the subject in gravity defying moments. This makes the subject look like it is falling from the sky.

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how compositionally
How (compositionally)
  • Denis Darzacq has created a photograph which is an example of a medium shot. It reveals the general setting. We can see it is set outside a building. This can also be an example of rule of thirds. Its not as appealing as the subject is not placed I the middle of the photograph. The subject acts as a horizontal line and the building acts as the vertical lines.

Denis Darzacq has created a dangerous, thrilling theme. This is to generate mixed thoughts in the viewers mind. This photo also reminds me of similar work produced by Li Wei. In Li Wei’s art he produces illusions of occasionally treacherous realism. This is linked to the photo created by Darzacq. As this shot also shows illusions of dangerous reality scenarios – it seems a man in work uniform is falling from the sky. By his lack of movement it shows he is fearless. Darzacq has captured this shot by using fast shutter speed. Doing this allows him to capture fast moving objects without it being blurry This links to the dangerous, thrilling theme he has created.