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Business Performance Solutions PowerPoint Presentation
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Business Performance Solutions

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Business Performance Solutions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Business Performance Solutions. About Monsanto. Monsanto is 100% focused on agriculture. Monsanto Company is a leading global provider of technology-based tools and agricultural products that improve farm productivity and food quality. Our Mission.

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Business Performance Solutions

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about monsanto
About Monsanto

Monsanto is 100% focused on agriculture

Monsanto Company is a leading global provider of technology-based tools and

agricultural products that improve farm productivity and food quality.

Our Mission

We work to deliver agricultural products and solutions to:

• Meet the world’s growing food needs

• Conserve natural resources

• Protect the environment

  • “We succeed when farmers succeed.”
  • Hugh Grant, Monsanto CEO
who we are today
Who We Are Today

A leader in the field of plant breeding, agricultural biotechnology and genomics.

We are committed to providing producers with agronomic tools that make them more efficient and maintain their profitability in their farming operation. By helping producers be more productive, with fewer resources and with less overall effect on the environment, we believe we are making the world a better place.

  • Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri
  • CEO Hugh Grant
  • Approximately 19,000 employees
  • More than 500 locations worldwide in five primary regions – Europe/Africa, Asia Pacific, India, Latin America and North America
  • $8.6 billion in annual sales
  • NYSE Symbol: MON
mission statement
Mission Statement
  • Ensure the capacity of the IT Services match the evolving demands of the business by providing event monitoring, performance management , capacity forecasting and availability management for critical business processes.
business performance solutions process flow
Business Performance Solutions Process Flow

Sub Processes




  • Key performance health

and load indicators

  • Exception alert

thresholds and process

  • Recurring capacity

planning reports

  • Recurring performance


  • Reduced mean time to


  • Incident and availability

based reports

  • Business Requirements
  • Business Solutions
  • Service Levels
  • Infrastructure Requirements
  • Incidents & Problems
  • Exception alerts
  • Technology
  • Business Services
  • Utilize business solutions
  • Performance reporting
  • Facilitate resource tuning
  • Forecast capacity and make


  • Global consulting services
  • Production readiness services
  • Engineering Solutions
  • Design strategic business
  • solutions
  • Help see solutions through to
  • the implementation phase
  • Monitoring Implementation &
  • Support
  • Implement business solutions
  • Tool operational support
  • Implement thresholds

for business critical processes

for alert and event notification

  • Tactical Response
  • To resolve business criticalcapacity and performance


  • Service Level
  • Agreement
  • Successful business


  • Highly available IT


  • Proactive monitoring

of business processes

  • Reduced performance

related issues

  • Sufficient IT

infrastructure capacity

business performance solutions responsibilities
Business Performance Solutions Responsibilities
  • Divided into 4 responsibilities
      • Business Services
      • Engineering Solutions
      • Monitoring Implementation
      • Monitoring Support
  • Segregation of responsibilities allows for a more focused approach to supporting our business partners
business services11
Business Services
  • Objectives
    • Forecast capacity based on business and infrastructure requirements
    • Use Production Readiness Services process during peak periods or major releases
    • Report on the key health and load indicators
    • Proactively tune top resource consumers
    • Document future business and infrastructure requirements
  • Metrics
    • Capacity planning calendar
    • Forecast report
    • Performance reports
      • Health and Load
    • Tuning
      • Top SQL
      • Top table access
production readiness services
Production Readiness Services
  • Improves efficiencies in the development life cycle process
    • Ensures performance and scalability of an application meets business SLAs
    • Engages technical resources early in the development lifecycle
    • Determines resource footprint
    • Reduces mean time between performance related issues
    • Reduces mean time to repair
    • Tests application scalability through unit and load testing
application landscape diagrams
Application Landscape Diagrams
  • Benefits
    • Maps out the applications and devices that need to be monitored
    • Gives an general overview of the business critical processes
    • Provides information on how applications and devices are connected
production readiness services timeline
Production Readiness Services Timeline

Go-Live Release

  • ADS/VAX utilized for Fulfillment






Grower Orders Adv

  • Non Linear characteristics visible in Test

DEV = Development Phase

T = Test Phase

UT = Unit Testing

LT = Load Testing

RT= Response Team

capacity and lrp forecast reports
Capacity and LRP Forecast Reports
  • Benefits
    • Helps to ensure adequate capacity of our IT landscape 1 to 3 years in advance
    • Provides metrics and data to help in the IT budgeting process
monsanto monitoring tool device matrix
Monsanto Monitoring Tool Device Matrix
  • This is the current tool/monitoring software matrix
computefarm reporting
Computefarm Reporting
  • Compares number of jobs running vs. % of jobs meeting SLA
  • Provides data on which queues are the largest consumers of the computefarm
i3 database performance monitoring
i3 Database Performance Monitoring
  • Gives the ability to monitor performance on all of our databases
  • Helps determine database health and load
  • Database performance trend reporting
  • Examine and tune problematic queries
httpwatch tactical response time monitoring
HTTPWatch Tactical Response Time Monitoring
  • Provides end to end breakdown tactical response time analysis down to the method level
  • Analyzes any web application with a URL
  • Used in the development lifecycle to validate expected response times
ehealth network monitoring tool
Ehealth Network Monitoring Tool
  • Trending analysis
  • Health and load analysis
  • Geographically organizes network devices
zabbix server monitoring tool
Zabbix Server Monitoring Tool
  • Proactive analysis and performance reporting
  • Monitors health, load, and trending of server operating systems
  • Gives a dashboard view at a glance, allowing for easy application impact analysis
engineering solutions24
Engineering Solutions
  • Objectives
    • Utilize or design new business solutions
      • HA Solution
      • E2E Monitoring Solution
      • Load Testing Strategy Solution
  • Metrics
    • Strategic Solutions
    • High availability monitoring for critical business processes
    • Methodology and process definitions
monitoring implementation26
Monitoring Implementation
  • Objectives
    • Implement business solutions
    • Application upgrades & maintenance
    • Application release strategy & change management
    • Tool integration
  • Metrics
    • Highly available monitoring solutions
monitoring support28
Monitoring Support
  • Objectives
    • Manage business solutions
    • Identify and configure thresholds for critical business processes for alert and event notification
    • Support monitoring tools
    • Maintain a high level of availability for tools and agents
    • Event Monitoring
    • Agent Distribution
  • Metrics
    • Single pane of glass event notification
    • Exception based monitoring and alerts
global monitoring process flow
Global Monitoring Process Flow
  • Decision process for determining tactical response or business improvement
tactical response
Tactical Response
  • Objective
    • Resolve business critical capacity and performance issues
    • Utilize exception based monitoring to identify business critical processes
    • Facilitate Unix, DBA, Web, Windows and Network teams to help resolve performance issues
    • Root Cause Analysis Document
business performance solutions roadmap
Business Performance Solutions Roadmap

E2E Monitoring Solution

Finalize evaluation process, provide E2E tool recommendation, staffing, implement E2E solution for key business processes

E2E Operational Support Phase

HA Solution

Finalize evaluation process, provide HA tool recommendation, staffing, implement HA solution for key business processes and infrastructure landscapes

HA Operational Support Phase

Business Relationship Management

Define and implement communications strategy process and consulting services

Load Testing Strategy

Define business requirements, Conduct evaluation process, provide tool recommendation, implement load testing strategy for key business processes

Production Readiness Services

Provide unit testing, load testing and Go-Live response teams for key business critical applications

Capacity & Performance Reporting

Provide capacity planning forecast reports for SAP, Database, Network, Web, O/S and SAN landscapes with infrastructure teams and business owners

Business Improvement

Continue to identify, analyze and tune top resource consumers for SAP, Database, Network, Web, O/S and SAN with infrastructure teams and business owners

New Initiatives

Continuous Improvement

key learnings to be shared
Key Learnings To Be Shared
  • Segregation of responsibilities allows for a stronger focus on our business partners
  • Strategic direction should be driven by business requirements
  • Proactive capacity planning, the business & IT need to look out longer than 6-12 months (NOT just an annual event)
  • Performance benchmarking prior to production
  • Go-Live Global Response Team for business critical dates
  • Collaboration with all business and IT stakeholders to ensure success
key contacts
Key Contacts
  • Jeetu Singh
  • Business Performance Solutions Team
  • Capacity Performance & Monitoring
  • 314-694-4331
  • Jesse Sanders
  • Business Performance Solutions Team
  • Capacity Performance & Monitoring Team Lead
  • 314-694-4478