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Marketing the UW on Facebook PowerPoint Presentation
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Marketing the UW on Facebook

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Marketing the UW on Facebook - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Marketing the UW on Facebook
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  1. + Marketing the UW on Facebook Presented by Elise Daniel, E-Communications Marketing Manager, UW Marketing May 14, 2008

  2. On Nov. 7, 2007, Facebook released Facebook Pages to allow businesses and organizations to promote their brand and interact with "fans." By Jan. 2008, more than 300 universities & colleges had launched Facebook Pages BUT few are maximizing the potential of their pages: inactive, using only the basic features Many have had no activity since their creation. Situation Analysis

  3. 16 pages 7 applications: Husky Cam (shows live shots of Red Square) Washington Dawg Pack Washington Basketball Fans Washington Football Fans CSE 142 Contests (just for fun) Student Survival Kit coupon book UW Events Countless groups, many of which are inactive Numerous official profiles, including Harry the Husky & President Emmert What Is UW’s presence on Facebook?

  4. Here’s what UW’s official Facebook Page looks like

  5. Launched April 7, 2008 Managed by UW Marketing 411 fans as of May 12, 2008 50-50 male-to-female fan ratio Most fans are ages: 18–24 (39%) 25–34 (40%) Avg. unique page views/day: 31 Key Facts About UW’s Facebook Page

  6. To expand on the popularity of Pres. Emmert's Facebook profile by offering a broader view of the UW To interact with students and young alumni in their “native” environment To engage them in a relevant, timely, and innovative way To influence perceptions of the UW To more firmly establish the UW brand To remain competitive with peer institutions To leverage Facebook’s unparalleled viral marketing potential To repurpose Facebook innovations we develop or discover in our other marketing activities (as approp.) Why Did We Decide to Create a UW Facebook Page?

  7. The Facebook page: Targets a narrower audience Makes use of applications built specifically for Facebook (e.g., the Wall, the mini-feed) Invites and enables user participation (e.g. fan photos, Wall postings) Serves as a supplementary communication outlet in the event of a crisis or a big announcement. How Is the UW Facebook Page Different from the UW Home Page?

  8. Primary Audiences: Prospective students Current undergraduate students Young alumni Secondary Audiences: Parents Graduate students Faculty and staff Husky sports fans Peer universities Media Who Are Our Target Audiences?

  9. Promote events Share videos and photos Provide news feeds Share key facts Cross-link to UW sites Offer fans a way to: Show off their affinity for the UW Share photos & videos Post messages on the Wall How Are We Using UW’s Page?

  10. Created by his son in 2005, mostly as a lark Updated in October 2007 596 friends (as of 5/12/07): UW alumni: 57% (mostly from 2003–2007) Current UW students: 30% UW faculty and staff: 9% LSU alumni, current students, & faculty: 3% Relatives/friends of the President: less than 1% President Emmert’s Facebook Profile

  11. We use the UW page to market “all things UW.” Emmert’s Facebook profile is focused on: Marketing things he’s personally involved with Showcasing items that are of high strategic value Reinforcing his transparency goal by: Providing a way for students and young alumni to have a more personal connection to the President Giving him a way to speak directly to students and young alumni about issues of concern or interest to them How Is the UW Facebook Page Different from Pres. Emmert’s Profile?

  12. Provide free downloads (e.g., wallpaper, ringtones) Develop UW-specific Facebook applications Continue to: Increase fan numbers Look for additional opportunities to promote the page Refresh content at least weekly Seek out useful Facebook applications Promote the UW! Future Plans

  13. This checklist will help you decide: Your target audience is primarily students or young alumni. You have the resources to monitor the page daily, answer fan questions, and update it at least every two weeks. You have content that is specific to your unit and doesn’t duplicate content on the UW page. You have Facebook Friends who will become fans of the page and help promote it. You have a strategy for addressing controversies or crises related to your unit that might lead to increased activity on your page. Should Your Unit Have Its Own Facebook Page?

  14. By providing content that appeals to the under-30 age group: Videos Photos Events By working with the UW Marketing strategy team—primary contact: Elise Daniel, or 6-8923 How Can Your Unit Contribute to the UW Facebook Page?

  15. Questions?