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Emergency Response

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Emergency Response. Emergency Response. We can handle a variety of emergencies at our facility: Trauma & Medical calls Incipient Stage Fires Hose Reels Fire Extinguishers Confined Space Rescue Variety of spaces throughout the facility Hazardous Materials Response

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emergency response1
Emergency Response

We can handle a variety of emergencies at our facility:

Trauma & Medical calls

Incipient Stage Fires

Hose Reels

Fire Extinguishers

Confined Space Rescue

Variety of spaces throughout the facility

Hazardous Materials Response

Contain and clean up spills.

emergencies medical
Emergencies - Medical
  • Medical Calls at our facility consist of the following:
    • Trauma
    • General Illness
    • Cardiac Emergencies
    • Strokes
    • Diabetic Emergencies

Medical Dept Mon-Fri 7-3

Plant Protection EMTs 24/7

PEU First Responders 24/7

AEDs throughout mill

emergencies fire
Emergencies - Fire
  • At our facility we have the potential to have emergencies involving fires, explosions and building collapse.
  • Fires could consist of:
    • Structural
    • Machines
    • Trucks including Powered Industrial Trucks
    • Electrical
    • Flammable Liquids
    • Combustible Materials
fire equipment
Fire Equipment
  • Do not block
    • Fire Extinguishers
    • Fire Doors
    • Hose Reels
    • Sprinkler Control Valves
    • Known Egress Routes

Know your nearest pull station locations

fire emergencies
Fire Emergencies
  • If you use a mill fire extinguisher – contact Plant Protection! Do not remove it from the wall unless there is an emergency.
  • If you bring an extinguisher on site with you it must be in good operating condition, properly inspected and tagged.
emergencies hazardous materials
Emergencies – Hazardous Materials
  • Hazardous Material Spills / Release
    • Plant Protection
    • Mill HazMat Team (PEU)
    • City of Westbrook / County Team
    • Environmental Manager
    • Outside Agencies
emergencies confined space rescue
Emergencies – Confined Space Rescue
  • First Rescue at the mill Monday April 9, 2000.
  • Confined Spaces at our Mill:
    • Tanks, Pits, Dryer Cans, Boilers, Manholes / Pipe lines, etc

Confined Space Trailer and PEU.

Individual Confined Space entry rescue plan required

emergencies other
Emergencies - Other
  • Other conditions could be:
    • Floods
    • Snow Loading of Roofs
    • Demolition / Collapse
    • Animals in Buildings or Grounds
    • Workplace Violence
getting help to an emergency
Getting Help to an Emergency
  • Call for HELP
    • Mill Phone – X4222
    • From a Cell Phone – 207-856-4911
    • Only one person calls for help
  • Be prepared to give the following information
    • Your name / company name
    • How many victims
    • Location of the incident
      • Building / Floor / Equipment
    • The number your calling from
    • Nature of the injury or illness
  • Send someone to the entrance to help with equipment / direction to the patient
how we respond to an emergency
How We Respond to an Emergency
  • When a Code 7 is Activated
    • Plant Protection Department and the Tour Crew is Dispatched.
    • Stay off the Radio.
    • Get off the runways.
    • The Code 7 blue lights and sirens are NOT an evacuation order.
      • They should be listened to as a precursor that something is happening and there may be more to come.
      • Listen for instructions and be prepared to evacuate if the word is given.
  • When Code 7 is terminated:
    • It will be announced on the Radio.
    • The Code 7 Lights and Sirens will be turned off.
    • Radio and runways can be used.
at the scene
At the Scene
  • Plant Protection is the Incident Commander
  • Plant Emergency Unit (PEU) / Tour Maintenance is part of the response crew.
  • City of Westbrook Fire and Rescue and/or Police are called by Plant Protection if needed.
millwide alarm system
Millwide Alarm System
  • System is activated by different types of devices located throughout facility.
  • System is monitored at Mill Dispatch Center.
  • System can be locally or remotely activated.
  • Bright white strobe and siren
  • Pull stations located at strategic emergency egress doors.
  • In an emergency requiring evacuation activate a pull station on your way out the door.
  • Assemble at the evacuation point, get a head count and remain there until released.
  • Egress maps
    • Primary Routes
    • Secondary Routes
  • Assembly Points
    • Evacuate to the assembly point for the area that you are in
    • Stay at the assembly point
evacuations cont
Evacuations – Cont.
  • If you’re working at several locations throughout our facility and your employees are evacuating to different evacuation points, have a plan before the emergency.
    • NEVER GO BACK IN THE BUILDING TO SEARCH FOR YOUR EMPLOYEES. They may have gone to another assembly point.
    • Inform Plant Protection. Sappi will search.
  • Do not leave your vehicle on site and go to lunch or leave site without signing out. If your company vehicle is here we will assume you are inside.
getting help to a non emergency incident
Getting Help to a Non-Emergency Incident
  • Routine Calls
    • If you carry a radio with our radio frequencies you can call on our Maintenance Channel (Channel #1).
    • If calling from a phone
      • Millphone: x4911
      • Cellphone: 207-856-4911
non emergency medical services
Non-Emergency – Medical Services
  • Medical Department
    • Open 7:00am to 3:00pm
    • Monday thru Friday
    • Medical 207-856-4533
  • Call Plant Protection 24/7