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Get to Know about the New trend of Pre Wedding photography PowerPoint Presentation
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Get to Know about the New trend of Pre Wedding photography

Get to Know about the New trend of Pre Wedding photography

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Get to Know about the New trend of Pre Wedding photography

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  1. Pre Wedding photography A new trend to show off emotions

  2. Why Pre Wedding photography? • The increase in pre wedding shoot in Singapore, shows that people are really interested in having photo shoot before wedding.The reason is simple and having photoshoot before wedding is an decent & smart choice, although there are some people who do not understand this simple trend or they don’t want to. Well I am leaving this for them to think. That’s why I made this presentation to address you that pre wedding photoshoot is best decision you will make. • On the next slide you will get to know how this is right.

  3. How pre wedding photoshoot will be good for you? You can be yourself without the pressure of being under the gaze of all your guests. You can use your pre-wedding shoot as a backdrop You can choose a location which is close to your heart. You can set a rapport with your photographer before the wedding. You’ll have professionally shot pictures of the two of you which aren’t from the wedding.

  4. 1. For being Just yourself The word “limelight” you must have seen heard this before. A person who is in limelight, really have no time for himself. Just like your case of wedding day when all your guest visited to attend your marriage, and you are all time surrounded by them & vice versa foe your fiancé. So to be yourself and to keep the best memories of your wedding with your fiancé, you must plan for pre wedding.

  5. 2. To give a personal touch. Instead of sticking with normal photoshoot, planning a best photographer for your pre wedding will be the best decision for you. You can have those memorable and heart touching photos before wedding with your fiancé that you’ve never thought before.

  6. 3. You can choose your desired location for photoshoot. Many of us wanted for having photos with their fiancé at their desired location, but still fail because of not planned properly. So, at the beginning you can take your photographer with you for having some best photoshoot at your desired location or place.

  7. 4. To create the perfect balance with your fiancé. To create the perfect balance which works for you, Doing a pre-wedding shoot a couple of months before the wedding will be the wisest decision for you. You can communicate well with your fiancé and ask them about their likes and dislikes.

  8. 5. Professionally shot pictures When you will get old and want to revive those old memories of your wedding, these professionally clicked photos will save your life and give you the ultimate feeling. As for example Kissing you fiancé at beach, looking at their eyes, romantic postures will make your memories memorable.

  9. For making your wedding memorable, we choose to deliver best result @ reasonable price in Singapore i.e. You will get pre wedding photography packages at discounted rate.” - I snap photography.

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