software quality assurance plan cis 565 l.
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Software Quality Assurance Plan (CIS 565) PowerPoint Presentation
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Software Quality Assurance Plan (CIS 565)

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Software Quality Assurance Plan (CIS 565) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Software Quality Assurance Plan (CIS 565). Dan Ferrell 12/20/99. Overview of Presentation. Introduction SQA Tasks Resources General Review Guidelines SQA Audits Report / Corrective Action Software Process Improvement. Introduction .

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overview of presentation
Overview of Presentation
  • Introduction
  • SQA Tasks
  • Resources
  • General Review Guidelines
  • SQA Audits
  • Report / Corrective Action
  • Software Process Improvement
  • Southeastern Michigan Chapter of the American Red Cross web site
  • User’s guide so that they can update and maintain the site on their own using FrontPage 2000 (with little or no technical knowledge)
scope of sqa plan
Scope of SQA Plan
  • Ensure that the project is both reliable and is virtually error free.
  • Ensure that once the web site is handed over to the Red Cross they are able to maintain the site with a minimal amount of problems.
main issues for the sqa to cover
Main Issues for the SQA to cover
  • Test all links for correctness
  • Ensure the site covers all of the criteria that the Red Cross has set for us to cover in the project
  • Ensure that this features of the site work in both versions of Netscape and Internet Explorer
software quality assurance tasks
Software Quality Assurance Tasks
  • Organized in a democratic group style
  • Most work is done on a volunteer basis, except documentation at various milestones in the project.
    • Busy work schedule
    • 5 major documents / 5 people in the group
task overview
Task Overview
  • User’s Guide for FrontPage 2000 Maintenance
  • Dynamic Scrolling Marquee
  • Navigation bars and menus on each page
  • Four main areas of the site: Chapter Location, Financial Donation, Disaster Relief, Volunteering
frontpage 2000 user s guide
FrontPage 2000 User’s Guide
  • After the site is created then we will proceed to the User’s Guide
  • We will then test for correctness and ease of use for the Red Cross personnel responsible for its use

(we are currently waiting for a response on the User’s guide)

scrolling marquee
Scrolling Marquee
  • The marquee will be tested for its dynamic qualities to ensure that it appears the same on each and every page.
navigation bars
Navigation Bars
  • One bar across the bottom of the page
  • One set of buttons down the left side of the page to also navigate through the site.
  • This will guide people through every page of the web site if desired
section page information
Section Page Information
  • These pages contain simple links to navigate through the Red Cross web site. These will be tested for correctness.
  • Also, we would like to ensure that the links, layout, and overall style is what the Red Cross is looking for at this time
resources overview
Resources Overview
  • People
  • Hardware
  • Software
resources 5 person group
Resources - 5 Person Group
  • Dan Ferrell (me)
  • Ajay Sampat
  • Kevin Santer
  • Sagar Pawar
  • Anjali Kedar
resources software
Resources- Software
  • Software
    • FrontPage2000
    • Office 2000 (Professional)
    • Internet Explorer 4.0 /Netscape Navigator 3.0
    • Microsoft Project
resources hardware
Resources - Hardware
  • PC with a 486 or higher processor
  • Internet Connection


  • A computer capable of a high speed internet connection and the ability to “surf” the web using current technology
general review guidelines
General Review Guidelines
  • Conducting a Review
    • Once per week minimum, more times if needed
  • Responsibility
    • whoever is responsible for the main part of the information/work for that stage of the project is responsible for what happens in the meeting
grg continued
GRG (continued)
  • Review of work products
    • No formal document will come out of these meeting, all that we are doing is sending an email memo to the client to update them as to our status on the project.
  • SQA audits will also be discussed in these meetings also
formal technical reviews
Formal Technical Reviews
  • System Specification Overview
    • Requirements Specification Doc.
  • Software Project Plan
    • Software Project Management Plan
  • RMMM Review
    • RMMM Plan (part of SPMP)
more ftr stuff
More FTR Stuff...
  • Component Design Document
    • Software Design Document
  • Test Specification Review
    • Software Test Plan
  • Change Control Reviews and Audits
    • Revised version of the document in question
ftr checklist
FTR Checklist...

(1) Does this stage meet our expectations/requirements?

(2) Does this stage meet the client expectations/requirements?

(3) Does this stage meet the professors expectations/requirements?

(4) Are we ready to move on the next section/stage of the project?

report corrective action
Report / Corrective Action
  • Three Step Process

(1) Find the error, report it to the group via group email

(2) Notify the client/professor if needed

(3) Suggest resolution to the problem if possible

software process improvement
Software Process Improvement
  • Less bugs/errors introduced during development
  • Gain more experience creating dynamic web site features and more experience working with FrontPage2000
  • Better Software Documents along the development lifecycle