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Nutrition. Class 12: Celebrations.

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Class 12: Celebrations


Any holiday can be a tricky time for someone who is trying to be healthy. Most celebrations come with invitations to parties and the abundance of food and drink can be daunting.


How to navigate any gathering:

  • Don’t skip your usual routine of healthy eating and exercise.
  • Don’t go to any gathering too hungry.
  • Take a healthy dish to pass and stand far away from the food table.
  • De-emphasize food. Concentrate on conversation and being with family and friends.
  • Limit holiday foods in your house.
  • Look for Lifestyle-180 recipes to make and take.
  • Limit alcohol intake to one or less. Remember alcohol provides empty calories and will impair your judgment.
  • Don’t be afraid to politely say - “No Thank You”!
  • Make time for exercise!!!!!!!! Try something new!!!
  • Don’t beat yourself up if you get off track. Tomorrow is a new day.
  • Just be sure that there are not too many tomorrows.


  • Munch on fresh fruits
  • and veggies.
  • Choose lean protein like
  • grilled chicken skewers, shrimp or
  • bean dip.
  • Prepare dips made with fat-free plain yogurt, hummus or tofu.


  • Choose grilled fish or skinless white meat chicken.
  • Avoid dressings, gravy and cream sauces.
  • Eliminate the unnecessary and the unusual.
  • Forget the roll unless it’s whole grain.


  • Prepare favorite desserts with low-fat substitutes like applesauce or skim milk.
  • Use Agave instead of sugar.
  • Top desserts with fresh fruit instead of frostings or jams.


  • Avoid high fat drinks like eggnog and mixed drinks made with sugary beverages.
  • Choose a glass of wine instead for fewer calories and more antioxidants or try a wine spritzer.

Portion Control:

  • Portion control should be a priority with alcohol.
  • Fill half your plate with veggies.
  • Use the smallest plate available, if there are only large plates, imagine an inch and a half or two inch border all around the plate that food can’t touch
  • Refrain from second helpings.
  • Decline leftovers.
  • Eat slowly and consciously.
  • Don’t forget your three breaths!

Hostess Tips:

  • Request RSVPs to avoid excess leftovers.
  • If guests ask what to bring, give them specific healthy options. If you are comfortable, give them the recipe!!!
  • If guests bring food, have them take their own leftovers home.
  • If you have leftovers, offer them to guests and have containers ready for them
  • to use.
  • “It’s your party, do as you want too!”
celebrate but do it healthfully

Fresh fruit or vegetable tray with low fat dips

Fresh fruit kabobs with yogurt dip

Microwaved popcorn-put ½ cup of whole kernels in a brown paper bag, fold over twice and microwave 2-3 minutes with bag standing up

Pretzels with honey mustard dip

Whole grain crackers with hummus or low fat cheese

Low fat tortilla chips with salsa or bean dip

Fresh apple slices with low fat caramel dip

Trail mix

Healthy banana splits—bananas, blueberries, low fat yogurt, low fat granola

Ants on a log (celery, fat free or low fat cream cheese or peanut butter, raisins)

Raisins or other dried fruit

Angel food cake, plain or with fruit

Whole wheat bagels with fat free or low fat cream cheese or peanut butter

Plain or lightly salted mixed nuts

Healthy granola bars-brands such as KashiChewy Bars or Lara Bars (look for < 8 grams sugar and > 3 grams of fiber)


It’s okay to celebrate your special occasion or your family or friends’ special occasions, but it is not a good idea to celebrate “EVERY” one’s special celebrations!


A Holiday Plate!

Source: AADE