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What are nootropics?

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What are nootropics? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Nootropics are regularly used to increase focus, help people be more attentive and to increase concentration. Know how it can benefit you.

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what are nootropics

What Are Nootropics?

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Nootropic definition

How nootropic work

Benefits of nootropic



nootropics definition


Nootropics are a class of brain enhancing supplements that are utilized to enhance focus and help memory control. Nootropics are regularly used to increase focus, help people be more attentive and to increase concentration.

Nootropics are also known as "smart drugs" as they lead to increase in intelligence and motivation

how nootropics work

How Nootropics work?

Different nootropics show effects vasodilation which implies they increment the blood stream to your mind. This supplies your cerebrum with more oxygen, supplements, and glucose – the essential vitality source utilized by the mind amid long stretches of focus.

Performing mental activities, adapting to new things, focusing on your work and staying focused all day burns lot of calories. By raising blood flow and oxygenation, you immediately experience increase in memory and focus

benefits of nootropics

Benefits of Nootropics.

Increased concentration

Memory Enhancement

Improves brain health

Reduces anxiety

Improves cognitive function



Nootropics are great if you want to enhance your brain power. If you research more about nootropics, you will find a term known as nootropic stacks. It means to combine two or more nootropics to produce enhanced results. You may want to do it if you are serious.

Also please consult your doctor before taking any supplement.