emotional behavioral disorder n.
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Emotional Behavioral Disorder

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Emotional Behavioral Disorder - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Emotional Behavioral Disorder. What is Emotional Behavioral Disorder (EBD)?. EBD is not a medical diagnosis but a rather a category that a student may qualify in for Special Education. What is Emotional Behavioral Disorder (EBD)?.

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what is emotional behavioral disorder ebd
What is Emotional Behavioral Disorder (EBD)?
  • EBD is not a medical diagnosis but a rather a category that a student may qualify in for Special Education.
what is emotional behavioral disorder ebd1
What is Emotional Behavioral Disorder (EBD)?
  • In general, students with EBD struggle with emotional regulation. This can look very different for different students.
anxiety disorders
Anxiety Disorders
  • Many students with EBD experience lots of anxiety. Anxiety means feeling worried or nervous. We all feel anxiety.
anxiety disorders1
Anxiety Disorders
  • An anxiety disorder means you feel anxiety often throughout the day for many different reasons. If you have a disorder, it affects your ability to function throughout the day.
anxiety disorders2
Anxiety Disorders
  • It may have physical symptomslike headaches or stomach aches.
  • It can lead to work refusal or emotional responses, such as giggling or crying.
anxiety disorders3
Anxiety Disorders
  • Complete the anxiety section in your study guide before moving on.
difficulty with anger management
Difficulty with anger management
  • What do you do when you get angry? Does it affect your relationships with friends? Teachers? Family?
difficulty with anger management1
Difficulty with anger management
  • Many students with EBD need to practice problem solving and controlling anger.
difficulty with anger management2
Difficulty with anger management
  • Small problems can quickly become big problems. EBD students with anger issues may argue with teachers and peers often. They may hurt themselves or others when angry.
difficulty with anger management3
Difficulty with anger management
  • Complete the anger management section in your study guide.
difficulty maintaining healthy friendships
Difficulty maintaining healthy friendships
  • Students with EBD have trouble maintaining healthy friendships.
difficulty maintaining healthy friendships1
Difficulty maintaining healthy friendships
  • This can result mean frequent fights between friends or a lack of close friendships throughout school.
difficulty maintaining healthy friendships2
Difficulty maintaining healthy friendships
  • Complete the friendship section of the study guide.
why an iep
Why an IEP?
  • Your teachers and/or parents were concerned about how your emotions and behavior were affecting your performance at school.
why an iep1
Why an IEP?
  • After a series of interviews, observations, and work reviews, the team determined that an IEP was necessary for school success.
why an iep2
Why an IEP?
  • The IEP is designed to reduce anxiety through changes to the school day and teach anger management and friendship skills.
why an iep3
Why an IEP?
  • EBD can be a difficult disability to talk about. Your reflection sheet is meant to help you process and think about the information.