inquiry ii jan 20 n.
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Inquiry II – Jan. 20 PowerPoint Presentation
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Inquiry II – Jan. 20

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Inquiry II – Jan. 20 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Inquiry II – Jan. 20. " Every effort must be made in childhood to teach the young to use their own minds." Eleanor Roosevelt. Inquiry and Personalized Learning Opportunities Makerspace , Tinkering, Self-Organized learning environments, genius hour. Walk-in Activity.

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inquiry ii jan 20

Inquiry II – Jan. 20

"Every effort must be made in childhood to teach the young to use their own minds." Eleanor Roosevelt

Inquiry and Personalized Learning Opportunities

Makerspace, Tinkering, Self-Organized learning environments, genius hour

walk in activity
Walk-in Activity
  • Goal: Develop an understanding of the properties of the different types of playdough through attempting to create a simple circuit
  • ONE rule – do not connect the LED lights directly to the batteries... They must only make contact with dough
  • Prior knowledge – how a simple circuit works
checking in
Checking in
  • Questions or comments about Inquiry Project?
  • Questions or comments about Practicum?
  • Collaborative Practice Discussion
curiousity and questions
Curiousity and Questions
  • Questions can be windows to great instruction but not the other way around
  • Embrace the mess – trial and error everyday
  • Practice Reflection – what we do is important, it deserves our care and our revision

the power of questions
The Power of Questions
  • In real life, the pursuit of personally important questions

is what leads to new discoveries, creations, or realizations

(Arnold, 1995; Gardner, 1998 in Falk & Blumenreich, 2005 p.1)

  • awaken learners’ own questions and use these as the driving force for learning (Falk & Margolin, 2005).
  • Vs
  • instructing learners how to search for answers to predetermined questions.

Falk, B., & Blumenreich, M. (2005). The power of questions. Heinemann.

Chapter 1: Making the Case for Teacher Research, pp. 4-11.

The complete book is available in the education library at:

self organized learning environments
Self-Organized learning Environments



How do you feel about this statement:Children in groups can teach themselves almost anything.

self organized learning environments1
Self-Organized learning Environments