securence mail serious protection from spam viruses and malicious content filtering done right l.
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Securence Mail Serious Protection From… Spam, Viruses and Malicious Content Filtering Done Right PowerPoint Presentation
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Securence Mail Serious Protection From… Spam, Viruses and Malicious Content Filtering Done Right

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Securence Mail Serious Protection From… Spam, Viruses and Malicious Content Filtering Done Right - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Securence Mail Serious Protection From… Spam, Viruses and Malicious Content Filtering Done Right. Contents. Spam – More Than A Nuisance How 99% of Spam Filters Work Why We Are Unique How We Do It The Net Result The Complete Solution Sample Real Time Detailed Report Deployment Options

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  • Spam – More Than A Nuisance
  • How 99% of Spam Filters Work
  • Why We Are Unique
  • How We Do It
  • The Net Result
  • The Complete Solution
  • Sample Real Time Detailed Report
  • Deployment Options
  • Deployment Process (Enterprise Gateway)
  • Our Hosting Facility
  • Featured Customers
  • What Customers Are Saying
  • Pricing & Terms
1 spam more than a nuisance
1. Spam: More Than A Nuisance

Over 90% of email delivered to a typical U.S. company is unsolicited Junk Mail, according to the data reports of over four million Securence Internet customers, October 2004, Securence data.

A study by leading communications research firm Ferris Research indicates that corporate organizations incur three major costs for spam, totaling between $9 and $10 per user per month:

  • Loss of Productivity - The costs associated with users wading through spam messages.
  • Consumption of IT Resources - The costs incurred by an IT department as spam consumes bandwidth, storage space, and e-mail administrators' time.
  • Help Desk Burden - The costs incurred by a help desk when users log incidents

Spam costs U.S. companies $874 per employee per year in lost productivity, Darwin Magazine, July 8, 2003.

Faced with a sexual harassment suit, based on a spam email circulated within its offices, Chevron settled a $2.2 million employee lawsuit. “Internet Week, 6/23/03”.

2 how 99 of spam filters work
2. How 99% of Spam Filters Work

The most common deployed spam technology fails to produce highly effective results.

  • Statistical Algorithms
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Point Values
  • Blacklisting (as a sole remedy)
  • Bayesian and numerous other Mathematical Equations

Countless studies have shown major flaws with this methodology:

  • A daily burden is placed on IT department to manage and adjust the spam filter settings
  • False Positive returns can become a serious problem and a source of lost business
  • Lackluster filtering results

February 25, 2003, PC Magazine tests 11 spam filters. The best missed 7% of inbound mail with 8.4% False Positives. The average missed 30% of inbound mail with 7% False Positives. This is unacceptable.

3 why we are unique
3. Why We Are Unique
  • The creators of Securence took a lesson from the anti-virus companies and created a signature architecture for spam.
  • Leading anti-virus companies rely on two main sources for catching the latest virus signatures or definitions: (1) managed networks of “spam traps” and (2) the user community which reports back new virus outbreaks.
  • These signatures are used to update their virus scanning software. When’s the last time your anti-virus software experienced a false positive?
  • Similar to anti-virus companies, Securence uses “spam traps” and a 4 million user community to capture signature files on spam.
  • Significant utilization of signature file technology has allowed Securence filtering to achieve a high rate of spam detection with the lowest false positive returns in the industry.
4 how we do it
4. How We Do It

Thousands of “spam traps” are systematically networked across the front lines of the Internet where a vast majority of Spam first originates.

Large scale attraction methods are deployed to the most popular spam producing segments of the Internet to populate these traps. Examples include:

  • Porn Sites
  • Online Casinos
  • News Groups
  • Fake website created with technical contact information posted

Our developers created a reporting engine which creates a signature file on every spam message received. The signature files are instantly relayed to a central database to be used for message verification.

Additional signature files are obtained from spam notifications provided by our vast user community and entered into a dynamic database.

Securence also deploys User Verify techniques to prevent Direct Harvest Attacks, along with seven Real Time Black Lists (RBLs) and special trick identifiers to effectively scan every message coming through our filtering infrastructure. When an exact match occurs, the email is labeled and contained, or it can simply be deleted.

4 how we do it the securence work scheme

Mail sender

Mail recipient

Your company mail server

Mail server

Anti SPAM Layer

Anti Virus Layer

4. How We Do It: The Securence Work Scheme



Your company




  • Options to Deal with Spam
  • Delete
  • Forward to spambox
  • Modify subject and allow through
  • Quarantine on server
  • Options to Deal with Viruses
  • Delete
  • Forward to virusbox
  • Quarantine on server
5 the net result
5. The Net Result

For the month of October 2004, Securence on average blocked 90% of the entire mail flow coming into an organization*. The industry average for competing solutions is roughly half this amount.

98.1% of total spam running through Securence is stopped based on the average customer experience*.

A near 0% false positive rate is experienced by our customers.

The majority of email borne viruses are contained via our uniquely configured anti-virus layers. A special focus is placed on malicious self replicating worm viruses.

These overall results place Securence among the top performing Tier 1 Enterprise level solutions in the world. While many of our competitors claim to have the best overall results, we prove it.

*Source: Securence October, 2004 data

6 the complete solution a multi layer scanning architecture
6. The Complete Solution: A Multi-Layer Scanning Architecture
  • Emails are compared to a unique signature definition file similar to anti-virus scanning.
  • A “New Tricks” layer is coded, tested and then updated into our solution continuously to catch the latest spamming methods and techniques being deployed.
  • Real time Black List checks are performed based on per-domain preferences.
  • Optional user verification ensures only email destined to real users is accepted.
  • Static Black List checks can be customized for each company and domain.
  • Multiple virus scans are applied to messages that are not determined to be spam.
  • Routing rules are applied based on spam/virus preferences for the destination domain.
8 deployment options
8. Deployment Options
  • 1. Enterprise Gateway which Runs Within our Infrastructure and Data Center
    • Advantages of the Service model include:
      • Immediate deployment
      • Significant reduction in IT management of spam
      • Zero upfront costs
      • Additional Anti-virus protection at no additional cost
      • Secondary Mail Caching
      • Bandwidth savings
      • Mail server overload protection

2. Enterprise Appliance solution Installed at the Customer’s designated facility

    • Advantages of the Appliance include:
      • Eliminates mail server authentication process
      • Significant reduction in IT management of spam
      • Contained network security
      • Configurable to most security policies
  • 3. Dedicated, Managed and Monitored Server Infrastructure (offsite)
    • Advantages of the Hosted infrastructure include:
      • Significant reduction in IT management of spam
      • Isolates servers from shared infrastructure
      • Additional Anti-virus protection at no additional cost
      • Secondary Mail Caching
      • Bandwidth savings
      • Mail server overload protection
9 deployment process enterprise gateway
9. Deployment Process (Enterprise Gateway)

Step 1: The first step in the deployment process is to complete the new account Setup form which allows the Securence setup team to prepare the servers to accept the incoming MX Record.

Step 2: Once the Securence team has set up the account, a notification will be sent to the primary contacts listed in the Setup form indicating our system is ready to accept the MX Record for the Domain(s) to be filtered.

Step 3: Upon receipt of the notification, the customer makes the address change to their MX record.

Step 4: For short period of time, we recommend new customers create a mailbox called where we will push all their filtered spam for initial review and verification purposes. They may also elect to have their Spam placed within our online Quarantine web interface to reduce bandwidth consumption.

Step 5: That’s it, this account is now enjoying the benefits of Securence!

10 hosting facility
10. Hosting Facility
  • N+1 redundant 99.999 rated
  • Dual OC-3 links carried over four fiber optic SONET networks
  • Dual Energy Power Grids into the facility
  • Dual full time inline UPS devices deployed in parallel redundant configuration with N+1 redundancy to diesel generators.
  • Air-conditioning to static free and humidity-controlled server room. All air-conditioning is configured with N+1 redundancy.
  • 24/7 Secured access with key swipe entry, finger print verifier and a double-locking man-trap.
  • FM 200 dry-pipe fire suspension
  • 24x7 manned NOC
  • Digital video surveillance

With redundant, fail-over capabilities that are load balanced between multiple redundant N+1 data centers, the Securence enterprise messaging security platform guarantees 99.999% availability.

Datacenter Specifications:

11 featured customers
11. Featured Customers

Twin City Federal Banks

12 what customers are saying
12. What Customers Are Saying…
  • “Securence was easy to set up, taking about 10 minutes. After a simple switch, we started seeing results immediately. We found our silver bullet in Securence. Our 43,000 users are safe and secure.”
  • -- Kristi Graning, VP Web Services & IT Marketing
  • RE/MAX International
  • ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • “There was total ease. It was hosted off-site, and we didn’t have to put any
  • hardware here. We also didn’t have to maintain the list. We were
  • done. That’s why we chose Securence.”
  • -- Doug Roberts, Senior Internet Engineer
  • Minneapolis Public Schools
  • ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • “The great thing about Securence is that it is totally hands free for me. I don’t
  • think about it I don’t’ worry about it.”
  • -- Ricky Pugh, Exchange Administrator
  • ShopNBC
13 pricing terms
13. Pricing & Terms

Pricing is based on number of users within a given domain.

Organizations with over 1,000 users quoted individually.

No setup or upfront costs.

Free 30-day evaluation.

Month-to-month service; no contract or commitment required.

Multi-layer Anti-Virus protection included.

24/7 all inclusive support included.

24 hour message Quarantine included.

Billing statements sent monthly.

Discounts available for long-term agreements.

Thank you for considering


“Filtering Done Right”