Numbers and calculations
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NUMBERS AND CALCULATIONS. ENG 205 CENG-ECE-MCS WEEK 4. What is a number ? What is calculation ? What is (–) in English ? What is (+) in English ? What is (/) in English ? What is (x) in English ?. METRIC (adjective):. Related to the system using metre and kilogram

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Numbers and calculations


ENG 205



Numbers and calculations

  • What is a number?

  • What is calculation?

  • What is (–) in English?

  • What is (+) in English?

  • What is (/) in English?

  • What is (x) in English?

Metric adjective
METRIC (adjective):

Related to the system using metreand kilogram

  • Metric system is used all around the world, however it is not used in the US.

Imperial adjective
IMPERIAL (adjective):

Related to the system using pounds and inches

  • British people use both measurement systems, metric and imperial.

Zero nought noun

The number 0

  • It was ten degrees below zero last night.

Whole number adjective noun
WHOLE NUMBER (adjective+noun):

A natural number that is positive or negative

  • 2, -2 and 0 are whole numbers.

Decimal number adjective noun
DECIMAL NUMBER (adjective+noun):

A representation of a real number using a decimal point.

  • 0.2 is a decimal number.

Round up verb preposition
ROUND UP (verb+preposition):

To raise a number to the nearest number

  • You can round up 0.063 to 0.07.

Negligible adjective
NEGLIGIBLE (adjective):

Unimportant and small

  • The restaurant was so cheap. We paid a negligible amount of money.

Fraction noun
FRACTION (noun):

A division of a number

  • 5/8 is a fraction.

Rounding error adjective noun
ROUNDING ERROR (adjective+noun):

Amistake of calculation that results from rounding off numbers to a convenient number of decimals

  • The error in the calculation was a rounding error.


Equal to verb
EQUAL (TO) (verb):

The symbol to express having the samevalue.

  • One pound is roughly equal to two dollars.


Addition noun
ADDITION (noun):

The process of adding two or more numbers together to find their total.

There are four ways to express addition:


1.Five added to ten is fifteen.

2. Five plusten is fifteen.

3. The sum of five and ten is fifteen.

4. Add five to ten together and you get fifteen.

Subtraction noun

The act of taking a number or amount away from another number or amount

There are two ways to express subtraction:


1.Two subtracted from twelve is ten.

2. Twelve minus two is ten.

Multiplication noun

The act of adding a number to itself a certain number of times

There are three ways to express multiplication:


1.Three multiplied by two is six.

2. Three times two is six.

3. Multiply three and two together and you get six.

Division noun
DIVISION (noun):

The act of finding how many times one number is contained in another

There are two ways to express division:


1.Eighteen divided by two is nine.

2. Nine divides intoeighteen two times.

Square verb noun
SQUARE (verb/noun):

The number obtained when you multiply a number by itself

There are two ways to express the square of a number:

7² =49

1. The square of seven is forty-nine.

2. Square seven and you get forty-nine.

Square root noun

Anumber that when multiplied by itself gives a certain number

There are two ways to express the square root of a number:

√49 =7

1. The square root of forty-nine is seven.

2. Seven is the square root of forty-nine.

S ay the numbers and calculations in words
Say the numbers and calculations in words.

Numbers and calculations

  • 4.567 mm=

  • Four point five six seven milimeters

  • 1/1000 inch=

  • One thousandth of an inch

  • 0.08=

  • Zero (nought) point zero (nought) eight

  • 6²=36

  • The square of six is thirty-six.

  • √81=9

  • The square root of eighty-one is nine.

Numbers and calculations

  • 20 + 10=30

  • Twenty plus ten equals to thirty.

  • 15 - 4=11

  • Fifteen minus four equals to eleven.

  • 3 x 9 =27

  • Three multiplied by nine equals to twenty-seven.

  • 45÷5=9

  • Forty-five divided by five is nine.

  • 1/20

  • Twenty to one

Numbers and calculations